Coronavirus and Upcoming US Presidential Election Analysis

  • Both candidates tend to agree on China's responsibility in the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Donald Trump has angered some in his base.
  • Joe Biden is slipping.

Due to the coronavirus, there are large numbers of unemployed in the West and the fall of GDP is starting to emerge. Despite all of these factors the fall US presidential race is heating up. At this time the candidate for US  President from the Democratic side is Joe Biden. However, the choices are not great on either side since the Democrats didn’t chose a dynamic younger candidate or Bernie Sanders, who has every chance of beating Trump.

US presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The Democratic establishment keeps choosing candidates that have a long history of scandals and issues surrounding them. The Democratic establishment is hoping for another Barack Obama and right now such a candidate is simply not there.

Indeed, the Iranian-US relations were stabilized under Obama and even Cuba started to have some form of easement under Obama. This is all changed with the election of Donald Trump. However, at the same time, given the actions of China pertaining to coronavirus, the US needs a leader that will put national interests first. Unfortunately, both candidates are plagued by scandals and age is a factor.

The pandemic caused a rift within the Republican base. Certain diehard Trump supporters are upset over his agricultural policies. Biden is slipping and clearly suffering from the effects of old age. When you listen to his interviews, sometimes you wonder if he is lucid. Sadly, there are much better candidates out there. One of them was a US veteran and a woman, but she was destroyed by her own party and prevented from having any chance of becoming a front runner. Trump also has had a hard time with the stimulus and funding, since he must negotiate with Democrats over the US purse strings.

US President Donald Trump.

After analyzing American politics and learning more about the angles, they are multi-layered. The debates are very lively with primaries, Super Tuesday, etc. There is also economic pressure, especially with the Boeing 737 issues and also within the oil industry. Some Texas based oil companies already filed for Chapter 11 due to the super low oil prices.

Both candidates are in agreement to blame China for the coronavirus and rightfully so. The two candidates have a history of questionable treatment of women.  However, Biden did announce that his running mate will be a woman. It is highly likely to be Elizabeth Warren; who else will he pick?

The election campaign during a roaring pandemic is challenging. The US economy is in a tough spot. It is highly unlikely, even with the economies of many states slowly reopening, that during the summer things will go back to normal.

China and Russia are busy with their propaganda campaigns and meddling in US elections via social media. Their main goal is to cause divide within the US. However, it is highly likely Russia will change its foreign policy in the upcoming months and shift away from China as an ally.

At this time, given the trajectory and by sheer luck, Joe Biden might get elected. However, not so much based on his own merit but due to the circumstances of this challenging year with the COVID-19 pandemic.

It will be a tumultuous summer and a very tough election this year. One thing is for certain: the true democratic election process in the US is here to stay, which is wonderful to see. The future remains unknown.

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