Connecting to God and Freedom

  • The Declaration of Independence connects to God and freedom.
  • Orthodox religion connects only to God and the law of God.
  • Judaism cannot change; Orthodox Jews believe only in the Old Testament.

God placed the desire for freedom in the world. The desire for freedom is called by some an enemy and by others the secret of God.

Adam and Eve were created from the dust and placed in the Garden of Eden. In the Garden of Eden there was peace and tranquility. Adam and Eve had a free hand to choose to eat from the fruits of all the trees on the earth. Only one tree in the Garden was called for them the forbidden fruit like it says in Genesis 1 : And God commanded to Adam from all the trees of the garden you can eat, but from the tree of knowledge of good and evil you should not eat from it that in the day that you eat from it you will die.

United States Declaration of Independence connects to God and freedom.

Adam had freedom to choose from whichever tree he desired, but his freedom was limited. About the Tree of Knowledge he was warned to avoid its pleasure. The snake advised Adam differently from the instructions of God not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. The snake told Eve the wife of Adam, you have freedom to eat also from the Tree of Knowledge. Each tree in the Garden of Eden was an experience of joy, oranges, apples, pomegranates, olives, sweet fruits and citrons.  Curiosity enticed Eve to explore the forbidden fruit. She was enticed by her desire to be free and could not limit her desire for freedom until little by little she gave in to the advice of the snake and ate from the forbidden fruit.

After eating from the forbidden fruit she gave it also to Adam. She told Adam I ate from the tree which was forbidden for us and didn’t die.  She said we are free to also eat from this tree which God advised us to refrain from its pleasure.

There is freedom to eat from all the trees in the Garden of Eden including the forbidden fruit. God loves all his creations. He gave man freedom which is a gift with advice and instructions.  One of his instructions were to refrain from eating from a specific tree in the Garden that it will be disastrous

Mankind was given freedom. Mankind has explored to know and experience life using his freedom given to him as a gift from God. God with freedom also gave to Adam his advice. God created the world with his supernal knowledge and knows the deepest secrets of life. He knows what is best for mankind. There are things in the world which are healthy and also poisons. God who created the world has the knowledge of good and evil. Man only knows from his experience, scientific testing. God has perfect knowledge. The knowledge of man is limited. Man will not accept his limitations and desires to know everything. Through exploration man is able to put together the pieces of the puzzle.

The bible is the advice of God given to man by a wise prophet Moses. In the Bible is defined Good and Evil. The Torah the Ten Commandments were given to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai. The Law of Moses became the law of the land of Israel in Biblical times. Under Biblical rule, the law was strictly enforced with capital punishment for offenders of the commandments of God. It was not permitted to change or amend the Law of Moses because it was considered divine. The only permission given to the sages of Israel was to strengthen the law when necessary to guard it from those people who wanted freedom. The Jewish people have this law today. They have watched over it that it should never be forgotten. The Ultra-Orthodox religious leaders protect the law from being changed. Many of the commandments in the Torah cannot be practiced especially those connected to sacrifices in the holy temple.

In the creation of Adam was the gift of freedom. Freedom is divine gift but it is also considered a curse. Freedom caused Adam and Eve to sin when they ate from the forbidden tree. When the divine law of God was given to the Jewish people by Moses they accepted it blindly with the commandment not to turn to the right or the left to take a straight path of observance. In Biblical Israel freedom was the evil inclination, a threat to the kingship of David the king and his descendants.

Knesset building in Jerusalem. Israel a democratic nation connects to freedom and the Old Testament.

The kingship fell and the temple was destroyed. According to the instruction within the Law of Moses there is an obligation to rebuild the kingship of David according to Jewish law. The Torah is considered to be an eternal contract between the Jewish people and God. An attempt to restore the Kingship failed after the Jewish people returned from exile in Babylon for seventy years, and rebuilt the second temple which stood for over 400 years.  The Jewish people pray for the Messiah to restore the kingship of David as it was in biblical times.

During the period of the second temple, reformed religious Jewish movements attempted to change their culture and religion. The people were not happy living under the law as they were in the times of the first temple before its destruction. According to scripture the Torah law cannot be changed. Jesus came representing his followers who were unhappy with Jewish life. They could not change Jewish law. Instead Jesus and his followers made a new testament. The great prophets of Israel also preached that it was needed a new law but these prophets did not have permission to change the law according to the instructions of Moses, the greatest of all prophets of Israel.

After Jesus succeeded to make a new law and religion with a great following, Mohammed came to write a new law and scripture for his followers the tribes of Ishmael called the Koran, Sharia law. Jewish law continued for Jews who remained faithful to their sages. There are today three laws for three religions in the world. The Torah written by Moses was an attempt to place in the world the Law of God given to him forever. He succeeded in his mission but world has changed. Freedom a divine secret hidden in the creation which gives the right to humanity to improve their life interfered with the sovereignty of the Biblical nation of Israel until today the Jewish people have returned to their land living under a democratic nation The State of Israel. The world has changed from Biblical times after was spread and missionized the two new laws of God by the prophets Mohammed and Jesus.

A fourth religion emerged after the fall of the Ottoman Empire after World War I, the religion of life which gives to the world freedom and democracy. Freedom remains an enemy of Orthodox religion but Orthodox religion has accepted it as a reality. Orthodox religion represents the Divine Law whether it be the Torah, New Testament, or Koran. All these religions were born from the secret of God called freedom. God put freedom into the world for the purpose of renewal of the old, the birth of the new. The Old rejects change. Freedom is always new and renewing. It never gets old.

The wise man lives in two worlds which are divided in three parts, past, present and future. For the future to become bright, it is sometimes necessary to make changes and improvements. These changes never come easy. President Trump tried to make many changes and ran into a brick wall. Biden will have to be more cautious but sometimes changes are necessary and cannot be ignored. Netanyahu is the Prime Minister of a nation which began at Mount Sinai and survived over 2000 years living according to the Old Testament. The modern nation of Israel was established by reformed Jews the metamorphosis of a world that is always changing. Freedom which the Orthodox hate is here to stay in Israel and abroad. God advised Adam a free man not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. He may or not have made a mistake but the life of Adam changed from a Garden of Eden to a world of sufferings. The Orthodox religious leaders of the world can give their advice like God gave to Adam, but can never again take away freedom from society.  Freedom of religion accepts change in religion. A secular nation without freedom like Communism is against religion.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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