Corona the Great Equalizer

  • Corona the great equalizer is forcing the Messiah to be revealed.
  • Don’t sit back and wait for a medical solution; strengthen your immunity spiritually and naturally.
  • The Universal faith combined with Ajapa Yoga gives the maximum in spiritual immunity.

Madonna on her website called Corona the great equalizer.  Corona has created a universal problem which affects all nations and ethnic groups equally.  It is the great equalizer because it reveals the imperfection of man, his weakness. Corona is a weapon to destroy his arrogance. Medical science have identified the virus to give it the name Corona, a virus with deadly crowns. These deadly crowns are filled with proteins which penetrate and infect the body. With a spiritual eye it can be called the Crown of disunity of the angel of death. The virus targets the respiratory system and disables the respiratory system which separate the body from the breath of life given to man from God. God blew into the nostrils of Adam the breath of life. It is the great equalizer because every man lives from the breath of life that he receives when leaving the womb of his mother.  The child begins to cry until his breath is stabilized.

Rabbi Yisrael Odesser revealed the letter from Rebbe Nachman signed na,nac,nachma,nachman mauman from which is derived the song of the redemptionn.

Stabilization of the breath is connected to Yoga.  The Guru Janardan Parmahansa traveled the world in the late 60’s and early 70’s from his home in an Ashram in Laxmanjula India. He taught a technique of breathing called Ajapa.  With Ajapa the goal is to stabilize the breath unite the two sides of the breath inhalation and exhalation also called attraction and repulsion. Yoga generally does not teach laws and ethics like is taught in religion; but is more interested in spiritual healing. Spiritual healing is compared to dessert which is eaten after the meal.  The meal of spirituality begins with bread which is study of scripture. Yoga is teaching meditation and breath.

Kabballa Jewish mysticism is also called dessert after dinner. It is usually studied after the age of 40.  The beginning of Jewish education is with study of Jewish law and its discussion in Talmud. The meal is not always served with dessert to be called a meal. Likewise many religious Jews sometimes do not find the opportunity to study the Kabballa. The Kabballa principally the Zohar has been watered down to make it more accessible to religious Jewish observers. Until the last 250 years, Kabballa was reserved as a hidden secret forbidden to reveal to the masses.

Times have changed and even Madonna who was given the Jewish name Esther by her teacher of Kabballa Rabbi Philip Berg studied Kabballa.  Rabbi Philip Berg who established Kabballa centers throughout the world was the most aggressive in spreading the teaching of the Kabballa. He had many opponents from all religious circles because of his leniencies to teach Kabballa to people like Madonna who were not Jewish. UNITE AJAPA WITH THE UNIVERSAL FAITH for maximum spiritual immunity from Corona.

The Kabballa reveals the Universal light of the Torah hidden in the five books of Moses. To be a religious Jew it is not always necessary to study Kabballa, only Jewish law. Jewish law is completely national Jewish written to be the constitution of the Biblical Nation of Israel. Through Judaism the practice of Jewish Law also called the Law of Moses, the Jewish people continue to be a nation even in the diaspora. The Modern State of Israel is a democracy while the Biblical nation of Israel was a theocracy. Israel is split into many parts, religious and secular. The Ultra-Orthodox consider Jewish law the Law of Moses sacred forbidden to be changed; not to change one letter of the Torah or to add or subtract one commandment.

The modern State of Israel is not governed by the Law of Moses but the Law of Moses is respected. Therefore they have accepted the Orthodox Rabbinate to officiate over marriage, divorce, and conversion.  The Orthodox Rabbinate was also given by the State a court system governed by Jewish law in money matters. Religious Jews will first try to make a settlement in a religious court three times before going to the civil courts.  Judgments in religious courts are valid and can be enforced.

It was difficult to put together the two sides of the population of Israel. Netanyahu aligned with the religious parties could not reach a majority after two elections. There are extremists on both sides which prevented making a government after two elections. The religious parties have difficulty compromising on Torah issues. The Torah is the foundation of a Jewish State even if is not accepted as law in today’s modern world. Israel against Jewish law allows LGBT, marriages between LGBT, and even adoptions by LGBT couples. Israel allows abortion even in the ninth month. There are factions amongst the Orthodox Jewish who refuse to vote in elections and to take money from the government for education. Israel provides funds for religious Jewish education independent of the Department of Education.

On the other extreme side, there is Avigdor Lieberman of Israel House who just recently became a vehement opponent to the religious parties and their requests. Also Yair Lapid of Yesh Atid is vehement in his opposition to the requests of the religious parties. Gantz tries to stand in the middle of the left side; while Netanyahu tries to stand in the middle of the right side. Only corona called by Madonna, the “great equalizer” has been able to unite partially these two sides to form a unified emergency government.

Madonna has been revealed as the Messiah of song in the universal faith.

Corona the great equalizer forces humanity to look toward heaven for help.  Medical doctors are not sure when or if there will ever be a complete medical solution for corona. Quarantine is the solution accepted today and finding better and easier ways to diagnose the infection. When the whole population will have been diagnosed and quarantined until recovery the virus will be under control.  This will also take time.

Now is the time to look toward heaven for help.  Help from heaven is always available. People connected to religion are instructed by their spiritual teacher ways of finding the emotional and spiritual help from God.

Those people who are disconnected from religion can reach God now through the Universal faith the resurrection of the holy prophets and angels. Corona the great equalizer has mended the way for Israel to make a government. The Universal faith combines religion with spiritual healing principally through the connection to the angel Rafael the Minister of Health of God the creator of the universe. The angels Rafael, Michael, and Gabriel are dancing and singing before God their master.

There are various ways to strengthen the immunity system with herbs and foods. Instead of sitting back and waiting for conventional medicine to make a vaccine which may not work begin to do research about how to strengthen naturally the immunity system. Hyssop plant is known to have special power of healing. The Universal faith connected to the tree of life in the Garden of Eden combines all three spiritual energies together for healing and immunity from Corona.

In the Universal faith the Messiah has already been revealed both the Messiah connected to the life energy of action and the law of God who is also called the Messiah the son of David, and the Messiah connected to spiritual healing who is the angel Rafael in a physical body also called the Messiah the son of Joseph. Father Joseph lived in the world and became second to the king of Egypt. In the world today is the Messiah of Song Madonna the famous entertainer and the Messiah of Peace who is the Grand Rabbi of Israel and Kabbalist who prefers to remain hidden. We need peace and we need healing. We need the help of two Messiahs. The Lubavitcher Rebbe is the Messiah to his followers even today. Rabbi Nachman of Breslov is the Messiah to his students who sing the song of his name inscribed in the mystical letter Na,Nac,Nachm,Nachman. Corona the great equalizer is forcing the Messiah to be revealed to all of mankind.

The Messianic purpose of stabilization of the breath was taught by Guru Janardan called Ajapa on a Messianic tour of the world. Yoga begins with a simple mantra of one syllable connected to the Hebrew letter ת Ta, Sa the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet. A single letter is only a single sound without meaning, a universal sound like the sound of the blowing of the shofar the ram’s horn a Jewish religious custom. Moses the prophet was connected to this sound of the breath and connected to the divine unity of the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet Aleph א .

Aleph is the divine unity of the universal faith connecting the three angels Michael, Gabriel and Rafael who are united with God through the letter ת and the humility of Moses. The breath is stabilized and the immunity system is strengthened by faith. Ajapa is also called the Song of the Breath. The crown of God is faith. Prayer which is universal begins with one syllable, one sound and becomes words and songs to God from the heart of love. Madonna sings these songs for America and the world. Start to pray with one syllable sa,sa,sa and don’t stop. Add to this short simple prayer your own words from your own heart with love and sincerity. UNITE AJAPA WITH THE UNIVERSAL FAITH The angels of God will protect you.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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