Corona Reveals the Universal Faith

  • Pope Francis gathered together representative of the religions of the world for interfaith prayer.
  • In Jerusalem the leaders of religions gathered together for interfaith prayer.
  • Corona the angel of death is also the great equalizer.

Corona reveals the Universal faith. The Lubavitcher Rebbe declared at the end of his life, “The world is in Messianic times.” The Universal faith reveals the resurrection of Moses the first prophet, the giver of the Law of God at Mount Sinai, the Ten Commandments.  Corona has united the three religions and their representative in Jerusalem in prayer to end the Corona Pandemic.  Each religion is a separate entity with a different scripture and law claiming to be the authentic representative of God on earth. At this prayer gathering each of the leaders stood two meters apart. They each prayed in their own words silently.

The two chief Rabbis of Israel join representative of other faiths in Interfaith prayer to end the Corona Pandemic.

Pope Francis met with the members of the higher committee of the human fraternity (HCHF) with representatives from Judaism, Islam for interfaith prayer to stop the Corona Pandemic. Pope Francis spoke, “But how can we not pray to the father of us all. Each one prays as they know how, as they are able to. We are not praying against each other, one tradition against the other but together.”

Leaders of these Orthodox faiths are generally opposed to interfaith gathering. These particular gatherings were an exception to the rule.  It was not only a unique way to approach God as an interfaith group but also to give spiritual strengthening to all the people of the world in the middle of this crisis. Corona has darkened the world.

Corona has caused suffering and death. The world has been in a lockdown already two months.  The economy is frozen. Restaurants are closed. Sport events have been cancelled. Until Corona virus is under control the world will not be the same. Representatives of these Orthodox religions are usually calling on God to punish the wicked. Interfaith gathering is a prayer for mercy.

The universal faith revealed by Corona, interfaith gatherings is only one of the four parts of World Faith.  The Universal faith adds mercy to justice. The Universal faith is progressive spirituality.  The three major faiths are Orthodox religions. Judaism, Islam and Christianity all pray for the destruction of evil. It is even in the Lord’s Prayer which Christians recite each day.

It is difficult to pray for the welfare of China. When the Corona Pandemic broke out, an Orthodox Rabbi a leader in Israel organized prayer at the Western Wall for the welfare of China and its people. At this time most of the infection was in Wuhan and the infection had not yet begun to do its damage in Europe and then America. President Trump in a meeting of his executive council mentioned briefly his discontent about China allowing the virus to spreads to other countries while protecting its provinces and Beijing.

Blaming China for creating a manmade virus in their laboratory in Wuhan is an issue which is too sensitive to approach. Many nations have virology laboratories exploring into viruses and their potential dangers. China would not intentionally cause a Pandemic because the Pandemic is a threat to their economy as well as the rest of the world. China stopped the plague from spreading in its own land but was negligent to allow it to spread outward.

Praying for the welfare of China, is to pray for Communism to continue in the world. China is today the main representative of Communism. Communism is against religion.  Communism is a selfish ideology which considers only its own interests. President Trump when America has regained its position in the world at the end of the Pandemic will not allow China to be innocent. They are obviously negligent; the truth will be revealed in the end. The Universal Faith prays for the end of Communism. In the Universal faith human rights are important. Communism is an economic machine. The people are treated like robots.

Health Care Workers devoted to saving lives are rewarded for their work in the afterlife.

Madonna the American entertainer and Guru called Corona the great equalizer. Corona has closed the borders of nations.  Airports are closed down. It seems more to have broken the world into pieces, separating nations than to be called the “great equalizer.”  When the world has been broken into pieces, and slowly it will return to normalcy will be understood how Corona can be called the “great equalizer.”

The three religions and their representatives gathered together in interfaith prayer reveals how Corona can be called “great equalizer.”  Religions separate people into separate communities according to their faith. The nation Azerbaijan is 90% Muslim. Israel is 90% Jewish. Poland is 90% Christian. These nations are separate but are united by the International world. Corona can unite religions together but not ideologies opposed to religion like communists and socialists. In the end of time God will remove evil from the world. Communism is evil, America is a nation of kindness. America is sending respirators to help other nations in the world cope with Corona. America has hope. Communism has no hope because God created the world.

The Source of the Universal Faith in Numbers

The number 1 one is separate from the number 2. The unity of 1 and 2 is the number 3 three. Three is the international universal light. One and two are the national lights with their own separate identity. Three is also a separate number but has the special quality of unity which is different than the number one and two.  The number One before begins counting represents oneness and equality. It loses its special connection to unity and oneness when counting to the number 2.  This oneness returns through the number three. (One the beginning of with no separation, One 1 and 2 two separate numbers in the number system, 3 the unity of 1 and 2 also a separate number.) Judaism, Christianity, Islam, are united by the Universal faith corresponding to the number 4.

In monotheistic religions are revealed the number one. Each religion claims to be the only representative of the One God. Judaism calls God by one name, translated as Lord. Islam calls God Allah. Christians call God Jesus. They all believe in One God with different names, and a unique connection. These three religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam are separate. Each one claims to be the true faith.

Judaism came first the only monotheistic religion to represent the number one, One God, One nation in Jerusalem the place of the temple of the One God. Only after the nation of Israel slowly broke up into pieces, the temple was destroyed the people of the nation were dispersed exiled did appear Christianity another religion in the world claiming to be number one the true faith. Judaism is number one, and Christianity is number one which is impossible for there to be two that are one. The reality now changed and there were two religions when before there was only Judaism. Christianity now claiming to be number one accepts Judaism but they now claim to be number one. To solve this conflict between two religions claiming to be number one was revealed a third religion Islam claiming to be number one Mohammed the last prophet. In this way developed World faith with three representatives.

Judaism which was broken in pieces but surviving is waiting for the Messiah to bring all these pieces together, return the Jews to their land Israel, return the nation to a theocracy according to the Law of Moses, and to build the holy temple.

President Trump will not allow China to be innocent when they were negligent to protect Beijing from the Corona outbreak before the whole world.

Christianity claims to have the Messiah. They worship God in his image. Islam separate from Judaism and Christianity worships God through a new law and scripture the Koran to become distinct from Judaism and Christianity.  Islam worships God without the Messiah and claim to be the nation of God, Mohammed the third and last prophet.

There was one religion which is Judaism before Christianity and Islam. There are three religions today united together by Corona virus in prayer when each leader stands two meters apart from each other. They are united by one prayer for the end of the Corona Pandemic to promote World Faith.

Judaism claims to be number one forever. Judaism was the first. They are no longer number one in world faith because there are three religions, only in Judaism. God is now number One when there are three religions united together. God is number One through the Universal faith which includes Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Judaism maintains its prestige as number One called the Chosen people. The number One of Judaism lost the universality of the number one but the national religion has survived.

The universality which Judaism had before the religions came into the world was replaced first by Christianity. Later it was replaced by Islam the word of the last prophet. Today through Corona the great equalizer it is replaced by the Universal faith which includes these three religions. The universal faith was first revealed by Baha”i faith. Today it is also revealed through the Kabballa and Chassidism and Progressive Jewish spirituality.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe proclaimed that the time of the Messiah has arrived. The time had arrived for a new revelation of the Messiah through the Universal faith.  Christianity had revealed the Messiah but it became mixed with National religion at the time of the Byzantine Empire. Corona has revealed the Universal faith which includes Christianity but united with Judaism and Islam through the resurrection of their prophets. Christianity claimed resurrection of Jesus but the light of resurrection diminished with time. Kabballa and Chassidism Progressive Jewish Spirituality have reignited this light that it should last and live until the end of time. The Universal faith gives a broader picture of the Messiah and redemption.

Each religion is a necessary part of the Universal faith. Each religion survives on the word of their prophet. Judaism survives through the Torah and the Law of Moses. Judaism is the religion of a separate nation Israel the children of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. The Law of Moses keeps the Jewish nation separate like the Sabbath is separate from the other days of the week. In each religion there are scholars observing strictly their law which maintains their religion as separate and unique.

The universal faith is connected to Adam the first man in the Garden of Eden before marriage with Eve through which they procreated and populated the world. Adam was created in the image of God a unique creation with an eternal soul. God created Adam a supernatural creation. He sacrificed a unique animal called a unicorn. The unicorn had one horn. Adam is the Universal soul. The Rams horn is called the Shofar through which is revealed the Universal faith. The children of Adam are born paternally.

The universal faith unites the number three (three faiths) with the number one (each religion) primarily Judaism which was number one the first and beginning of religion. Father Abraham began the Universal faith when he was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac on an altar on the temple mount Moriya in Jerusalem.

The revelation of God comes through the darkness which is the suffering and pain in the Corona crisis.  Corona is the darkness which comes before the Light, like it says in Genesis, It was night and there was day, on the first day of creation. There is no life without pain and suffering. We create the light by doing good deeds, service to God and mankind. Corona will destroy but will also open up the heavens to those Health Workers who risk their lives to save lives. There is a place in the Universal faith for the humanitarian devoted to helping mankind through secular channels like medicine, science, politics and education.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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