Corona Enlightenment – The Two Sides of Truth Unity and Separation

  • Democracy inspires the highest goals of removing hatred and racism from the world.
  • The Universal Faith unites freedom with religion.
  • MAGA of President Trump unites freedom with religion.

Corona Virus has comes to push America and the world ahead and not backwards. The Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed memory called America a nation of kindness. America has open arms to people of all races, creeds, ethnic groups and religion.  America welcomes new immigrants which have entered the country legally. America offers a stable government with a stable economy. It also has the most powerful military in the world.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe the Messiah of the Law of Moses in the Universal Faith recognized the problem in America of educating children in ethics and morality which were stressed traditionally in America.

It is great to say that America is the safest country in the world. America has been hit hardest by Corona of all nations in the world. The truth is that no place in the world can be called perfectly safe. There has never been a completely safe place in the world. Besides being conflicts between nations, national disturbances such as civil wars, crime and disease; there are also natural catastrophes hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes which are unpredictable. Today the whole world is being warned about global warming dangers. Depending on America or any other nation for security, depending on the security of money, there are always dangers which are unexpected. For this reason there is a need for faith in God and religion.

There are ways of limiting the dangers that are in life. One way is through insurance, life insurance, health insurance, fire and liability insurance etc. The main way is through education. Children need to be educated to distance themselves from these dangers.  Children should be educated to appreciate the importance of life. Life is an opportunity and challenge for everyone.

America offers the best in material life. America is a democracy giving the freedoms which makes life more pleasant. One of these freedoms is freedom of religion. America does not force a particular religion on its citizens. America was established as a nation under God, but in America there is written in the first amendment separation between church and state. The Declaration of Independence “all men are created equal, they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” America according to the Declaration of Independence has received life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness from their creator, God Almighty. America does not have one religion as did the Byzantine Empire or the Ottoman Empire but has freedom of religion which is the Universal faith.

Freedom of religion gives each person the right to choose his religion according to his needs. There are three major religions which are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. These religions have in them many sects. In Judaism there is reformed Judaism, Conservative Judaism and Orthodox Judaism. Orthodox Judaism divides up into Modern Orthodox, Chassidic Orthodox and fundamental Orthodox. Christianity has in it Protestant and Catholic which divide up into many types of Christianity. Islam divides up into Sunni and Shiite with its branches. Each American has a choice which church, synagogue or mosque to attend. He may not want to be active in any religious activities. He may be atheist, agnostic and strictly secular. Freedom of religion is the Universal faith of every American whether he chooses it or not.

Almost every person is born with a connection to some religion. Before Democracy came into the world and before was founded America in 1776, the world was ruled by theocracies.  Judaism was the first of the theocracies. After Judaism came Christianity centered in Rome. The Byzantine Empire also called the Roman Empire almost conquered the whole world. The people were forced to adopt their religion which was Christianity. In opposition to Christianity was the Islamic movement centered in Constantinople the Ottoman Empire. Through these three faiths almost every human being in the Western world and the Middle East come from families which have once adopted one of these faiths. The Jewish people are the remnants of the Biblical Nation of Israel which was conquered by the Romans. The Jewish people were scattered throughout the world practicing their religion in foreign lands.

Theocracies Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empire pressured the people in foreign lands to adopt their religion. Theocracies are generally one religion, one party nations. They may not give free choice and threaten the lives of people of foreign lands to adopt their faith. Jews practiced Judaism in many of these lands under the pressures of people of other faiths.

Today America and the world have changed over to democracy which offers freedom of religion. Freedom of religion can also be called the universal faith. Immigrants come to America with a religion which they inherited from their forefathers. They may be Christians, Jews, or Muslims. America is the land of the Universal faith with freedom of religion. Orthodox religions are derived from theocracies without the freedoms which are in democracy. Orthodox religious people have a battle controlling their children from assimilating into the Modern Society which offers them freedom. The universal faith revealed in the Free World is not a religion; it is a faith connected to all religions. Israel is also a democracy with freedom of religion. European nations are democracies with freedom of religion.

Religions are theocracies based upon scriptures which are against conversion to other faiths. The Universal faith may be more dangerous to Orthodox religions than the pressures of other Orthodox faiths. Children assimilate easily into Universal faith. National religions emphasize family purity. Education of children needs an Orthodox approach. An Orthodox approach will prepare their children for marriage without promiscuous sex. Public Schools do not educate children in the traditional way like religion; to prepare for marriage and to build a family.

America was once the safest of all countries. America was called a Nation of Kindness by the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Freedom of religion the Universal faith is the highest ideal equality free of racism. When it comes to education of children is needed practical discipline which is offered by Orthodox religion. Orthodox day schools very often separate sexes. Public schools have almost always mixed sexes which leads to premoscuity.  In America people have a choice where to send their children to school. They can choose a private school of their own faith which may cost money, or send their children to Public School for free. Jewish immigrants came to America from Europe without money and sent their children to Public Schools. In America Jews have assimilated the most in Jewish history. The Universal faith, freedom is a great danger to Jewish heritage. The same danger is also to Orthodox Catholics and Islamists living in a free country with the Universal faith.

The same dangers exist in America for Jews and the children of other Orthodox faiths through intermarriage. America courts will not discriminate between faiths and marry interfaith people. These interfaith marriages assimilate American immigrants to become Americans connecting to the Universal faith. The Universal faith is a great ideal to make America a nation without racism. When it comes to education of children it can end up creating sexual promiscuity if it separates from religion. The roots of the Universal faith is in religion. The Lubavitcher Rebbe recommended to Americans to study the Seven Laws of the Children of Noah. He also recommended for Public Schools to institute interfaith prayer – A moment of silence.

Pope Francis even though Christianity encourages Christians to become celibate priests called Family the cradle of life.

The model of the Universal faith given in Baha”i was to unite democracy and theocracy. Theocracy is important in child education. The Universal faith and democracy is an ideal for each person to reach love of his neighbor without hated and free from racism. When democracy separates from religion it loses it’s true purpose.  Religion and private religious schools are important for the survival of America.

Religions differ conflict in many of their customs but all religions agree that sex is prohibited until marriage. They all agree about the importance of procreation. The Universal Faith cannot discriminate between one religion and the other but can teach those morals and ethics in which all religions agree. These morals and ethics can be taught in the name of the Universal Faith in public schools. Liberal democrats have taken control over the American educational system rebelling against religion.

Corona has taught the world the importance of quarantine. Quarantine is separation from the evil of disease. Returning to normalcy requires protecting Americans from a future virus.  America and the western world were not prepared for Corona virus and were struck hardest in the world. America brought freedom to the world which was abused when people separated themselves from religion. Freedom can be destructive to the family unit. Pope Francis in one of his messages said, “Family is the cradle of life.” America needs to protect their families from diseases which can come from sexual promiscuity. It can only be accomplished through proper education in the old traditional values taught in religion.

Civilization wants to go ahead. Going back to theocracy is not the answer. Americans and people living in the Modern Society will not give up freedom.  Corona virus called by Madonna the American entertainer and guru on her website “the great equalizer” has united the religions of the world together in interfaith prayer in Jerusalem to reveal the Universal Faith.

Corona has also taught mankind the importance of quarantine separation from evil which is emphasized especially in child education by Orthodox religious faiths. There are two parts to the Universal Faith as taught by Baha”i and Progressive Jewish Spirituality, the Universality of Faith and education of children in the morals and ethics of religion.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe called by his students The Messiah of the religion of Moses, recommended to the USA and the world, education in the Seven Commandments of the Children of Noah.  In the United States was established Education and Sharing Day in honor of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

The Kabballah Esoteric Jewish Mysticism divides up education into three levels which are nursing, child education and adult education. Many movies today are restricted to children called Adult Movies. Before you can learn to run first is important is to learn to walk. Civilization has reached the highest level of unity through democracy, freedom of religion.  The foundations of democracy come from theocracy. Democracy developed from theocracy. These foundation should not be forgotten. The importance of child education should not be forgotten. The danger of freedom is when is forgotten the importance of child education in the way of the Bible.

Internet has united the world. It is part of the Universal Faith. However internet may be dangerous for children if it is not supervised properly. Adults can browse as they please, but children need supervision on the way to become adults. The goal of President Trump is MAGA. He wanted to unite America with religion through weakening the Johnson Amendment. The opponents of President Trump were Liberal democrats who wanted to separate America from its ancestors. Democracy comes from theocracy. Democracy can be an improvement to the theocracies of the past. Corona has come to push America and the world ahead and not backward. Ahead does not mean divorcing from religion but incorporating religion with freedom in the Universal Faith.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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