Coronavirus the End or a Warning?

  • Coronavirus, the new virus that hit American society.
  • HIV and AIDS, the old virus that shook america 37 years ago.
  • The hepatitus outbreak was another hard blow to the American people.

Is Corona virus the last virus or the final warning about the end of humanity? Was the HIV virus a warning to the American public that an unknown virus would come to rock the world? HIV also known as Human Immunodeficiency syndrome was first diagnosed in 1983. Since then 770,000 cases have been reported to the CDC as dead. It’s been 37 years.

It’s not just the death toll that concerns me. It’s that it seemed to have come from nowhere. When they found out it was a blood borne disease and only needle usage and unprotected sex was how to get it everyone stopped being so afraid. Corona virus effects the respiratory system like a common cold or flu. The symptoms come on due to touching items such as computers or not washing your hands after using the bathroom, touching your face after touching effected items is something we do every single day without thinking. What will the world be like after 37 years of this virus, if they don’t find a cure?

HIV our warning for the next virus.

Washington D.C. had 162 cases diagnosed by the World Health Organization. There are a total of 1,629 cases in the US currently. It’s only been two weeks. They haven’t found a cure but are sure they will soon. Meanwhile the toll of diagnosed keeps climbing. There was a worldwide out break about 12 years ago from hepatitis.

Hepatitis, or inflammation of the liver, has long been a part of human history. The symptoms are abdominal pain, tiredness, jaundice (the yellowing of the skin and eyes) and in many serious cases liver failure and death. Hepatitis came along after and along with HIV. So to contain a virus and then a complication of a virus was too extraordinary to comprehend. Hepatitis A was spread person to person contact through contaminated food or water.

Where does coronavirus come from?

This strain is a lot like the Corona-virus or Covid 19. We’re living in an age where contamination is key. Nothing else will matter now for the rest of eternity. We have to consider work and home. Being extremist and cleanly is something we’re all health conscious about. But, when there may be a worldwide epidemic how are we as American citizens supposed to respond? Do we consider whether we’ll come home every night or if we’ll be sick in a few months or a few years? Or maybe even tomorrow.

The change from green, clean earth to viruses plaguing us is something the world will now consider as an important topic. The questions I’m posing is to find out if we’re coming into an age of CDC involvement out in the public. Will there be white ambulances to pick up the sick, falling dead or unconscious on the street? Is that what the world is going to turn into? What will families do when their called by the hospitals to decide if they want to see their infected relatives who are in the hospital in solitary confinement. What will you do? Would you let a person who has been infected back into your home?

Cover your mouth and wash your hands please.

These are questions you need to ask yourselves now. Sit with your relatives and chat about how the world has changed. Why not make a plan? Why not make decisions to keep your family and others in your community safe. If my brother is found to have the corona-virus and there is no cure and I have a baby at home of course I’m going to be worried about my baby and my brother being in the same home. What would my plan be? I’d ask a relative without kids to take my brother in when he returns from the hospital. Simple plan but it might just work. If you have  not considered any precaution for your family please reach out to the CDC and World Health Organization.

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