Commercial Hand Dryer – A Good Investment For Your Business

  • Advantages and disadvantages of hand dryers.
  • Why are electric hand dryers convenient?
  • Electric dryers are an important tool for maintaining hygiene and comfort levels.

A hand dryer is an electrical appliance with which you can quickly dry wet hands. Such devices are used in public bathrooms with high traffic of people. The device is energy efficient, which is a great advantage. This is a kind of fan heater of a special design that creates a powerful flow of warm air.

Advantages and disadvantages of hand dryers

Modern electric dryers are used in restaurants, cafés, shopping centres and other public places. High-quality and comfortable models influence the opinion of visitors about the organisation as a whole.

Using the device has its positive and negative sides.


Hygienic – there is no need to touch the device while drying your hands. A large number of models operate in automatic on and off mode;

Economical – the constant purchase of paper towels will cost more than paying for electricity;

The aesthetic appearance of the bathroom – the use of the device will help eliminate crumpled towels scattered over the entire surface of the floor, reducing labour intensity when cleaning the room;

Saving space in the bathroom – due to its dimensions, it takes up little space in the toilet;

A wide range of models and configurations – you can choose a device that fully meets your individual requirements.


In the process of drying their hands, visitors spray the walls;

Puddles remain under the device because the water flows down;

Devices that turn on by pressing a button are not hygienic, but they are used due to their low cost;

High power techniques can adversely affect skin health.

Why are electric hand dryers convenient?

Modern hygiene equipment installed in the toilet room solves several important tasks: it maintains the level of cleanliness and hygiene and also provides comfort for visitors.

Advantages of electric dryers:

Automatic inclusion. To dry your hands, just walk up and bring your hands to the dryer. No need to press buttons to turn on and off. There is no contact with a surface with which hundreds of hands come in contact – there is no need to worry about getting your hands dirty again.

10 to 30 seconds to dry your hands. Modern models help to deal with excess moisture in a matter of seconds. They turn on instantly and dry hands in 10-29 seconds. This avoids wasting visitors’ time and creating a queue.

Profitability. Electric dryers are economical to use and have low energy consumption – up to 3 kW / h. Electric dryers do not run continuously and the cost of powering them is not at all high. They also save paper towels.

Ideal for high traffic areas. A large flow of visitors is not terrible for a commercial hand dryer. Electric dryers allow you to maintain the level of hygiene and comfort at the proper level at an optimal cost.

Types of electric dryers

There are classic electric dryers and submersible electric dryers. In classic models, warm air comes out from below, in submersible ones – you need to put your hands in a special recess. Classic electric dryers are more popular because of the affordable price.

Also, dryers differ in the type of inclusion:

automatic – turn on when hands are brought to the bell;

mechanical – require pressing a button to turn on.

Electric dryers don’t just help dry your hands. This class of hygiene equipment includes hairdryers for swimming pools and hotels.

Paper towels: yes or no

But what about traditional paper towels? We are used to seeing this hygiene item in public places. Is it worth completely abandoning them for the sake of electric dryers?

Often, visitors use paper towels because it is more convenient for them. Many people first dry their hands with a towel, and to dry them up, resort to using a dryer. Paper towels are not afraid of power outages, and electric dryers will help if you run out of paper towels and the cleaning lady does not notice it in time. Agree, a wonderful tandem!

There is no need to worry about the high consumption of paper towels quickly running out. Modern dispensers help limit one-time use. It is unlikely that a person will stand and unwind meters of paper. If there is an electric dryer nearby, then it will reduce consumption by pulling part of the flow of visitors onto itself.

Paper towels are still in demand, but there is also an economic side to the issue, and for the head of the organisation this is a weighty argument. How to reduce costs?


Electric dryers are an important tool for maintaining hygiene and comfort levels. In establishments with high traffic, it is recommended to use them. Optimally combine electric dryers with paper towels. In some cases, electric dryers can significantly reduce the cost of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. With proper operation, they will last long enough.

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