Corona Throws a Knockout Punch – God is the Boss

  • Corona the great equalizer gave a knockout punch to the arrogance of Modern Society.
  • Modern society began to separate from religion after World War I and the Spanish flu.
  • Corona has begun to bring together secular with religious with the Universal Faith.

Corona the great equalizer has knocked out modern civilization.  The Corona has succeeded to disable the world comparable to the knockout in the heavyweight boxing championship between Cassius Clay Muhammed Ali and Sonny Liston 1964. Everyone considered Sonny Liston undefeatable.

In the same way the world felt undefeatable. The world boasted proudly about how far it has progressed in technology, communications, air travel, space travel, connecting the world through satellites and GPS. Medical Science had progressed to benefit mankind but there are still places for improvement especially in treatment of viral disease.

Cassius Clay also called Mohammed Ali won the heavyweight championship in an upset fight with Sonny Liston in 1964. He changed his name and converted to Islam in 1961.

On the side of Muhammed Ali was Islam belief in the God of Abraham and Ishmael, believers in Moses the prophet and Jesus supporting the Law of God of Islam, Sharia. Modern secular culture had taken over the world until Corona the great equalizer has united secular and religious.

Everyone felt Sonny Liston would win even in one round. Sonny thought also that he would win. Already he had ego as an undefeated champion that he was undefeatable. Mohammed Ali, Cassius Clay without a reputation was underdog.

The World united in NY in the place called the United Nations. America, Russia, China united together with all the other sovereign nations of the world.  The United Nations organized many projects against poverty and for further unity between nations of the world.

The victory of Mohammed Ali started slowly with a 7th round victory. Mohammed Ali before the second fight said a prayer. The second bout was ended in the first round a victory for Islam. Sonny Liston representing modern society was defeated by Mohammed Ali representing religion two times. Corona like Mohammed Ali through a right punch knocked out the whole secular world culture.

Corona representing God the creator who is the boss of the world has temporarily knocked out the world economy. The world is recovering slowly but will never be the same. Hopefully it will receive its message and acquire the attribute of humility. The arrogance of man has been knocked out. This arrogance came in a world with democracy and freedom. Freedom is loved by mankind. Already almost all the nations of the world are democratic. Russia which was communist fell in 1991 and became democratic. There are still several places which are either communist, socialist, or theocrat like Iran and Saudi. When America and Europe became democratic, with the development of technology these nations became arrogant and have forgotten the past.

The world in the past was divided between the Ottoman Empire and the Byzantine Empire each representing religion with a divine law and code of ethics.  The arrogance of mankind divorced itself from religion to adopt freedom without religion. The Byzantine Empire was exiled to Vatican City and lost its voice in Europe. Protestant sect of Christianity separated from Catholic.

The Ottoman Empire fell after World War I and became divided between Sunni and Shiite.  Iran Shiite and Iraq Sunni battled for many years killing millions. Shiite and Sunni battle in Yemen causing affliction to the people. Syrian Sunni are left homeless failing to succeed to overcome Assad. There is no longer unity in Islam. Shiite and Sunni battle in Yemen causing affliction to the people. Syrian Sunni are left homeless failing to succeed to overcome Assad, the Alowite Shiite.

At the hospital Sheva in Israel the staff celebrate Israel Independence Day amidst Corona crisis.

Jews had already been spread out throughout the world finally returning to their homeland with the establishment of the State of Israel. The modern State of Israel has only remnants of religion the biblical theocracy.  The secular side has become anti-religious. After two elections they could not make a united coalition.

Orthodox Judaism the authentic Judaism which is the source of Jewish unity has survived the diaspora. However throughout history many Jews rebelled against the strictness of Orthodox Judaism even to break off into conservative and reformed congregations with their own temples. Orthodox Judaism is completely national religious and against freedom and modernization.

Judaism is a national faith which preserved their connection through lineage to the twelve tribes of Israel and their forefather Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The universal connection to Adam is of secondary importance in Judaism if not ignored completely.

The Spanish plague 1918 and World War I almost completely separated the people of the world from religion. Vatican City was established in 1929 a separate city in Italy. The Ottoman Empire joined the Central powers in World War I later to commit genocide against Assyrians, Armenians and Greeks. At the end of World War I it already lost its Middle Eastern territories.

After the Spanish flu and World War I the Ottoman Empire and Byzantine empires were dissolved and replaced by secular nationalism today the majority of nations are democratic. World War II and the holocaust was the second round in the defeat of theocracy to be replaced by democracy. Hitler was a fascist dictator who was defeated.  The world after Hitler did not want another dictator.   Stalin was a dictator in World War II and communism fell in 1991. Democracy separated church and state. People felt free from the influences of the clergy.

The common people were not happy with theocracy because it suppressed freedom. The first attempt to incorporate freedom with religion was Christianity. Christianity also evolved into theocracy suppressing freedom. Islam through Mohammed accepted changes in the world after Christianity began and made a similar religion like Judaism without lineage uniting with Christianity as a universal faith connected to Adam. Judaism disconnected from Adam connecting to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to be a Jewish national religious state.  The king and his clergy rule over the common people in a theocracy.

Corona has closed synagogues, churches and mosques. Madonna the American singer and Guru called Corona the “great equalizer.”  Corona insists on equality between peoples, religions, and national unity. Corona unlike the Spanish flu discriminates between the older generation and the younger generation. The world fighting Corona is defending the importance of the older generation. Corona unlike the Spanish flu has in it some discretion. Religion focuses on the past. Freedom focuses on the present. Corona unites freedom with religion. People need the emotional help from religion in the middle of a life and death crisis. When times are good they forget their religion. Corona is a wake up to appreciate the fathers and mothers, grandfather and ancestors who were religious believers before World War I.

Madonna the entertainer is accepted today in America as a guru a faith leader. Her music expresses to the world belief in God. In her website she calls Corona, “the great equalizer.”

Freedom was always important even in the times of the Biblical State of Israel.  At the height of the Biblical State of Israel immediately after was built the first holy temple in Jerusalem by King Solomon, the nation of Israel broke up in two parts Judah and Samaria. Judah was strict theocracy and Israel in Samaria was less strict more free.  Both maintained Judaism but in different degrees.

The two nations existed together for over two hundred years.  Both nations were conquered but Judaism was preserved by the stricter religion in Judah in the Babylonian exile for seventy years.  The nation of Judah – Israel returned to their homeland to build the second temple but the State of Israel never became a sovereign nation again.

Ultra- Orthodox religious Jewry do not consider the State of Israel a sovereign nation even though today is being celebrated Israel Independence Day. According to Ultra-Orthodox Judaism for Israel to be a sovereign nation it cannot have any connection to Christianity or Islam, Esau or Ishmael. Netanyahu and Gantz have to deal with this problem in their unified emergency coalition government.

Orthodox religion Christianity, Islam and Judaism are against freedom and against each other. Corona the great equalizer has come to unite secular and religious both should have respect one for the other. Many religious leaders have died from Corona. The extreme Orthodox do not want to accept quarantine and the orders of the Ministry of health in Israel. They are part of the Jewish people and part of the government. Corona has united in Jerusalem religious leaders from various factions in prayer.

Christians must continue to respect their religious leaders and their rebuke with love. Jews must respect the rebuke of their religious leader with love. Muslims must respect the rebuke of their religious leaders with love. We can all unite with the Universal faith which unites religion with freedom.

Mohammed Ali Cassius Clay is an example even today. He prayed before his second boxing match with Sonny Liston. He defeated Sonny Liston in the first round. Nevertheless he was a boxer, and a performer. Madonna is an example of an American who believes in God and prayer. Only a percentage of Israelis are Ultra-Orthodox and they have to be respected. The majority of Israelis are traditional. Some Israelis may be atheist but only a minority.  The majority of Jews believe in God and the Bible which is their heritage. The majority of Islamic nations have accepted freedom.

Religion will not conquer the world again.  Corona has thrown a knockout blow to secular socialist and atheists. It has thrown a knockout blow to Orthodox religion.  Their synagogues, churches and temples have been closed. The Universal faith connected with the resurrection of Moses whose temple is in the heart can conquer the world.  The messengers of the Universal faith can conquer the world. President Trump should get America on its feet again and win the election for president in 2020. President Trump is not ashamed to tell the world that he believes in God and believes in Israel. Netanyahu and Gantz will try to make peace between Israelis and with the Palestinians which may be difficult but is possible if all sides accept the universal faith.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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