Communal News and Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace Open Platforms Have Gone Global 

Communal News platform is now published in over 97% of the world’s languages. CN has over 1,000 contributors from every corner of the planet and we wanted to bring all their interesting work to every reader with access to a computer. Use the drop down menu to select your language and enjoy all CN articles, blogs and gig listings in the language that you prefer.  A reader checked it out and commented:

“I tried Mandarin, Spanish, French and Catalan and they all look pretty good!”

Communal is one of the fastest growing open news platforms

Click to see Communal News in some of our major published languages:







and many more…

Along with Communal News, our new extremely low-cost Freelance Gig Platform (FGG Low Cost Marketplace) is also available through global language translations.

We have been working diligently to increase the distribution of our Communal News and FGG Low Cost Marketplace, and we’re very proud to provide one of the world’s first open and low-cost global solutions for news and professional services.

Communal Marketplace
Our robust and rapidly growing platform of Communal News has been integrated with our Communal Marketplace, allowing us to drive very high levels of traffic, exceeding over 1 million visits per year, that we achieved in only a few months after becoming a Google News provider. Since then we have begun publishing Communal News in over 100 languages and proved the same translated languages with:. FGG Low Cost Marketplace

In the last 6 month Communal News has achieved the following goals:

  • Readership increased over 400%.
  • Started publishing on Google News.
  • Grown to include 1,000 contributors.
  • Broke over 1 million visits and we’re fast approaching 1.4 million.
  • Opened our Freelance Gig Services at Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace.
  • Published over 2,000 new articles in 6 months.
  • Our contributors have broke several global and local news stories.
  • No tracking or monitoring of readers or contributors, keeping to our organic approach.

Communal News is becoming the global leader in open platform news distribution where readers have a voice. We are open to new contributors on our Communal News and FGG Low Cost Marketplace. Come join us and benefit early from our explosive growth.

We have many more exciting programs that we are working on to expand our platforms and benefit our providers and readers. Whether you want to read news from around the world, write about the news, blog about your favorite subject, or sell your online services at our marketplace, jump on board now so you can reap the benefits of all our other early adopters.

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Freelance Global Gigs

Freelance Global Gigs We are building an open internet freelance marketplace service to help you, our readers, gain faster and more unfiltered services with the goal of providing the most intellectually diversified services we can.  Communal Freelance Marketplace has partnered with Communal News to provide a unique and special marketplace surrounded by a news provider with fresh, rich daily content to encourage more activity within our marketplace. This will significantly increase the number of buyers and sellers on our open platform and our growth rate– an enriching experience for all!

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