Corona the Great Equalizer Will Not Compromise

  • Corona is uniting mankind in the cause of saving lives.
  • Adam and all mankind are created in the image of God.
  • The universal faith is the connection of all people to Adam and God.

Madonna the entertainer in her website called Corona the great equalizer. Through the power of Corona the State of Israel was finally able to make a government when Benny Gantz and Netanyahu were able to finally agree on a unified emergency government combining secular and religious factions in Israel. There are severe differences between secular and religious Jews.

Religion began at Mount Sinai with the giving of the Ten Commandments to Moses and the Jewish people.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe who brought to Judaism a messianic message preached unity between all Jews.  He defended secular Jews who were attacked viciously by religious extremists. The Rebbe tried his best to be less extreme than other Jewish leaders. He opened up the doors of his synagogue to all Jews.  The holocaust did not distinguish between Jews. Anyone who had a trace of Jewish blood was taken into concentration camps and tortured equally. Just like Corona is called the great equalizer, also the holocaust was the great equalizer of the Jewish people.  After the holocaust, the Jewish people were united to establish the State of Israel uniting all factions of Jews. The message is not yet completely accepted by all Jews.

Netanyahu on Holocaust Remembrance Day this year commented that Corona could not be compared to the holocaust. Both the holocaust and World War II and Corona bring destruction to the world. After World War II, the world was never the same. The United Nations was formed in an attempt to bring all the nations of the world together in peace. After the holocaust and World War II, the Middle East became divided into independent nations, one of these nations is the State of Israel.

The world will not be the same after the Corona Pandemic. The effects of the holocaust was to be the great equalizer to the Jewish people, to bring them together for the first time in their homeland in one nation. Now Corona is bringing all the nations of the world together in unity to battle an enemy living in nature a microorganism Covid-19.  Corona will not compromise until all the nations of the world and all the people of the world will recognize the One God the creator of the universe.

After World War II, the nations of the world came together to make the United Nations. World War II brought national unity but still left the world in a spiritual darkness. Corona following World War II the great equalizer will now bring together all the religions of the world under one roof in peace. The result of the disunity between the religions of the world Christianity, Judaism, and Islam people have lost faith in God. Atheism and paganism have penetrated the world. Each religion denies the truth of the other religion.

The religions have come to exist as one nation against the other, Zion, Christendom and Islam. Each religion is a nation; the constituents of each religion are taught to hate the other side. As a result there is a schism between secular and religious.  The United Nations formed after World War II is an attempt to unite sovereign nations in peace each one with its own homeland. Now Corona has come to clean up the mess left after World War II between secular and religious values. Corona will not compromise until all the religions are united by the Universal faith.

Guru Janardan Parmahansa came to America in 1969 on a Messianic mission to unite the world together through Ajapa Yoga meditation and breath.

During the time when the Ottoman Empire was battling the Byzantine Empire each with its own truth, Islam and Christianity in Acre a hidden prophet began to speak about the Universal faith. He lived in the Ottoman empire and was imprisoned by the Islamic authorities for treason.  Islam would not accept the concept of a Universal faith called Baha”i.  Baha”i recognizes that in all these three religions there is truth. Moses, Jesus and Mohammed all had important messages which needed to be revealed in their scriptures. The message of Baha”i is for all religions to have respect for each other. Those that are Orthodox observers of their religion remain in their Orthodox faith but those that have become detached from religion for many reasons can now unite with Baha”i the Universal faith. In this way everyone can find their place in religion and faith.  The Universal faith is separate from these three religions but each person can be part of the Universal faith and be Jewish, Moslem or Christian progressive.  Orthodox observers of these faiths will not receive the message of Baha”I and defend and maintain the authenticity of their religion as the sacred word, the only law.

Corona has struck deeply into the Orthodox Jewish community. In Israel the Orthodox neighborhoods have been infected most severely by the virus. In America the Orthodox communities in Brooklyn, New York State, and New Jersey have been hit hard like all of NYC.  The Torah has not protected the Orthodox Jew any more than the secular Jew or American. Iran the Islamic State has had the hardest outbreak of Corona from all the Arab nations. The less religious Muslim nation like Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan have been hit lightly. Europe which was once Orthodox Catholic and Protestant has modernized their cultures have been hit hardest in Europe. Russia, Poland and Ukraine which have less modernized their cultures have been hit lighter than other parts of Europe. Corona virus the great equalizer will not compromise until each person has done soul searching to find his place in one of the three religions or in the Universal faith. Corona is a vessel for each person to find truth. Truth will be revealed by Corona. The Messiah will be revealed by Corona.

Orthodox Jews are still waiting for the Messiah. Judaism is a national religion which suppresses Universal faith. The Kabballa revealed in the last seven hundred years in Judaism is an attempt to open up the Jewish people to the Universal faith. The Zohar preaches two Messiahs Universal and National while Jewish law waits for one Messiah to become their king. Judaism rejected Jesus as the Messiah in his time. Jesus became the Messiah for half the world. Islam rejected Jesus as a deity. Religion has developed over six thousand years. The world has changed. Judaism does not accept these changes which makes it difficult for the religious Jews in Israel to accept the Modern State of Israel which is a democracy with freedom of religion.

Madonna the Messiah of song in the Universal faith.

According to the Bible, in the beginning of the creation there was Adam and Eve who lived in the Garden of Eden. This was the beginning of the Universal faith. After they were expelled from the Garden the world became separated in nations and national religions.  The family of Jacob became the fathers of the Jewish people. The family of Esau the father of Rome became the Christian people. Ishmael the father of the Arab and Moslem nations became the nation of Islam.

History is divided between Adam and Eve before the sin which caused them to leave the Garden of Eden living in the Universal light of God, and after the sin when the world became divided into religions. At Mount Sinai through Moses was established Monotheism and a code of legal justice to be employed by all the nations of the world. Judaism replaced paganism. The Biblical State of Israel was a theocracy.  The Greeks and Romans brought into the world Democracy to compete with theocracy. Not until after World War II did the world change over to democracy. Nazism and Communism are remnants of theocracy except for Islamic Orthodox nations.

The universal faith was one beginning Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden; Mount Sinai was the beginning of Judaism and national religion. Corona is bringing together these two beginning in the universal faith of Baha”i and Progressive Jewish spirituality.  Corona will not compromise until all the world is united in one religion the universal faith.  Corona is the great equalizer; it is also bringing man closer to God when confronted with death. Corona is showing the merits of the secular who are the care takers of the sick. Corona is opening the hearts of the secular to the Universal faith.

Believing in Adam the first man in the Garden of Eden is important to present man who is above the animal with a divine soul. Evolution even national religion such as Islam and Judaism suppress that there was the greatest and holiest of all men Adam, the father of all civilization. Adam was created in the image of God.  Denial of the Godliness of Adam gives permission for people to kill for national reasons. The whole world is fighting Corona to save a life.  Corona is revealing the value of one life.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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