Corona, Democracy, the Universal Faith

  • Democracy has been challenged by Corona.
  • Corona will improve Public Health through government regulations.
  • Corona has opened up democracy for the need to connect to the Universal Faith.

Corona is a test for democracies throughout the world. Democracy has weathered the storm and these nations are going back to normalcy. We expect to see several changes. Just like there were changes in airports after 9/11 more thorough security checks throughout the world, while there is still no vaccination people will have to pay $200 more for a ticket to get a Corona clearance check to go on a plane.

It may also be necessary for everyone to purchase health insurance in case they catch Corona at their destination and need medical care or hospitalization. When there are vaccinations for Corona it will be necessary to be vaccinated before the flight. People choose where they want to fly and know the possibility of catching Corona.

Pope Francis organized interfaith prayer at the Vatican to end the Corona Pandemic.

The economy can already begin to return to normalcy. President Trump is taking the Hydrochloroquine to give the public confidence to use it also for preventive treatment especially after being in contact with a person who is infected. Hydrochloroquine was administered by Doctor Selenko in Monroe New York for people over 50 when at home.  Very few people needed hospitalization. People whose condition deteriorated and needed hospitalization Hydrochloroqune has mixed results. Those that are worried about getting Corona should do like President Trump.

The vaccine is on the way but it may not be compulsory. Young people won’t vaccinate if it is not compulsory. People ages from 40-60 may vaccinate but not all of them. Hydrochloroquine or Remdesvir will still be necessary.  Scientists say, Corona is here to stay; but it is not as bad as we thought. China created the panic because they were afraid that the virus would reach Beijing. Corona virus had the potential to overthrow the Communist regime if it reached Beijing. It may still reach Beijing on the next role. China is guilty for not closing its airports like it closed Wuhan from Beijing. They will be tried and be forced to pay for it. Corona may change Beijing into a democracy.

Democracies need to be stricter in regard to disease and the dangers of health. Democracies have learned from Corona the need for government regulations against infectious diseases. With HIV which was also a Pandemic democracies because of human rights HIV infected people continue their lives without using ART anti-virus treatment.  Only a half of all people infected with HIV are under treatment. Those that are under treatment cannot infect other people. They are also no more sensitive to Corona than the rest of the population.

There are no statistics as of yet how many HIV infected people were among the deaths from Corona and at what ages. Corona testing should be made mandatory. If they test positive, they require quarantine. People sent into quarantine should be supervised. HIV testing should also be made mandatory when people have developed the symptoms. If they test positive they require ART. The public has human rights to demand strict health controls for their protection.

Corona is fighting for a better future for democracy. Corona is fighting to elevate democracy to receive the Universal faith. Although democracy separates church from state; it does not have to separate state from the Universal faith. The Universal faith is a not a theocracy like Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Universal faith gives religion with freedom together. Religions are the theocracies which conflicts with democracy because theocracies are against freedom. The Universal faith is not against religion but is progressive spiritual.

America the best example of a democracy was founded by the Declaration of Independence One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice forever. In the constitution the first amendment is protection of America which has gone from theocracy which existed in Britain to democracy from going backward. The first amendment of the constitution prevents government from making laws which regulate an establishment of religion. It guarantees Americans freedom of religion. The Universal faith is not a religion. A religion limits freedom, freedom of the press, freedom of speech. The Universal faith is a statement of Universal faith in God without limiting faith to any one religion but maintaining freedom for all religions to practice.

Madonna the entertainer and American Guru called Corona virus “the great equalizer”.

The Universal faith is the essence of freedom of religion on the foundation of Monotheism. The idea of the Universal Faith came through Baha”i whose center is in Haifa Israel.  The Universal faith fills the gap between atheist, agnostic and Orthodox religious.

Religions all have a purpose. They all have a doctrine. Their doctrine is the not constitution of America. America has one doctrine the Declaration of Independence and its constitution. Faith is already written in the Declaration of Independence. The Universal faith is the essence of faith separate from religion but united with religion through interfaith. The Universal faith does not have a doctrine which can conflict with democracy.

America is one nation under God. America is the nation of the Universal faith. The same is true of other democracies which prefer to remain separate from religion with freedom of religion. The State of Israel is a democracy. Israel is connected primarily to the Jewish people. America was founded by the Pilgrims. America is a melting pot of people from all ethnic groups. It is connected to the Universal faith because in America there is freedom of religion.

Israel connects to the Universal faith through the resurrection of Moses. Azerbaijan is 90% Muslim but is a democracy. It connects to the Universal faith through the resurrection of Mohammed. America connects to the Universal faith through the resurrection of all the prophets Moses, Jesus and Mohammed. Vatican City which is a democracy connects to the Universal faith primarily through Jesus but also connects to Moses and Mohammed. Pope Francis organized interfaith prayer at the Vatican to include Muslim clergy, and Jewish clergy. At the Vatican the primary connection to the Universal faith is through Jesus.

In Israel the leaders of various religions gathered together in group prayer to stop the Corona Pandemic.

Religions are fundamentally against the Universal faith and against democracy.  Democracy today is not like the Greek and Roman models. Democracy has come after theocracy but not to replace religion but to add to religion freedom. The Universal faith adds to religion freedom. Moses the prophet put the Universal faith in his book to be revealed after was revealed religion in the world. Moses rejected the Universal faith for the Jewish people in the wilderness.  Instead he gave them the Law of Moses for the establishment of the first theocracy, the Biblical nation of Israel.

Democracy would eventually follow after all the alternative of theocracy had been tried for humanity. The theocracies failed to unite humanity. Instead there were religious wars. Several other ideologies entered the world similar to theocracy but suppressing faith in God like Marxism. Russia a strong Marxist nation the Communist State USSR fell in 1991. They have opened up their nation to religion, freedom of religion. In Russia today are churches, mosques, and synagogues. Russia has no one religion but has freedom of religion the Universal faith.  President Putin wants to put faith in God in his constitution without connection to one church. Putin wants traditional marriage and God in his constitution. He has to make a place in the new constitution for a successor.

Guru Janardan in the 1960s brought the Universal faith from India to Chicago at the time of the Woodstock festival.

President Trump defended freedom of religion by opposing the Johnson amendment. He is not looking to change the constitution of America but would like America to be united with the Universal Faith. About this he said, America worships God and not its nation. Democracy is not a nation which suppresses human rights. A theocracy has a king, all the people are servants of the king. In a democracy the people are all kings which means that they need to be treated like kings. President Trump has to satisfy the people of America to win in the next election.  They have two candidates to choose from.

China a dictatorship can force quarantine when it is necessary through military force. America quarantine works but not as efficiently as in China. Technology and modern medicine enables America to solve the crisis of Corona as a democracy. Technology has enabled civilization to progress politically as democratic nations. Using force is the way of dictatorship. Free will the way of democracy. When the public become concerned about Public Health, the government must improve Public Health and protect the public against Corona and HIV.

Democracy has evolved from theocracy. Democracy where there is freedom of religion includes automatically the Universal faith written in its constitution. Madonna the American entertainer and guru in her website called Corona “the great equalizer.” Corona may force China to change over to democracy like did the USSR.

Religion is important for education of children. It is the foundation of family life. Democracy has an adult mind when it is used properly and not abused. Adults sometimes act like children without responsibility which can be a danger to public health.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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