Communal News Reaches a Milestone: Over 5,000 Posts!

Communal News recently posted its 5,000th article, capping off a stunning rate of contributor and reader growth. With over 1,000 contributors signed up so far, the site has also had over 20,000 unique visitors and over 84,000 visits in the last 7 days alone!  CN is published on Communal News, Google News and Facebook News– in over 100 languages and on social media.

CN is designed to be contributor driven and they get posts that cover the interests of the world. Communal News publishes news articles about current events from every continent, market reports covering hundreds of industries, the latest technology news, American domestic politics, as well as blogs covering sports, religion, education, real estate, finance, human resources, consumer products and much, much more.

CN current has three regular contributors who provide in depth analysis of China, Russia and Israel.

Communal News was one of the first to report that Russia is testing its ability to disrupt Western European systems.

Our beta program for paid contributors is well underway and is producing outstanding results for our top writers. Here are the five most successful posts on Communal News so far:

1. Galileo Satellite System Disruption: Coincidence or Attack? Space war, or technical warfare is silently being waged all around us. On July 13th, 2019 (this past weekend) the European Union’s (EU’S) Galileo satellite went, or was taken offline. It seems Russia is testing its ability to disrupt Western European systems.

2. The NASA Curiosity Rover Discovers PVC-Type Object. Is There Pipe on Mars? (PHOTO) An image recently returned to NASA by the Curiosity Rover appears similar to (for lack of a better description) PVC-style plumbing pipe found here on Earth. Is it evidence of an advanced civilization which went extinct somewhere in the deep history of Mars?

3. Massive Militia Marching On Virginia Capitol – Governor to Begin Confiscating Guns From Gun Owners. The Governor of Virginia has declared that he will soon begin confiscating guns in that state and once this begins other states are sure to follow suit. It’s the reason that militias will march on the Capitol of Virginia on January 20th.

Communal News gives you the freedom to write about what matters most to you. That’s why our motto is: Where Readers Have a Voice. Let us help you to build an audience for the topics you care about and maybe even raise awareness.

4. Going Viral: The Original Joe Miller’s Joke Book Has Been Unearthed – Is It Still Funny? Recently, a startling discovery was made while archaeologists carefully dug in an excavation site prior to the erection of a new structure in Central London. In it was found an original copy of Joe Miller’s Joke Book, along with many other buried treasures.

5. ‘Wobbly’ UFO Filmed Over Mexico. Do Aliens Drive Drunk? (Video) A UFO video posted to YouTube on August 3rd, 2019 (below), shows an unidentified flying object hovering over the skies of Mexico as witnesses comment and chuckle in the background. What’s so funny? Unlike most UFO sightings, this strange aircraft is reeling crazily in the air, wobbling and dipping up and down and side to side as though the pilot has lost control of the ship.

As you can see, many different types of posts can earn you money on Communal News. CN has paid out tens of thousands of dollars to news writers who can attract readers. There are two ways to sign up as a Contributor:

1: Sign up to write articles that meet our news standards and get paid.

2: Sign up to write what you want and share your hobbies, interests, opinions and analysis.

Communal News exists to give you a voice. If you’re an online professional, you can also offer your services for free on our Freelance Global Gigs website and you’ll get free marketing on Communal News (see gigs listing in the middle of this page), putting you in front of tens of thousands of potential customers.

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