Corona Rebellion of the Youth

  • Corona has broken all the barriers in modern society.
  • The youth are rebelling against leadership and want anarchy.
  • President Trump is considered old fashioned by the youth who are being exploited by dirty politics.

Corona has created a rebellion besides causing illness and death to the world population. The rebellion created by the unique virus is amongst the youth. The youth do not want to accept the guidelines of the Ministry of Health regarding social distancing and would prefer to forget completely about wearing a mask in public places.

Religion is considered by the youth to be old fashioned. To give honor to your father and mother is one of the Ten Commandments.

America and Israel have both seen a spike in new cases. In America the spike is connected to the American rebellion demonstrations for justice for George Floyd. The US set another record single day record corona for new virus cases. Across the US on Thursday 39,327 new corona virus cases were reported by state health departments. Texas is especially seeing a spike in case numbers. Also Florida, Ohio, Alabama, Missouri and Nevada case numbers have increased. The number of cases is likely many times higher than the number of cases reported. The death cases to date in America is 128,744.  Although there is a spike in total cases; deaths are less.  The panic created by Corona is over temporarily as long as the number of deaths remains at a low level compared to in the beginning of the Pandemic. Therefore it has become possible for States to go out of lockdown.

Israel has also seen a spike in cases and is protecting its population from a second stage in the breakout through making new restrictions on public gathering. The elderly both in America, Israel and the world are still in danger but through social distancing and wearing masks the spread of the virus can be contained. The elderly are instructed to restrict their lives not to go on public transportation or to attend public gatherings. The youth have had to suffer to protect the elderly. Now the youth are starting to show rebellion. Nations can no longer sacrifice their economy for saving the lives of the elderly.

In America the youth have gone out to the streets to object against the elderly and for what they represent. America has built a history. The nation has forefathers who wrote their constitution and fought wars for America. The youth want to destroy this history and forget about their forefathers even to destroy monuments built in their memory. The youth want America to be young and never get old. They want to want to rule their nation and replace the old with the young. President Trump declared an executive order on protecting American monuments, memorials, and statues  created by recent criminal violence.

Corona virus has created a rebellion amongst the youth to separate the young and the old. The young want power to stay young through rebellion against their history by removing the past and living only in the present. It is also a rebellion against religion which protects the memory of their prophets and their scriptures. The Bible is not only a book teaching ethics and morality, it is a history book.

Learning from history is part of religion. History repeats itself.  The youth are not only afraid of the past but also afraid of the future. God includes past present and future. The rebellion against President Trump who has tried in his short term in office to protect the past and learn from the past is a rebellion against the future. The future of America is in danger when the American youth destroy monuments of American history, and burn the American flag.

The Free Zone in Seattle. Liberal democrats exploit the ignorance of the youth to allow them to display anarchy. In this way they get their votes.

Corona has taught the world a frightening Bible lesson. Corona has revealed the truth of the Bible that all people are equally evil in their nature subject to death and destruction. There is no person without sin. All of mankind come from the initial sin when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge. We are all the children of Adam and Eve, the children of man subject to the laws of nature. Adam the first man was created by God from the dust of the earth without the initial sin.

The children of Adam are born from paternal parents through the contact of love. Love is in the heart of everyone; to love and to be loved. Everyone has a sexual drive which can be productive or destructive. Religion has come into the world to change evil into good by channeling the sexual energy into vessels of marriage family and education of children. Children need to be taught to honor their parents. The parents should be examples to their children. Honor your father and mother is one of the Ten Commandments.

It is hard to accept that a virus can rule the world. The virus is divine justice. Corona teaches the divine knowledge that all people are equal that they have evil in their nature. No man is without sin. The youth do not want to accept this biblical lesson. Instead they preach anarchy.  The tragic death of George Floyd only stimulated the lesson taught by Corona virus that all people are created equal that all people have evil in their nature.  George Floyd is equal to Donald Trump; they are both sinners.

The Bible did not accept living in anarchy rebellion against good. Rebellion against the past is rebellion against good. Destroying history is a way of protection from accepting the divine lesson taught by Corona that everyone is born with an evil inclination to destroy.  Civilization has progressed since the day on Mount Sinai when was revealed the Ten Commandments including the commandment to honor your father and mother and other statutes which have been accepted by civilization.

President Trump is republican conservative which is old fashioned. Democrats are exploiting the ignorance of the youth to gain votes in the next election. Democrats know the truth which they have learned from history but their liberal energies want to rebel against the past. Politics is destroying America when in Seattle the youth are allowed to take over.  Giving the youth too much power can injure America. American Education has failed to give respect to America and its constitution.

America like all nations needs law and order. Corona expresses the need for law and order and the need for quarantine. Quarantine means control of nature. The elderly, the fathers have the job of educating their children to understand the difference between good and evil. Corona is called the great equalizer because it teaches that all of mankind is equal to possess the power to destroy. To know the power to create requires education principally religious education.

Corona has revealed the Universal faith which unites all the three religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam together with humanitarianism. In the middle of the Corona Pandemic the representative of the major religions gathered together in interfaith prayer in Jerusalem. Corona called the great equalizer has united all of mankind in the goal of a better life. However the young want anarchy instead of constructive life based on the past and religion.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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