Communal News and Blog Feeds Have Been Picked Up by Google News

Google News has begun distributing Communal News newsfeeds and selected parts of our blog feeds. It’s been reported that Google Newsfeed sends significantly more traffic to websites than Facebook or any other social network. Being included in Google News helps to widely distribute our content and is an outstanding achievement. This is great additional exposure for our many writers!

Click to See the long list of Communal News posts on Google News.

If you look to the right of the news posts, you’ll see a SAVE button that allows you to create a quick link to all recent CN news in the Google newsfeed.

Communal News is a free news hub and one of the few that allows outside writers to post on our website. In under a year, Communal News has signed up well over 500 contributors. To join Communal News, all you have to do is complete a simple registration and then you can submit your posts. CN is significantly different from most open platforms, with an editorial team on staff to make sure the news and informational articles are in compliance with news industry standards, grammatically correct and pleasurable for our growing readership.

Now with the addition of the Google News distribution channel, Communal News is separating itself from most of our competitive services that just post articles. Communal News staff will try to guide writers to help them achieve higher readership levels, often helping contributors to bring their articles into compliance with Google News guidelines. We also post all articles on our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS and newly added Pinterest accounts. We find that this increase the success and readership for all the writers.

CN now provides writers with an open and free distribution channel for their news and articles, where they can make an immediate impact. We don’t know of any company, outside of finance, that can offer these hub-based services for free.

Newly Launched Paid Services

Communal News just started a new service for journalists where we will pay for news per views.  This allows writers to have the freedom to work when, where,  and how often they want. We hope that in time we can become a hub, like UBER, for the writers and professionals that want to provide news. If you wanted to launch your own blog, find good paying advertising, become networked in, and develop a strong news distribution channel, all of this is a full time task and costly.

The good news is that today writers can successfully use our hub, with no cost to them, and in time they can receive significantly higher pay without any of the dreaded backend work. You might not know this, but most news blogs never succeed. It isn’t because they are bad writers. It’s because the business side of it is so challenging, making it almost impossible to get established.

Now journalists can build (over time) their own very successful following while getting paid a highly competitive view rate from day one.

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Companies are Seeing Success

We  are glad to see companies are becoming successful using our hub. For example Numbify’s recent testimonial shows not only why they are the strongest numbing cream campaign, but why the campaign has worked so well for them. We are proud that companies can use our hub in several ways to leverage our traffic and scale their business in a way that has been proven to help significantly increase their revenues. Numbify now is excited about trying to move from blog articles into news.

Our publisher direct open advertising hub is also just recently launched and is doing very well. CN is a site where small and mid-sized companies can advertise, without high cost middlemen, and get much more bang for their buck. In time, we hope to provide a very wide selection of low cost advertising.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Communal News.

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Robert Martin (CN Staff)

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