Coronavirus — Kiryas Yoel Hit by Second Outbreak

  • The first outbreak affected the community without many hospitalizations
  • Dr. Zelenko known for his Corona protocol remedy was the doctor in the community in the first outbreak
  • Without Dr. Zelenko using Hydrochloroquine in the community the situation has deteriorated

A second outbreak of the coronavirus has struck the religious Chassidic community of Kiryas Yoel, in Monroe, New York. Thirty people within the community have been hospitalized and nine of them are in critical condition. Another 41 people are being treated with oxygen at home.

Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum the leader of the Satmar Community in Monroe New York contacted corona in the first outbreak and was successfully treated by Dr. Zelenko without the need for hospitalization. His community is experiencing a second outbreak.

It is hitting the community much harder this time than in the first wave of the virus. In the first wave of the virus, a large percentage of the community became infected by the virus, but there were very few hospitalizations and deaths. Some 25,000 residents live in the community of Kiryas Yoel, 58% of them are under the age of 18 years old. 

The second outbreak in Kiryas Yoel is of great significance because during the first outbreak, the medical practitioner in the village was Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who is famous for his creative protocol remedy for Coronavirus, combining Hydrochloroqine, Zinc Sulphate, and Azithromycin.

Dr. Zelenko decided to leave the village of Kiryas Yoel during the controversy over his protocol treatment, which was not endorsed by the FDA or WHO. He also became ill from a preexisting heart condition.

The change in the severity of the affects of the Coronavirus today in Kiryas Yoel may be the result of the absence of Dr. Zelenko, who risked his reputation to give care to his patients according to a creative remedy not approved by the FDA.

Hydrochloroquine is a medicine approved by the FDA for thirty years, used by millions of people throughout the world for the treatment of arthritis and Lupus. It was originally produced for treatment of malaria. Some believe the treatment of Dr. Zelenko takes advantage of the initial time in the beginning of the infection, which is up to five days, before symptoms develop.

The coronavirus differs from Ebola or the Spanish flu, in that symptoms do not develop immediately. Children and younger people tend to handle the virus better than those who are older or who have preexisting conditions.

U.S. President Donald Trump believed in the treatment of Dr. Zelenko, and he said he took hydrochloroquine as a prophylactic.  The dangers of using Hydrochloroquine in the small quantities prescribed by Dr. Zelenko are almost null.  The treatment is only for five days at home before symptoms develop or in the beginning when symptoms appear.

Early trials of Hydrochloroquine were discontinued, in favor of the drug Remdesivir. This antiviral can only be given after hospitalization by injection, and not as prophylactic or in outpatient settings. President Trump entered Walter Reed Army Medical Center after testing positive for the coronavirus after symptoms appeared.

The President’s doctors used a combination treatment including Remdesivir, dexamethasone, and an experimental antibody therapy cocktail in the hospital. He was treated in the early stages of the infection, similar to the protocol of Dr. Zelenko. Remdesivir, made originally to treat Ebola, has more severe side effects than Hydrochloroquine.

Dr. Vladmir Zelenko revealed a unique treatment for Corona as doctor in the upstate community of Monroe New York. He took a big chance using this technique and later resigned from his position in Monroe because of threats to make law suits.

Israel is also faced with a second wave of infections. For the last few weeks, the nation has been in lockdown. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently said that a vaccine is on the way, to give hope to the people of Israel. As in America, Hydrochloroquine, according to the protocol of Dr. Zelenko, is not prescribed in Israel.

Many experts on infectious disease doubt that a vaccine can be produced is a short time, even within a year of the first outbreak. Usually, it takes around five years to know the side effects of a vaccine. In some cases, a vaccine may not be effective or its side effects may be too dangerous.

Some Israelis and Americans believe that their safety is being manipulated by drug companies and big money investors, like Bill and Melinda Gates. They believe these powerful interests are trying to capitalize on the unstable world situation, rather than to bring to the world a solution which is inexpensive, like Hydrochloroquine. Others believe hydrochloroquine will give more time to test the vaccine for side effects.

Some have said that the second wave of infections in the Satmar community of Kiryas Yoel, which appears more severe than the first wave, is an indication that hydrochloroquine, as administered by Dr. Zelenko, works and saves lives.

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