Corona, Violent Demonstrations and Bureaucracy

  • Red Tape Bureaucracy hinder medical doctors from using common sense anti-viral treatments
  • FDA and WPO are influenced by drug companies
  • When Democrats and Republicans will work together can be overcome bureaucracy in America

More is known today about Corona virus than in its beginning. There are three medicines available for general anti-viral use Hydro-Chloroquine, Remdesvir, and Cerdelga. Dexamethasome a cheap steroid is being used in hospitals. Plasma is still in the research phase. A vaccine is on the way. Bureaucracy still is slowing down the process of treatment.

Remdesvir anti-viral drug made for treatment of Ebola.

Democracy is the way of world government today and in the future. However democracy is the long way to justice.  Dictators can make decision much faster than it takes courts of law. China is a dictatorship where began Corona virus. They immediately closed the borders of all their provinces from Wuhan. They declared an emergency and closed down Wuhan until the virus was confined.  Corona virus is tricky even for Beijing even though in China there is less bureaucracy than in the rest of the world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) focused on China and its techniques in confining Corona virus. China insisted on its people wearing masks and obeying social distancing. Corona was a new virus in the world which had not yet been studied by scientists. WHO could not make decisions about treatment of Corona virus until after studies had been made in China and later by other virologists.

Europe was first hit hard by the virus and after America. WHO is a world organization which has responsibility for giving advice about the Pandemic. America depends on the FDA to make medical decisions and to give medical approval for treatments. Before a treatment can be certified by the FDA it must first be studied. Determining the treatment for Corona to receive FDA approval may be a long term process. In the meantime over 100,000 Americans died from the virus. WHO looked to China where the virus began to give instructions to the world about Corona, its symptoms and treatment. China did not use a specific drug in the treatment of Corona but depended on respirators. People who are on respirators have a 20% chance of living.

There is no specific drug for treatment of Corona which is a new virus. Medical Science looked for already established drugs for anti-viral treatments and found over the course of several months three drugs, Remdesvir, Hydro-Chloroquine, and Cerdelga a drug used for treatment of Gaucher Disease. The FDA still has not finished studies on the use of these drugs. FDA approval of Hydro-Chloroquine anti-malaria drug in hospital use was recently removed.  In emergency cases the FDA gave approval of a cheap steroid drug Dexamethasone. In the course of waiting for approval of possible treatments for Corona which may save lives and limit hospitalization many people have died until finally the death rates have dropped.

A Jewish doctor Dr. Selenko in the beginning of the outbreak in his community in upstate NY made a public statement about the benefits of Hydro-Chloroquine to be used as an outpatient drug for older people which he claimed reduced the effects of the virus on his patients to avoid needing hospitalization.

President Trump believed Dr. Selenko but the FDA and WHO could not accept the word of Dr. Selenko before doing research. Several other doctors familiar with Dr. Selenko also used his approach to administer Hydro-Chloroquine in the beginning states of the virus. Bureaucracy held back the use of Hydro-Chloroquine in the beginning states of the virus. Instead attempts were made to experiment with the malaria drug after hospitalization which was not according to the way Dr. Selenko used the drug successfully.

On the instruction in the package of Hydro-Chloroqine sulphate it clearly describes the dangers of taking the drug its side effects and which people should not use the drug. The drug can be used by doctors in different ways. One of the ways is to take two pills in the beginning when in danger from catching malaria and another two pills one week later. The bottle of Hydro chloroquine contains 100 pills. Dr. Selenko did not describe the drug as a long term treatment but it’s anti-viral elements can also be applied in the early stages of Corona to prevent hospitalization and having to need respirators. FDA and WHO did not consider these drugs as preventative but only considered them as long term treatment. For long term treatment they did not get FDA or WHO approval.

After was publicized about Hydro-Chloroquine came another possibility through Gilead Sciences called Remdesvir.  Remdesvir is an anti-viral drug which was produced for treatment of Ebola. Bureaucracy hindered the use of Remdesvir as preventative in the early stages of Corona like Hydrochloroquine. Finally came out another possible solution for Corona Cerdelga which was used for treatment of Gaucher Disease. Bureaucracy hindered the authorization of these drugs for preventing hospitalizations. For the drug companies it would not be worthwhile since the people would only take a couple of these pills in the beginning when feeling symptoms. Drug companies do not sell several pills at a time.

Drug companies were not interested in the solutions of these doctors for taking several pills, hydrochloroquine two pills one week and two pills the next week. WHO looked toward China who did not work in this way. FDA could not approve to use these drugs except in emergency during hospitalization and in the end their authorizations were removed.

Dr. Vladmir Zelenko who publicized his success with the drug Hydro-chloroquine.

In the beginning of the outbreak there was only quarantine which was used in China and hospitalizations where people were put on respirators. Through the course of several months it was suggested to use anti-viral drugs for other conditions as a possible treatment but not for preventing hospitalizations.  People who suffer from HIV and take ART are protected better from virus than people with HIV not only ART. Anti-viral for HIV helps give protection. Amongst blacks there is three times the percentage of deaths than other ethnic groups. HIV is most common amongst blacks. HIV affects the immunity system.

It was common sense that anti-viral drugs in general have some benefits in protection from Corona. Dr. Selenko used his common sense. For FDA and WHO common sense is not enough but is needed medical proof. Bureaucracy is a problem in a democratic society.  Doctors are afraid of law suits.  If a drug is not authorized by FDA specifically for a specific treatment for Corona there is the possibility of law suits. These drugs need to be administered by a doctor. Doctors refuse to use them without FDA.

President Trump took office in 2016 and has had a continuous battle against American bureaucracy and also against WHO bureaucracy. Just at the time when President Trump was succeeding to lift America up economically including the poor Americans came the Corona. He tried to break through the bureaucracy by taking himself Hydro-Chloroquine. He wanted to save lives but over 100,000 lives were lost when there was no answer to protect people from Corona. The answers to use these three different drugs needed FDA approval. Many lives could have been saved if not for bureaucracy.

Just as the trend of corona disease in America began to fall, came the savage murder of George Floyd causing demonstrations. People went out of quarantine to demonstrate Black Lives Matter. Many people became infected throughout America as a result of the demonstrations. America a democracy could not stop peaceful demonstrations.  The demonstrations were far from peaceful and endangering the lives of many Americans from Corona outbreaks. To halt these demonstrations needed to step over American bureaucracy to call out the military to enforce law. Trump could not stop them without democratic support. From the time Trump entered office the democrats became his enemies. Politics were more important than supporting President Trump to stop the rioters.

We love democracy but democracy has many faults including red tape bureaucracy. Corona the China Communist virus made democracy look bad. The Supreme Court will not allow America to skip over freedoms even if they may be harmful to the future of America. Trump tried to MAGA with vital solutions for America but the bureaucracy interfered. The only way to overcome bureaucracy in America is through national unity. When Republicans and Democrats will work and cooperate together they can overcome bureaucracy. This means not to support fake news.

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