Coronavirus Spreading Rapidly in Kyrgyzstan

  • Of these 27 new cases in Kyrgyzstan, 19 of them are residents of Naryn.
  • No cases of coronavirus have been reported in Talas oblast.
  • After Talas, Issyk-Kul is the best place to control the coronavirus.

In Kyrgyzstan, coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Naryn oblast. Meanwhile, the Talas region is a model for disease prevention. In Issyk-Kul, locals opposed the observation of the village hospital. There have been a total of 27 new cases recorded in Kyrgyzstan over the past 24 hours. What is the practice of curbing the virus in other regions of the country?

Naryn: “People are not Worried”

The COVID-19 pandemic was confirmed to have reached Kyrgyzstan in March 2020. As of May 20, there were 1,270 cases and 14 deaths.

Of these 27 new cases in Kyrgyzstan, 19 of them are residents of Naryn. The virus has reached the city hall. “Among those infected is the deputy mayor,” a spokesman said. The virus was also found in nine medical workers in Naryn.

“We are trying to expand the search and investigation process and review everything. The condition of the patients was good there,” said Deputy Minister of Health Nurbolot Usenbaev.

Earlier, coronavirus was found in the maternity ward of the Naryn regional hospital, and in a large number of police officers. The situation in Naryn remains tense compared to other oblasts. The virus was detected in a total of 213 people. “People are very skeptical,” Elnora, a local resident, said. “It’s just a disease. It’s just people’s indifference.”

There are fewer people wearing masks and keeping social distance, he says. The number of cases is growing in the province, especially in the At-Bashy district, where the virus has entered the region through religious groups.

Talas: Forced Observations

In Kyrgyzstan, no cases of coronavirus have been reported in Talas oblast. Control over public order in the region is strong. Fifty-one migrants who escaped from observation in Bishkek were detained by local authorities at the entrance to Talas, and some were forcibly placed in observation.

Despite the pure test results, local authorities are also receiving additional PCR tests from foreigners. The speed of local authorities and the mobilization of the population are helping to curb the virus.

Issyk-Kul: A Rally of Frightened People

Naryn Region is the largest region (oblast) of Kyrgyzstan. Today the oblast is considered to be the poorest region in the country, but also the most typically Kyrgyz.

After Talas, Issyk-Kul is the best place to control the coronavirus. The virus is carried by 14 people in the region. However, there are growing fears that the virus could spread further. Two days ago, the people of Jety-Oguz protested against the observation of the district hospital.

Local residents were dissatisfied with the work of the district administration and asked for an account of the money coming from abroad. “Task forces are working,” said Mayor Murat Ramatov. “Whether from Russia, Mecca, or Saudi Arabia, the task force identifies people and takes PCR tests. The task force goes to five places a day. We are helping them.”

In April, residents of Tyup village also staged a rally to break the windows of a coronavirus hospital. The oblast government decided to oblige citizens to take a coronavirus test at the entrance to Issyk-Kul, but this did not happen. People protested against taking an expensive test out of their own pockets.

With the arrival of summer, residents of the region intend to earn money this year through domestic tourism. However, Deputy Prime Minister Kubatbek Boronov has previously said that a separate procedure for coronavirus rest will be developed. The Ministry of Health has decided to develop rules for recreation on the lake.

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