Corona is Like a World War But Everyone is On One Side

  • Mayor of NY DeBlasio said Government is essential for life.
  • Religion is essential for life.
  • Corona the great equalizer has united secular with religious an impossible task.

Bill Gates described Corona Pandemic “like a world war but everyone is on one side.”  The whole world is together at war with Corona virus. Even the most Orthodox religious Jew, Muslim and Christian have accepted quarantine.  Religion teaches to accept the sufferings of life as divine providence even to accept suffering as rebuke from God for the sins of man. Even though almost all the religious leaders, told their followers to accept the demands of the secular Ministry of Health. Mayor De Blasio explained “Government is essential for life.” Religion is also essential for life.

Barbara Stanwyck of the family known as the Barclays in TV of the 1960s.

Only in several instances did the Ultra-Orthodox in Israel and America ignore quarantine orders of the government. In the Ultra-Orthodox city of Bnei Brak one of the religious leaders died from Corona and several hundred of his followers attended his funeral without fear of the spread of Corona. In Williamsburg Brooklyn NY recently died one of their leaders and many of his followers gathered together to join in his funeral. Mayor of NYC Bill De Blasio trying hard to prevent the spread of Corona in his city in which thousand have died, went with the police to break up the public gathering of the funeral of the saintly Rabbi. These religious Jews did not intentionally disobey the order of the Ministry of Health but were emotionally drawn to attend funeral out of love for their teachers. At the same time of the funeral in Williamsburg people in NY were attending in numbers a boat show at the docks. It is difficult to follow quarantine to the letter of the law. People are naturally emotional.

Madonna on her internet site called Corona the great equalizer. People resented speaking favorably of the deadly plague.

President Trump could not close off all of the fifty states of America like Israel or Ajerbaijan closed off their whole country.  Israel and Azerbaijan are nations with populations of 10 million while the population of America is 330 million. All the States have not been affected equally. NY is the hardest hit of all the States and NYC of all the cities in America. Israel a Jewish state and Azerbaijan a Muslim state have been fortunate to limit the destructive corona to small amounts in contrast to the major countries in the world in Europe and North America. A group from a South Korean Church were touring in Israel in the beginning of the outbreak of Corona. When they returned home they tested for Corona positive. Israelis in contact with them had to quarantine. This church group did not react immediately to the needs of quarantine and were investigated over some of the Corona deaths in their country. Religious have an additional conflict when faced with disease whether to accept the disease as their punishment happily or quarantine like most people. In the Ultra-Orthodox section of Meah Shearim there was opposition to closing their synagogues and Israel had to use police to maintain the quarantine in these areas.

Quarantine for a Catholic Monk living in Vatican City is not a change of life. Monks live in quarantine their whole life and go out of quarantine only to do missionary work.  The religious Jewish people are known to separate themselves from the outside world.  In Europe before World War II they lived in ghettos. In America there are several neighborhoods in Brooklyn and New Jersey which are almost all Ultra-Orthodox Jewish. However the quarantine in the war against Corona is much more severe than the quarantine and separation of Jews in Ghettos in Ultra-Orthodox communities in Israel and America. About this spoke Grand Rabbi of Great Britain Rabbi Jonathon Saks in relation to Israel Independence Day. Rabbi Sacks brought up a good point that Judaism through the ages encouraged Jews to separate from the rest of the world. Only now through the State of Israel have Jews become part of the world as a sovereign nation. Corona has brought the Jewish people in Israel and abroad together with the world in the war with Corona. About this tweeted Madonna in her internet site calling Corona “the great equalizer.”

Jonathon Saks chief Rabbi of Great Britain.

Today people are not ashamed to walk half naked in the streets. In the past even the secular world dressed fairly modestly.  Compare between the modest dress of Barbara Stanwyck of the family known as the Barclays on the TV Western The Big Valley with today’s movie stars. Madonna on her website calling Corona “the great equalizer” was sitting in a bath tub naked. She had a message to give and a way to express her realization but this type of expression is accepted in modern society. People criticized her because they resented her praise of corona as the great equalizer to those that were feeling the pains of corona the deadly plague. Madonna in a modern way carries with her extreme religious spiritual values almost more extreme than the Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Meah Shearim, Jerusalem ignoring the quarantine. Possibly she should have worn a quarantine face cover when sitting nude in the bath tub to give advice to follow quarantine and wear masks.

Corona has put the world in quarantine those that had left the family type of life which Barbara Stanwyck represented in 1965. They left their homes and went into the streets dressing in the way they dress at home alone or at their swimming pools. Now they are forced to stay home. The world is frightened by Corona.  The religious extremists are not frightened but follow quarantine orders as good citizens.

Corona the great equalizer will make the religious less fanatical and the secular more religious. To fight Corona everyone must be on one side. Those that do not obey quarantine are dangerous to the rest of the population. Religion teaches to sacrifice your life for God. Abraham was even willing to sacrifice his son Isaac on an altar. Corona is teaching the middle path between complete sacrifice for God and love and respect for your fellow man.

Corona is like a world war but everyone is on one side. Corona has brought the whole world together like the Universal Faith through the resurrection of Moses has brought the religions of the world together. There will always be extremists both secular and religious. This is the way of the world and patience and tolerance is the only way to deal with them.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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