Coronavirus — Netanyahu Addresses Global Conference

  • Netanyahu is positive that the Coronavirus Pandemic will soon end.
  • Israel has used the Accordion Policy to gradually go out of lockdown.
  • Pfizer's announcement about their vaccine was a great day for the world.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed COVID-19 vaccines and other ways of ending the pandemic at a video conference with world leaders. The video conference was hosted by the Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz, with the participation of the Prime Ministers of Austria, Norway, Denmark, Greece and the Czech Republic.

Second wave in Italy. St. Marks Square is almost empty.

They discussed international collaborations in dealing with the second wave of the Coronavirus. Israeli technology developed a new system for sharing initiatives and development amongst nations.

Israel was struck with the second wave of the Coronavirus in September. Infections amongst the population grew to enormous proportions, as high as 8,000 new infections per day.

The Department of Health imposed a lockdown during the New Year holiday season to prevent the virus from spreading further. The lockdown is now being eased, and the amount of daily infections has dropped to fewer than 500.

With the increase in infections, hospitalizations increased. Moderate and severe cases also increased, as did people who needed respirators. Deaths from coronavirus also increased. The lockdown was successful in easing the burden on hospitals, reducing severe cases from 800 to 300. 

Europe is now in the middle of a second wave of Coronavirus. Italy, which was hit hardest during the first wave, is being hit hard again. They are in the middle of a second lockdown. Tourism is at a standstill. Hospitals are overcrowded.

Hungary and Poland are seeing record daily coronavirus cases. Austria announced a new lockdown, including a curfew from 20:00 in the evening until 6:00 in the morning. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced four-week lockdown with non-essential shops and hospitality closing. However, schools, colleges, and universities remain open.

Health Workers in Spain are protesting for higher wages.

Portugal will begin a new partial lockdown, 70% of the population will have stay-at-home orders. Greek hospitals were beginning to become overcrowded, and they were forced to take action. Restaurants and other leisure activities were closed in its major Greek cities.

Belgium has returned to a national lockdown with the highest infection rate in Europe. France went into a lockdown that will last a month, with schools and workplaces remaining open.

Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the leaders of nations at the video conference. He mentioned the good news from the Bio-pharmaceutical company Pfizer about their vaccine, which they claim is 90% effective. The Prime Minister said:

“Yesterday was an extraordinary day. If I liken the global battle against corona to the global battle in World War II, yesterday was the landing on the beaches of Normandy. We still know it’s going to take time. There are going to be a lot of efforts, but we know that the battle is on the way to be won.”

Israel is attempting to acquire as many doses as possible from promising vaccines. Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the audience about the Accordion Policy in dealing with the virus opening up the economy slowly and gradually but carefully.  

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David Wexelman

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