Coronavirus — Recoveries Increasing in Kenya

  • The number of new patients over the same period was 492.
  • Mothers with infants have been asked to control the number of people visiting them.
  • Acting Director-General of Health, Dr. Patrick Amoth, have advised people to eat right and get plenty of rest.

Kenya has once again proved to be a positive force in the war against COVID-19 after enrolling a higher number of survivors compared to those infected. According to figures released by Health Minister Mutahi Kagwe in Kericho on Monday, 534 patients recovered in a single day.

The COVID-19 pandemic reached Kenya in March 2020 with the initial cases reported in the capital city Nairobi and in the coastal area Mombasa county. As of August 10, there were 26,928 confirmed cases and 423 deaths from COVID-19.

The number of new patients over the same period was 492. The recovery of these patients has now brought the total number of survivors to 13,495, while the total number of infections is 26,926. In addition, 4,603 samples were examined, 478 of them are Kenyans while 14 are foreign nationals,

Of the survivors, 478 were being treated at the coronavirus home care program, while 56 were receiving treatment at various hospitals in the country. However, three patients died, bringing to 423 the number of COVID-19 patient deaths.

Minister Kagwe expressed fears that the number of children infected with the coronavirus is on the rise, with an 11-month-old baby on Monday among 492 people confirmed. Mothers with infants have been asked to control the number of people visiting them.

“The youngest confirmed case was 11 months and the oldest 83-years-old,” said Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe. “The nation continues to register coronavirus infections among children so I urge mothers to protect their children,” the minister advised. Mr. Kagwe warned that visiting visitors to greet newborns was the main cause of the infection.

“We understand that when you have a baby the visitors come, but we have said at this time eager to greet the child we ask the apostle for a gift through M-Pesa mobile money that will not bring the virus,” the minister said.

Mutahi Kagwe is the Cabinet Secretary for Health in the Republic of Kenya. He is a tenured Kenyan politician who served as the first Senator of Nyeri County.

Mr. Kagwe said cases for minors continuing to be registered were alarming to the ministry. “These are important issues for us, we do not want children to get sick. Therefore, I urge mothers with young children to stop inviting more guests home,” he stressed. He told Kericho Governor Paul Chepkwony:

“When it comes to Covid-19 and your approach to it, I must let Kenyans know that you are an unsung hero.  At 116, your number of infections is relatively low as compared to many other counties but you nonetheless put in place numerous initiatives that are worth commending,”

According to the Acting Director-General of Health, Dr. Patrick Amoth, Kenya has so far lost only one child, who died at the age of six months due to COVID-19. The official has encouraged people to eat foods that are rich in minerals and to strengthen the immune system, against the coronavirus.

“Make sure you drink plenty of water, often more than two liters a day,” Dr. Amoth advised. He emphasized the need for people to sunbathe, especially in the morning to strengthen their bones. People have also been encouraged to get enough sleep, with Dr. Amoth recommending more than eight hours a day.

A total of 358,330 samples have been tested to date. On Monday, fewer than 24 hours ago, 534 patients were confirmed to recover from the coronavirus, with three reported.

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