Coronavirus is Back in Wuhan

  • There are 11 new cases reported in Northern China.
  • Wuhan has 3 new cases.
  • There are over 4.1 million people infected with the Coronavirus around the world.

China has been boasting that the coronavirus pandemic is no longer a threat. The Chinese government claimed that China had zero new cases until now. It has been previously reported that as of April 24 all patients have been discharged from the hospitals. Russia joined in on the Chinese  propaganda campaign meant to showcase the highly executed protocols by the Chinese government in response to the virus containment.

So is this actually true or is it a series of false statements in order to reopen the Chinese economy. There are enough indicators that China covered up the true number of infected with COVID-19 and also the number of the deceased. There continues to be a controversy about the pressure China put on the World Health Organization not to declare a pandemic in a timely fashion.

China also continues its resistance to providing any additional information pertaining to coronavirus vital data that could aid to further deciphering its origin. Originally, a now deceased doctor who was the first to voice the concern about the unknown virus in Wuhan was accused by the Chinese government of false statements and he was even given a warning. After his death, he was exonerated, because China’s social scoring system affects the whole family.

Wuhan, China.

The coronavirus is suspected of having leaked from the Chinese lab in Wuhan. The fact that the coronavirus is man made was confirmed originally by an Indian Lab.  Thereafter, a French Nobel Prize Winner, who is also a virologist, confirmed that COVID-19 is a man made virus. At the time Chinese scientists were working on the AIDS vaccine; the virus does have some of the HIV particles, and the virus was released.

Currently there are over 4.1 million cases and over 283,000 deaths reported around the world. Even though many countries have eased restrictions, the numbers continue to climb. Additionally, there are over 30 mutations of the coronavirus.

As of May 9, there are three new cases reported in Wuhan and 11 cases in the North East region of China. These numbers have only been reported over the weekend. China had not been reporting of any new cases for over a month.  China raised the threat level to Medium as of yesterday.

Reports continue to surface of China preventing vital data to investigate the circumstances of the virus spread. This is not the first time China covered up a pandemic. Last century (in the Fall of the 1977), a flu pandemic caused global concern. The virus originated from the lab in Beijing and caused deaths around the world. Originally, China was trying to blame the Soviets for the virus but at the end it was confirmed it came from the Chinese lab.

This means that coronavirus is here to stay until a vaccine can be approved. There are also predictions of coronavirus making a rapid come back  once the weather starts cooling down in the fall. The two waves predicted to hit are in the fall and winter.

It is clear there is no truth from or cooperation with China and the threat continues. The reported numbers can’t be trusted and highly likely are much higher than 11 cases right now. Travel to and from China should be suspended indefinitely in the interests of the national security of the Western nations.

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