Conspiracy Against Donald Trump

  • There is a conspiracy against President Trump to prolong the Corona Pandemic until after elections.
  • The FDA refused without reason to do extensive research on Hydrochloquine for outpatient use.
  • WHO is supported by China who want Joe Biden.

Elections are coming very close. It is hard to tell who has the edge either Trump or Biden. The main objection which Biden publicizes not to vote for Trump, is that he allowed 100,000 Americans to die from Corona. Biden claims Trump was negligent. Trump defends his handling of the outbreak of the epidemic.

Simone Gold in her video pointed at a conspiracy against truth.

Trump took the position as President of the USA with the intention to make important changes in the way to Make America Great Again. He claimed that the situation in America both economically and politically has sunk to the lowest in history. Unemployment was high. Crime and Drugs were high.

Morality in America has sunken to an all-time low permitting abortion in the ninth month and taking away the American motto In God we trust to be replaced by Don’t Trust America, Don’t trust your neighbor, Don’t trust God, Don’t trust your clergyman, Trust only yourself and fear death and destruction.

America needed spiritual enrichment. America needed economic improvement. America needed social improvement. Trump encourages Americans to love their country.

Trump challenged the establishment in America built by Democrats over the last eight years under the Obama administration. Trump began to build a wall in the south to separate America from criminals coming in as illegal immigrants. Trump recognized that China was becoming too powerful an economic machine pretending to be free enterprise which swallowed up all competition.

He challenged the Obama nuclear treaty with Iran cancelling the treaty recognizing that Iran was hindering the Middle East from reaching independence and stability. He saw that the way to strengthen the Middle East was to unite with Israel the only democratic state in the region. In this way he succeeded to bring Arab nations together with Israel in a peace treaty UAE, Bahrain and now Sudan. Iran’s support for the Palestinians and for Hezbollah in Lebanon is preventing making peace in the Middle East. Peace in the Middle East would come through creating a democratic union of states joined with America and the West.

On the way to success in the first four years in office, suddenly came the Corona Pandemic from China. Even before came Corona Pandemic there was opposition to Trump by Democrats to the extent of wanting to impeach him. Every step forward which was made by Trump was challenged by the Democrats who were the majority in the Congress. All the opposition to Trump was to prevent him from winning the elections for another four year term.

Corona Pandemic was not opposition coming from America but from China. China was going down and democracy was going up. China was losing its hold on World politics. Now Corona came to destroy the good name which Trump was building for himself and America. Trump tried to find an immediate solution for the deaths and mortality in America. The immediate solution was revealed by a doctor practicing in upstate NY using Hydrochloroquine and Zinc in the early stages of the disease. Corona was deadly but slow to develop in the body and not strong enough to kill the youth.

It was a perfect invention to oust President Trump in one year without destroying the world population. Modern medicine and technology could produce a vaccine within one and a half years enough time to remove Trump from his position. The immediate treatment of Dr. Zelenko came unexpected, a threat to opponents of Trump. The establishment which wanted Trump out of office wanted to return America back into the eight years of Obama administration which were not threatening to China, Iran and liberal democratic socialism.

Xi Jinping President of China would prefer Joe Biden over Donald Trump. He would prefer a candidate that he can manipulate.

The FDA and WHO did not like Trump because of his religious values. Statistics show that most doctors and scientists are atheists. When they saw the chance of removing Trump and replacing him with a liberal democrat like Biden, they would not release hold on the American public to endorse Hydrochloroquine. After the November elections, there will no longer be a reason to hold back authorization of Hydrochloroquine to be used in the early stages of the disease.

There is a conspiracy against President Trump.  Medical practitioners from America and Israel tried to break up the conspiracy like Simone Gold in her video which was taken down for no good reason. In one of my articles published by Communal News I tried to expose this fraud.

In another one of my articles I published on Communal News Israeli doctors spoke out against the conspiracy against President Trump in their video The Big Lie.

The best interests of China is for Biden to win the next elections. About this I spoke out in another one of my articles encouraging the world to boycott the vaccine of China even if it less expensive.

There is a conspiracy against President Trump which has prolonged the Corona Pandemic until after the elections. Whether President Trump or Joe Biden take office the Corona Pandemic will end when is released the prohibitions of giving anti-viral medicines to outpatients even before will come the vaccine. Those that value Truth will have Truth when President Trump takes office. Those that are afraid of Truth will vote for Biden and America will never be great again. Trump threatened the establishment created by Obama and the democrats in Congress. History shows that the establishment will fight against change. Let there be peace between Republicans and Democrats. Let there be peace in the Middle East. Let there be peace when China will open up its doors to freedom.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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