Corona a Message From God to Mankind – Separate From Evil

  • Quarantine is necessary but sometimes very difficult.
  • Religion separates mankind from evil which it calls an epidemic.
  • Freedom is important but needs religion to separate freedom from evil influences.

Quarantine separates the infected by the virus from the healthy. Religion separates people from the influences of evil. Freedom does not give permission to people not to quarantine and should not give permission for people to spread evil. Evil is defined very clearly in the bible in the Ten Commandments.

Pope Francis is suffering from a cold. We hope that it isn’t the coronavirus and pray for his recovery.

President Trump has been called a racist by his opponents that he has chosen to love Israel and the Jewish people. Liberals accuse the world who are against the gay movement that they are racists. When President Trump began to build the Wall in the south he was called a racist. He justified his decision to make the wall against his opponents that in America the wealthy have the right to build a wall around their mansions with a bell on the outside or a guard at the gate.  It is their right to protect their home and families from thieves, vandalism.  A nation has the right to build an army to protect its citizens and in the event that the nation is attacked it has the right to self-defense. Israel has the right to protect itself from the thousands of rockets that are fired at them from Gaza or from its enemies which surrounds them including, Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran. The world condemns Israel and calls Israel an apartheid nation because it gives citizenship to Jews exclusively.

The Jewish people were a nation in biblical times for over 900 years in the land of Israel. The bible records the history of the establishment of the nation of Israel in its land. The end of the five books of Moses called the Old Testament Moses blesses the Jewish people who will enter the land of Israel under the leadership of Joshua. The other works in the Bible prophets and writings including Chronicles which are also part of the Christian Bible record the whole history of the Nation of Israel until it was conquered by the Romans and was destroyed the holy temple in Jerusalem.  The nation of Israel the survivors of this conquest were scattered throughout the world in Europe and Asia until finally they settled in America. The nation survived on paper, the parchments and scrolls of the Bible and through following the precepts of its religion. The nation was during this time living in the diaspora under the rule of other nations sometimes living under persecution of these nations as a minority in their land.

The desire to return to the land of Israel and to rebuild its holy nation is part of Judaism. The opportunity opened for the Jewish people to return to their land after the holocaust and World War II when was removed the British Mandate from Palestine.  In 1948 through the War of Independence the State of Israel was established authorized by the United Nations. The sovereignty of Israel in their land was threatened from its beginning by other nations established around its borders after was removed the British Mandate. Israel has fought wars until today defending its independence and continues to defend its right of sovereignty in its land. Israel is a Jewish State. Jews have the right to separate themselves in their own nation to prevent assimilation just like those exposed to corona are quarantined for the protection of the public.

When President Trump began his administration in 2016 the previous administration under President Obama made a nuclear treaty with Iran which was from the beginning questionable for many reasons. He cancelled this nuclear treaty with Iran. He also accepted Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the annexation of the Golan. Israel a small nation in a land which is the size of Rhode Island State is the center of world controversy. It has its enemies in the World Congress and continues to defend its rights to exist as a sovereign nation. Israel has successfully developed into one of the major powers of the world.  It is leading the world in technology and may soon be the first to develop a vaccine for the Coronavirus.

President Trump is the best friend of Israel. Israel is lucky to have a friend like America.  The problems of the State of Israel which threaten its survival also come from internal causes which have prevented Israel from making a government until today after the third elections of the year. Israel also has enemies from other nations in the world and Jews have enemies from Anti-semites who question the right of the Jewish people to exist and claim that Judaism is a racist religion.

China persecuted the Tibetan monks and drove them out of Tibet. Maybe Corona will wake up their nation to the importance of faith and religion.

The bible describes the history of the Jewish people the children of their forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  In the wilderness after Exodus from Egypt they chose to make nation for their family the twelve tribes of Israel. They were successful to establish their nation in biblical times and their nation was conquered and the children of Israel were exiled from their land. The nation of Israel exists until today as a religion on parchment separating Jews from the other nations. A Jew is described in the Law of Moses as a child born from a Jewish mother. The lineage of the Jewish people is continued from the father and mother; but Jewish rights in their nation is determined according to the Jewish mother. The mother is in the center of the family which is the reason why Jews are children exclusively from a Jewish mother and not from the lineage of the father.

All nations of the world have a separate constitution. Israel whether the Biblical State or the Modern State of Israel had and have their own constitution. Every nation has a home which is its land and the right to defend its borders.  The State of Israel was founded within borders in the land of Israel in the Middle East. These borders are the center of a controversy which President Trump is trying to solve with the Deal of the Century.

The word racism or apartheid is used by people with ignorance as it to claim that racism is against freedom. Ignorant people attacked President Trump and called him racist. President Trump defended himself that he defends freedom and democracy. His choice to protect the State of Israel is part of his love for freedom and democracy. Freedom and democracy has opposition even today. Many people use freedom and democracy as a weapon to oppose Jews, Muslims, and Orthodox Christians.  President Trump supports Orthodox religion even if it is sometimes against freedom and democracy. Even though democracy might conflict with theocracy, there is a way of reaching a balance between them. Democracy today rules the world. The Democracy of President Trump and of President Putin are not against religion. President Putin is writing a new constitution for Russia to include in it God and to exclude the rights to Gay marriage. President Trump opposes freedom to make all abortions.

Freedom and democracy is being abused.  It is being used as a weapon to oppose religions and the ethics which religions have introduced to the world connected to the Bible. These opponents of religion in the name of freedom are today faced with Coronavirus.  Religions give the right of their constituents to separate themselves to protect their values of modesty given to them by their prophets. They want their children to live a religious life. In their schools are separated sexes. In their places of worship are separated sexes. They are against promiscuity. Extremists also exist amongst the left just like it exists on the right side of religion. These liberalists want to uproot the whole past established through religion. They use the word racist to defend themselves. They oppose the right of people to separate their families from ideologies which preach freedom without limitations.  They defend the Law of God given to the world at Mount Sinai, known as the Ten Commandments.

God has sent into the world a curse which is also a blessing called Coronavirus. Coronavirus is dangerous and contagious. People are forced to quarantine to prevent it spreading and killing. Everyone recognizes the danger of coronavirus. Not everyone recognizes the dangers of modern freedom extremism which uproot religion and the family unit. Pope Francis who is a celibate like other Catholic Priests defends the sanctity of family like in one of his speeches saying, family is the cradle of life. Catholics in the name of Jesus were given the right to be celibate in their scriptures but were not given the right to destroy the morality of the rest of the world for people who want to make families. Judaism and Islam considers making a family an obligation; therefore their scriptures prohibit free birth control, free abortion, and adultery, just as important as not to kill or not to steal. Family is important but the humanitarian will sometimes deny its importance.

The letter written by Rabbi Nachman to his student Yisrael 200 years after his death with a message that the Messiah is on the way. The letter is signed Na,Nac,Nachma,Nachman. Through chanting the name of Rabbi Nachman in this way brings healing and happiness. Hang a copy of this letter in your home for protection from evil forces including Corona.

God rewards and God punishes. God created the world and there is in his creation divine justice. Coronavirus is part of the divine justice of God. Coronavirus is the weapon of God to defend religion which he placed in the world which freedom extremists want to uproot.  People attack Jews for separating their children from the rest of the world for the sake of protecting morality and religious ethics.  Now coronavirus creates separation for those in quarantine. Quarantine protects the virus from spreading. The Health Department has the right to insist on quarantine when necessary to separate the infected from those that have not become infected.

Coronavirus is the weapon of God to defend the right of the religious to separate their children from the abuse of freedom. Judaism and the Jewish people were the first to recognize the importance of separation. Moses recognized the importance to protect the Jewish people from the influences of evil. He gave to the Jewish people a law to protect the Jewish family from evil for all generations. The separations written in the Bible and quarantine from Coronavirus are important.  Coronavirus has come to wake up mankind to accept the importance of religion. President Trump recognizes the importance of religion even though he defends democracy and freedom. The secular and religious parties in Israel refuse to sit together to make a government which has caused the third or fourth election. Maybe Corona will wake them up and Netanyahu and Gantz can sit together.

Freedom is important. Moses redeemed the Jewish people from slavery to Pharaoh in Egypt in the part of the Bible called Exodus. Freedom was important to Moses even though he gave to the Jewish people the Law of Moses the constitution of the theocracy of the Biblical State of Israel which teaches separation comparable to quarantine. He separated the Jewish people from the other nations of the world through his law.  The Law of Moses is not racist as claim liberalists in Israel and America. Separation and quarantine are necessary when there is a dangerous disease. Freedom comes to the world after 5000 years of history with a disease which President Trump attacked abortion, free sex, liberalism, atheism, anti-Semitism, anti-religion.  Religion is important. Freedom is important. Religion and freedom can unite.

When Israel and the free world will recognize the importance of religion will come the end of Coronavirus. When China will accept freedom of religion which is essentially Baha”i faith and return the Dali Lama with other Buddhist monks to Tibet will end the epidemic.  When Judaism and Islam will accept religious celibacy like practiced by Catholic priests and Buddhist monks will end the epidemic.  God is the Lord of the Universe and in his humility we pray that he will give President Trump another four years in 2020 to defend freedom and to defend religion against liberalism. The epidemic should end quickly but mankind should receive the message it carries with it about the importance of World Unity and Peace.

and the importance of giving respect to religion.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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