Corona Confusion About the Coming of the Messiah

  • People are disenchanted the Messiah has not yet come.
  • The Messiah is in the world today an infinite spiritual light in a physical body.
  • Bureaucracy worries about patent rights in making a virus while people die from Covid-19.

I asked my clergyman, “What happened you said the Messiah was coming when the Corona outbreak began. Where is he?” He answered “Pray harder.”

Already people are frustrated that the Corona Pandemic continues when in the beginning of the first outbreak spiritual leaders of all faiths declared that Corona is a sign that the Messiah if forthcoming. Now after four months of quarantine suffering the loss of good friends and living in an economic crisis, people laugh at those leaders who gave them a promise of the Messiah and an end to Corona together with a new world. Nothing supernatural has occurred. Miracles have not come.

The world is waiting to be rescued through medical science. A vaccine is forthcoming from many laboratories in Britain, Italy, Israel, America and China. The vaccine will help the situation but is not a Messianic answer. Another virus may come several years later; the world will be faced with another crisis. Spiritual leaders will again declare The Messiah will save us. Again the answer will come through medical science.

Pope Francis the leader of Christianity also called the Universal Church.

Christian religious leaders declare Jesus will soon return. Jews and Muslims await for their righteous saint to save their nation that the law of God will again rule over the pagan world. Jews everyday pray three times “should sprout forth your servant soon in our day to bring our salvation.”  They will not give up on the hope of the coming of the Messiah. It is no different for each of the three religion Judaism, Christianity and Islam each religion is a nation with a law which will be enforced on the world at the time of the coming of their King the Messiah.

In 1948 several years after the Holocaust and World War II the Jewish people have returned to their land and have established the State of Israel a refuge for every Jew in the world who has no home. Jewish religious leaders rejected that the establishment of the State of Israel is the beginning of the Messianic era.  Six million Jews were killed in the holocaust and through a miracle six million

Jews live today in Israel. Religious leaders receive that the State of Israel is a great miracle but reject that it is connected to the coming of the Messiah. The Jewish Messiah is to become the King of Israel a theocracy ruled by Jewish law, and not a democracy. Religions were theocracies when they were established. The law of each of the three religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam became the law of their nations the Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire and the nation of Zion.

Each of these religious theocracies were to become the new Messianic world through spreading their religion and enforcing the law of God. Each of these nations reached its peak and was later conquered. The Jewish nation of Zion was conquered by the Babylonians destroying their first holy temple. The second temple was destroyed by the Romans. The Old Israel was followed by the New Israel with Jesus as its King adopted by Rome to become the religion of the Roman empire called the Byzantine Empire. The nation went on crusades to convert the whole world to Christianity. The Byzantine empire was defeated by the Ottoman empire. The Vatican remains as a memory of the nation of Rome that attempted to conquer the world. Istanbul in Turkey is the remains of the Ottoman empire which almost conquered the world but was defeated by the allies in World War I.  The capital of these two nations was Constantinople called Istanbul today.

The fourth Crusades is taking place today, the crusades for freedom. America is the leader to change the whole world over to democracies. The USSR fell to join the free world. China stands in opposition to America and the crusades for freedom. Israel was once a Jewish kingship a theocracy and is today a democracy its capital is Jerusalem. Corona has come from China to oppose the establishment of a free world with America and New York City the leader of the free world.

The United Nations located in NYC was the beginning of an attempt to unite the world with international law granting human rights to all of mankind. The MAGA of President Trump was to include the Messianic hope of America, the ideal of a free world. Instead Corona has come to oppose the hope of America and to cause chaos in the world. There is no peace; the Corona disease continues to spread in the world. Israel which had escaped the first outbreak is now faced with a second spike. Today there were no deaths in NYC, good news but in other places in America there is still a spike. The vaccine will come in the near future to save the world but there will not be a supernatural salvation of the world which is promised by religions through the Messiah. People today complain to their religious leaders “Where is the Messiah.”

The Universal faith has been revealed in the world with the Messiah. It was revealed in Acre during the Ottoman empire which became a new faith called Baha”i.  It was revealed by Jesus who sacrificed himself for the salvation of the world by the Messiah but this hope became buried in the desecrations of the followers of Jesus in Rome who forced people to bow before his statue of be put to death.  Baha”i was a new beginning of the Universal faith adopted by many followers of Mohammed.

In the Jewish world arrived a new mind set, a new light and approach toward receiving the Messiah. In the Book of Splendor called the Zohar through Chassidism Progressive Jewish Spirituality the Messiah became revealed similar to Baha”i in the heart of mankind for all those willing to accept a Messiah of peace, love and mercy. Judaism is still the religion of the Jewish people. Jewish law the Law of Moses is still the law studied in Jewish schools. The Messiah revealed through the Zohar is an eternal spirit which was with God before he created the world.

The Messiah was revealed to Adam the first man as the tree of life. Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge which was forbidden and they began to populate the world.  The world was divided into families principally the family of Jacob the Jewish people, the family of Ishmael the son of Abraham, and the family of Esau who became Rome. Each family is in the world today with a religion and a law. Each religion is connected to the Tree of Knowledge which was in the Garden of Eden, the fear of God. They are all waiting for the Messiah. They have all promised that the Messiah will come to save the world principally for the sake of their nation. Corona has come. Where is the Messiah?

The Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed memory was declared by 100 Religious Jewish Authorities that he is the Messiah of the Jewish people.

The Zohar and Baha”i do not promise the coming of a Messiah which will change the world to become a euphoria. People live in a natural world and work for their own survival and the survival of their children. Some people occupy themselves to find cures for disease. Other people become engineers to bring into the world new technologies to make life more pleasant. There are educators and there are clergy educating the youth in fear of God and faith in God.

Each person has his own job; and he is promised a share in the afterlife for his toil and sufferings. All of mankind has the work of building the kingdom of God on earth. The religious leaders promise the coming of the Messiah especially in difficult times like today which may or may not calm their congregation. Their congregants complain, Where is the Messiah?

Some become agnostics. Some look deeper into the concept of the Messiah to find the Messiah in their hearts two eternal souls which have been revealed in this world in the course of six thousand years of civilization. The confusion over the coming of the Messiah is answered through the Universal Faith in which is taught about the resurrection of the three great prophets of religion, Jesus, Mohammed and Moses. The Universal faith singles out the Messiah of religion who continues forever to live without death revealed in the Book of Kings Elijah the prophet and who some Chassidic followers of Lubavitch claim is their teacher Rabbi Menachem Schneerson. The Jews connect to Moses and the Torah who has resurrected today and to Elijah the prophet. The whole world has two Messiahs of truth, the Messiah of freedom Universal Faith who is revealed through resurrection and the Messiah of religion the service of God principally revealed through Judaism.

Don’t give up hope on the coming of the Messiah. The Messiah was with God before the world was created when God said on the first day, Let there be light (the Messiah of freedom) and there was light (the Messiah of religion.)  President Trump is a good world leader. A good leader is for religion and believes in the Messiah. Life is full of sufferings but also pleasant. There are two sides to life and two sides to the Messiah. The vaccine will come soon and those that administer the vaccine will receive a great share in the world to come together with our Health Workers. Each person has his share in the world to come and in the resurrection as a reward for his good deeds in this world. The Jewish people have a special share as Jewish souls. Everyone has a way to reach God when there is freedom of religion.

God is revealed in this world through a physical man whose soul is endowed with the infinite light of the Messiah not only through the two eternal messiahs who are really angels. Where is the Messiah today in this world? There is a saint alive in this world with the soul of the Messiah, the soul of Moses. He cannot reveal himself yet in fear that people will make him into God like they made Jesus into God. The Messiah is not God but the divine presence of God in the world.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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