We made it easy to submit an article to Communal News. Simply click here or on one of the many “Submit an Article” buttons throughout the site (Note: If you haven’t yet set up a Communal News contributor account, you’ll need to do that first here).

Next you must choose what type of article you would like to submit:

  • Exclusive articles are preferred, which are those you submit to our Editorial team for exclusive publication on Communal News.
  • Articles are those you submit to our Editorial team for publication on Communal News that you’ve also posted to other blogs or websites which, depending on content, are screen more aggressively.
  • Blog posts are those that contain content you do not plan to submit to our Editorial team for publication.

Normally, your article will be published within 24 hours of submission, or returned to you with editorial feedback.

Editorial Guidelines

Broadly, here’s what we look for in deciding whether or not to publish an article submission:

News-oriented: Write about an industry, or retail news in sports, business, stocks, politics, or more. Submissions making claims must be professional sourced with links and factually backed up.

High-quality: Articles should contain high-quality opinion and analysis and must deliver on three separate metrics: Convincing, Well-Presented and Actionable.

Originality: We expect you to write about well-covered issues, bringing a new perspective that others may have missed. Articles generated largely by copy and pasting other articles, will not be accepted.

Compelling title: Your title is important and should reflect the content in the article and also will need to grab the reader’s attention. A title that does not deliver on the title’s promise will be declined.

Clean: All submissions must be proofread already, and be free of any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

No promotional content: We do not allow promotional content within articles. Your short Bio will be at the bottom of every article you write. We allow up to a maximum of three links within an article to contextually relevant information back to your blog or website and as many links as possible to help construct the factual base of the article to other very relevant sources.

Fundamental analysis: Address a competitive environment, management, products, corporate strategy, or future outcomes. We look for well-presented and informed opinions based on rigorous analysis. We do not publish pure Opinion.

The human factor: We work to consistently select the best articles submitted for consideration. We strive to maintain an open and constructive dialogue with our contributors, and work closely with contributors whenever possible to help ensure article publication is relevant.

If you have any additional questions about becoming a contributor, please email and we’d be happy to assist you.

We welcome feedback regarding contributor posts.

If you find errors or wish to dispute any statement, you can provide immediate public feedback by commenting at the bottom of a post. You can also create your own Contributor account and provide an alternative viewpoint with facts to support your argument. Contributors are entitled to their opinion. So are you.

If you have concerns regarding the accuracy of a News Article published on Communal News, please take the following steps:

  • Submit a dispute by emailing Please be sure to include a link to the article under dispute.
  • Identify precisely which section of the article you dispute (quoting the text), you must provide documented (neutral third party) evidence of any claim that the article is materially wrong.