Coronavirus— 508 New Cases in Azerbaijan

  • So far, 13,715 people have been infected with coronavirus in Azerbaijan, of which 7,503 have been treated, and 167 have died.
  • Cases are coming both from abroad and within the country.
  • Earlier, Azerbaijan evacuated 10,000 citizens from abroad.

The total number of people infected with coronavirus in Azerbaijan is close to 14,000. Another 508 cases of infection were registered on Tuesday, and 335 people were treated and cured. Six people who tested positive for COVID-19 were reported to have died yesterday.

COVID-19 was confirmed to have spread to Azerbaijan when its first case was confirmed in February 2020. As of June 24, there were 13,175 cases and 167 deaths.

So far, 13,715 people have been infected with coronavirus in Azerbaijan, of which 7,503 have been treated, 167 have died, 6,045 are being treated in hospitals and 432,858 tests were conducted during the past period. The first case of coronavirus infection in Azerbaijan was registered on February 28.

The special quarantine measures, which has been in force since March 24, has been extended until July 1. The Cabinet of Ministers has eased the special quarantine measures since May 4. In June, the agency began home isolation measures on weekends to prevent coronavirus. On June 19, the special quarantine step was extended until August 1, and a strict order was decided in some cities and regions.

At present, cases of coronavirus infection in Azerbaijan are not only detected among people coming to the country from abroad but also between people from within the country who are infecting each other. Although the Cabinet of Ministers did not name specific cities and regions, it said that there were cases of infection among people living in different regions of Azerbaijan.

Officials say that families with young children, the elderly, people in need of medical care, and women continue to be brought to Azerbaijan from other countries with quarantine for a period of 14-21 days, with limited preference and, within the established schedule.

10,000 Azerbaijani Citizens Evacuated

Some people were accused of abusing the evacuation when they did not need it, refusing to return when the evacuation plane is sent, and claimed to send a” special “plane for evacuation, and hide their contacts with people infected with the COVID-19 virus in foreign countries.

“There are also unfortunate and irresponsible cases, such as misinformation and attempts to obstruct the lawful activities of government agencies and to discredit the work of the state,” the statement said.

The government said that as part of measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the country, the reception of people in quarantine stations in Azerbaijan was taken as a basis for the return of citizens. In some countries, there are still Azerbaijanis waiting to be evacuated.

Medical Workers will not go Door to Door

Neftçi PFK, or Neftchi Baku in English media, is an Azerbaijani football club based in the capital, Baku, that currently plays in the Azerbaijan Premier League.

In mid-March, field doctors or nurses in Azerbaijan were conducting door-to-door registrations and measuring residents’ temperatures. Doctor said that medical workers in Azerbaijan will check the condition of residents by phone. In addition, some users on social media questioned how safe it is for these employees.

The doctor said that there were no concerns about the safety of the workers. “They had masks,” the agency said. The agency said more information would be provided. Every day there are new cases of coronavirus. The operative headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers said that the patients placed in special hospitals and under observation feel normal and their health is stable.

The coronavirus is already detected in the country not only in evacuees, but also in people across the country. So far, coronavirus has been detected in people returning to Azerbaijan from Germany, France, Turkey, and Iran. Azerbaijan has decided to take “social isolation” measures against coronavirus. Mass events were postponed or canceled by the decision of the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers.

On March 14, the Neftchi football club announced the suspension of its activities. The Defense Ministry also announced the relevant measures. According to the report, the meeting held at the Defense Ministry instructed to limit mass events and suspend meetings with parents.

“ASAN service” and “ASAN Communal” centers will be limited from March 15 to 19, the service’s website said.

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