Coronavirus — 15 Million People Infected Worldwide

  • The total number of infections of 15 million represents at least three times the number of people with acute influenza annually, according to WHO data.
  • The American CDC indicated that far more people may have been infected than was recorded.
  • For its part, the virus continues to persist in Latin America.

Confirmed cases of the new Coronavirus reached 15 million infected around the world on Wednesday. This comes after India has become a new epicenter of the epidemic, while an American study estimated that the hidden numbers in the United States are much larger than the declared ones.

The first case of the COVID-19 pandemic in India was reported on 30 January 2020, originating from China. As of July 22, there have been 29,895 deaths reported from more than 1.2 million cases.

The total number of infections of 15 million represents at least three times the number of people with acute influenza annually, according to WHO data. The number of deaths, which exceeded 616,000 in seven months, is close to the highest level of deaths caused by influenza annually.

The world reached this alarming number after India, the third-highest number of infections in the world after the United States and Brazil, reported 40,000 new infections in its daily update of Coronavirus data.

The Situation is Worse than Expected

On the other hand, a study published by the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicated on Tuesday that the number of people infected with the new coronavirus in the United States during the spring was, in fact, between two to three times the number officially recorded for infections.

Those figures confirm the virus is transmitted by people who may not know they are infected. Nearly 142,000 people have died in the United States due to COVID-19 disease, caused by the virus, which is higher than any number registered in any country.

Johns Hopkins University data, as of 20:30 PM Tuesday (00:30 GMT Wednesday), showed that total infections in the United States rose to more than 3.89 million.

This government health agency said that between March and June, it had conducted laboratory tests on samples in blood banks in 10 regions of the United States for antibodies to COVID-19 disease. The idea was to see if those with the blood had contracted the virus even if they show no symptoms of the disease.

The CDC indicated that the results of these tests showed that between 1 and 5.8 percent of the residents of these areas were infected with the virus during that period, with the exception of New York. There, the rate of infection on May 6 was 23.2 percent of the total population.

In comparison with the official number of infections on those dates, the actual number of infected ranged between twice in Utah, 10 times in southern Florida at the end of April, and 13 times in rural Missouri. That indicates that the situation in states that were originally the worst hit were much worse than expected.

For his part, US President Donald Trump expressed his willingness on Tuesday to work with China or any other country to produce a vaccine for the Coronavirus for use in the United States. That is despite the increasing tensions between Beijing and Washington, and his repeated accusation to China of causing the global pandemic.

Stricken Latin America

The COVID-19 pandemic in Bolivia began when its first two cases were confirmed on 10 March 2020 in the departments of Oruro and Santa Cruz. As of July 22, there are 62,357 confirmed cases and 2,273 deaths.

For its part, the virus continues to persist in Latin America. In Bolivia, the police crime-fighting force has withdrawn more than 400 bodies from streets and homes across the country in the past five days, including 85 percent who died due to the emerging Coronavirus.

Between 15 and 20 July, the police withdrew approximately 191 bodies in Cochabamba (center), 141 in La Paz, and 68 in Santa Cruz, the eastern region that accounts for about half of the country’s 61,000 infections, according to the national director of the police force, Evan Rojas.

Bolivia, which has 11 million people, has officially registered more than 2,200 deaths since the epidemic began. It is noteworthy that Ecuador, neighboring Bolivia, witnessed a similar situation in the spring, when the authorities were forced to collect bodies from the streets and houses in Guayaquil, the coastal city in the west of the country, with the spread of the epidemic.

In Mexico, the death toll from the COVID-19 epidemic has crossed the 40,000 person threshold, according to the latest figures from the Mexican Ministry of Health, out of 350,000 confirmed cases.

Forty thousand was also the number of new infections in Brazil in the last twenty-four hours, and Brazil is the second most affected country after the United States in the Americas, bringing the total number 2.2 million infections and deaths to 81,487.

The Brazilian Health Regulatory Authority (INVISTA) has agreed to test a vaccine for the Coronavirus by German and American companies, according to an announcement in a Brazilian official newspaper on Tuesday. The Brazilian Authority of Mainz-based Biotech, a Mainz company, and US drugmaker Pfizer, has allowed vaccine tests to be used against COVID-19 in Brazil.

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