Corona Pandemic Belongs to God Not to Biden or Trump

  • President Trump is called Red Neck American with his MAGA campaign.
  • America needs strong leadership.
  • The World needs compromise of values to build peace.

Before the final day when you decide to cast your ballot don’t make the mistake to judge Trump because of his handling of the Corona Pandemic. The Corona Pandemic came from God with powers from heaven which have baffled the greatest of scientists. There is not one leader of nations of the world that has successfully stopped the Pandemic. Those that succeeded in the first stage, failed in the second stage like Israel.

Corona has come to fight the arrogance of mankind who believed that technology and medical science could control natural life. This arrogance did not exclude President Trump; or Vladmir Putin. God is the king of the universe. The Bible teaches that humility is the highest of attributes of goodness, even above kindness. America is known for its kindness. President Trump publicized the “kindness of America.”  Even during the Corona Pandemic outbreak he praised America for giving poor countries respirators.

With all the wealth of America, in the light of Corona Pandemic America is poor. Biden or another candidate cannot make America rich in the midst of Corona Pandemic. Being poor is not pleasant. People do not enjoy being poor. Some people say poverty is worse than death. However the Bible teaches that God has special love for the poor and broken hearted. The love of God is on the world suffering from Corona even greater than his love for mankind during the times of wealth and prosperity.

Vote to strengthen America to unite the fifty stars on the American flag.

Each person in America has an equal vote. The true distinction between Trump and Biden is not through looking at Corona. Biden or Trump have no answer for Corona only patience. The main issues to consider in judging your favorite candidate is his economic, social and political plan. Most people are loyal to one party either democrat or republican. Some people have liberal values and other have conservative values.

When God created the world on the first day the world was in darkness in the language of the Bible “empty and void.” God said “Let there be light. And there was light.” Two times is mentioned in this passage the word “light.” God is one and above light. Light is the reflections of God in the world. The One God reflects in the physical world of man in two ways which are right side of God and left side of God which comes down into this world in a democratic society as Republican and Democrat. Republican is the light of God which is also called in the Bible as “stiff neck.”

The Jewish people after the building the Golden Calf were called by Moses and God a “stiff necked people.” In America this language has been changed to “red neck.”  Red neck is right and conservative. President Trump is attacked by many Americans and called a “red neck,” He argues in his defense that even though he appears to be “red neck” that he has a soft heart a loving soul. However he appears to be only one sided. Even Jewish people in America are divided in support of President Trump.

The Orthodox Jewish American society support Trump for his stiff necked policies especially to keep synagogues open during the Pandemic. His stiff necked policies which gave him the courage to move the American embassy over to Jerusalem despite Arab and world opposition did not interfere with the desire of nations in the Middle East to unite and stabilize to make peace. The peace is still shaky since both Arab and Jewish have a heritage of being stiff necked people. When they sat together in Washington to make peace it was a compromise on values. At home these nations maintain their stiff neck. Corona may have softened up their stiff neck. Poverty and civil wars may have softened up their stiff neck to give them the incentive to compromise.

Democrats called Trump politics extreme conservative republican. Democrats are the side of light of God which emphasizes mercy over justice. Efforts to impeach Trump failed because America has two sides conservative republican and liberal democrat. Republican is America. Democrat is America according to the majority. Each person has their favorites in the election. Each person is entitled to his own opinions. Corona Pandemic came from God to make people humble by removing arrogance. Corona destroyed the campaign of President Trump MAGA but Trump is stiff necked and will not give up. Trump does not have to give up; but he can be removed from office by Biden in the coming elections.

In Jerusalem united the religious leaders of all faiths in prayer to end the Corona Pandemic.

The Jewish people were called in the Bible “stiff necked.” They built a Zionist Biblical State in Israel after the revelation of God on Mount Sinai. The Biblical State was built by stiff necked Torah Scholars who maintained order in the Land of Israel building the holy temple in their land for over eight hundred years.

The height of the Jewish empire was in the time of King Solomon when was built the holy temple in Jerusalem. The land had first to be conquered before building the temple which took over four hundred years. The nation was split into two parts in a civil war shortly after the reign of Solomon.

The first temple was destroyed by the Babylonians after four hundred years. The people were exiled from Jerusalem and Israel to Babylon for seventy years. They returned to their land to build the second temple which stood for another four hundred years.

The Romans conquered Israel and the Jewish people were exiled and live throughout the diaspora now for two thousand years. The religious leaders of the Jewish nation call “stiff necked” did not give up hope on returning someday to Zion.

The Modern State of Israel was established in 1948 in the land which was given to the Jewish people by God. Amongst the Jewish nation living in Israel are the stiff necked Torah Scholars who are part of the government. Today stiff necked applies also to Likud the right wing majority party led by Netanyahu. However unlike in the past, Israel is a democracy with two sides right and left. Even the left needs also to be stiff necked to maintain control of the people of the nations which includes Arabs and Christians.

Stiff necked is nationalism. America needs stiff necked politicians to continue the Republic of America for future generations. Every nation in the world needs stiff necked politicians. Stiff necked today is not the only way of life as it was in the past. Today two parties are recognized as important. Both need to be more or less stiff necked. Republican is more stiff necked but democrat is also stiff necked. World Unity and Peace are important, which is the Universal side of truth; but not at the expense of National security. There is no peace without compromise.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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