Corona and Democracy

  • National Security is of first importance to a nation.
  • Corona is more of a threat to a dictatorship than a democracy.
  • Scientists today say “Corona is not as bad as we thought”.

Corona was called by Madonna the American singer and Guru on her website “the Great Equalizer.”  The truth of her statement can be seen in many ways. Corona virus besides being a killer has brought several changes in the direction of equalization and democracy.

Corona virus began in Wuhan China. After it was revealed, the Chinese began quarantine to isolate the virus. The quarantine continued until they were able to completely isolate the virus to particular people that were infected and to separate these people until they were healed. Corona outbreak in China today is 82,933 cases 4,633 deaths, 78,209 recovered. There are almost no new infections.

Madonna the Messiah of song in the universal faith called Corona “the great equalizer.”

China a communist nation took immediate consideration of the lives of its people. Those infected when needed were hospitalized. The population was instructed to wear masks. Temperature was taken in places of public gatherings. However the virus was able to travel abroad to other countries through air travel of infected people, ships from China to Japan, and crossing over the borders of China in other ways.

All these nations that became infected from visitors with the China virus began again the process of isolation of the virus first by closing up their borders. The virus began in China in the marketplace or in the Virology institute in Wuhan. Scientists have identified the virus, its name is Covid-19.  It is very contagious and can be spread by people who are infected before symptoms develop which is a period of about three or four days.

Scientists today say that Corona virus is not as bad we thought. These scientists say that Corona virus and similar virus infections are here to stay.  We just have to learn how to live with them.

Until scientists have come to identify and isolate the virus there was panic. The panic was connected to the importance of saving one life. The virus killed 4,633 people in China. China created this panic when they shut down their country closing its businesses.  China is a center of commerce in the world. When China closed down, the whole world followed them.  The World economy is locked down. The importance of saving one life took precedence over money and finance.

China acted naturally in fear of losing one life or many lives. The virus had the potential to spread to all of China and to the whole world population killing primarily those that were older than 60 and those with medical issues. The people targeted by the virus over 60 are very important to the world. Many of them are world leaders.  The world leaders rule nations.  The leaders in China chose to close down to protect their own leaders not only the public.  In this way the virus endangered their national security. They were afraid to lose control of their country. The leaders of the nations of the world following the example of China closed down.

Religious leaders gathered together in group prayer to halt the plague of Corona.

To allow Corona virus to spread in China potentially could cause a revolution or civil war over leadership of their nation. A way to counteract the effects of the virus on National security is to organize the government not to be vulnerable to a virus. This means organizing replacements for their elderly leaders before the outbreak of the virus. A communist nation a dictatorship is more afraid of revolution than a democracy.

The democracies of the world used China as an example which was a mistake. Democracies also need to prepare for a virus like Corona but democracies are more flexible to changes. Trump and he leadership of America are people above 60.  Biden the major opponent to Trump in 2020 is in the late seventies. However America a democratic government is more flexible than China to replace their leaders peacefully in case of a Pandemic.

Believing in China as a nation concerned primarily about the welfare of their people was a mistake. The Communist regime was concerned about the life of one person who is their dictator, the communist regime. Communism was in danger.  USSR fell in 1991.  China may have followed USSR if they did not close down their economy when Corona virus began to spread. One target of Corona was to destroy Communism. Corona will not disappear which may be a reason for China to become democratic like Russia.

The democratic world made a mistake to look at China as an example. They didn’t understand Corona Covid-19. They could have received the virus without closing down completely through organizing their nations to be flexible in case their elderly leaders died from the virus to replace them with younger leaders. Now the danger of Corona is clearer; it is not as bad as they thought.

Now the world is in an economic crisis which is worse than Corona. The nations of the world can escape the economic crisis of Corona through organizing their governments to prepare in event their leaders became infected by the virus and died. Boris Johnson became infected and survived. Pence almost became infected. Congress should prepare America through legislation for a future Corona epidemic.  Not all people will die from Corona only a small percentage. National security takes precedence. People need strong government.  Corona threatened National security in China which caused them to lockdown. The way to return to normalcy for the nations of the world is to protect their National Security as the first priority.  The National Security of democracies are safer from Corona threat than dictatorships.

Madonna the American entertainer and Guru on her website called Corona, “the great equalizer.”  Corona has come to world to make the whole world democracies.  China and the world has to prepare for another Covid virus.  China a dictatorship is more afraid. They may have to become democratic like USSR to protect their economy.

The new government of Israel will be sworn in on Monday in the Knesset. The Modern State of Israel is a democracy founded on the Biblical State of Israel which was a theocracy.

Dictatorships are always in danger of civil revolution. Assad a dictator in Syria has confronted a civil revolution which has crippled the economy of Syria and millions of civilians are homeless. Corona has destroyed the economy of the world because of Communist China was taken as an example how to deal with Corona. The truth is out. Corona is the great equalizer to make the whole world democracies.

Corona is the will of God. Trying the best to save the lives of people is an obligation but not at the expense of National security and World Economy. Prepare governments for Corona viruses in the future through democracy.  Events in history like Corona and other plagues has slowly taken its toll on dictatorship and theocracies until today most of the world is democratic. Corona is the latest blow in history to theocracy and dictatorships.

The Biblical Nation of Israel was a theocracy a dictatorship. Until was established the Kingship of David, King Saul the first king of Israel had to defend his kingship from his son in law King David. To do this he killed thousands of divine priests in Nob who supported David. David became King and in the middle of his Kingship his son Absalom rebelled and wanted to take from him the Kingship. Dictatorships throughout history are always in danger even if they are theocracies. Corona and other Corona virus infections are more dangerous to dictatorship than to democracies.

Orthodox religions Judaism, Islam and Christianity were theocracies.  Corona the great equalizer has come to initiate the Universal Faith to be the crown of faith in the world.  The Universal faith adds freedom and mercy to religion. The three religions remain separate but through Corona and the Universal faith they have become united. In Jerusalem the leaders of the major religions gathered together in interfaith prayer to stop the plague Corona.

In the world throughout history there will always be changes. Plagues are one of the factors that create changes.  Dictatorship and theocracy are stronger governments with stricter law enforcement but moe vulnerable to Corona virus and similar plagues.  The Biblical state of Israel was sovereign in its land for over four hundred years. The Biblical Nation of Israel was conquered and never was able again to have sovereignty in their land as a theocracy. Today the State of Israel is a sovereign nation in its land as a democracy.

The new government has been formed after three elections with Netanyahu as Prime Minister for another 18 months. The Ministers of the government will take their oath in the Knesset on Sunday.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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