Coronavirus — Virus Could Last for Years in Bangladesh

  • "The prevalence of coronavirus will not end in one, two or even three months. It will last for two to three years or more."
  • The total number of cases exceeded 100,000 in Bangladesh.
  • An indefinite strike called by the Khulna district branch of the Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA) has been suspended for 72 hours.

Abul Kalam Azad, Director General of the Department of Health of Bangladesh, said that coronavirus infection will continue for two to three more years in the world, and in Bangladesh, considering the global situation. However, what public health experts are predicting is that the rate of coronavirus infection may decrease after a while.

The COVID-19 pandemic was confirmed to have spread to Bangladesh in March 2020. As of 18 June 2020, there have been a total of 102,292 confirmed cases in the country, with 40,164 recoveries and 1,343 deaths.

“The government has to work to balance the life and livelihood . . . according to the experience of different countries and public health experts, the prevalence of coronavirus will not end in one, two or even three months. It will last for two to three years or more. Although the rate of infection may not be so high,” he said.

He said he himself was infected with COVID-19 and was hospitalized. However, he returned to the office a few days ago and started working.

Mr. Azad said that if the test is increased, the mild and dormant coronavirus will come out, in which case it will not be understood that the number of infected people has decreased. He gave a list of the plans taken by the government to prevent coronavirus infection in Bangladesh, and what has been done so far.

Mr. Azad mentioned that arrangements will be made for the public and private sectors to jointly fulfill this responsibility. “People with high blood pressure, diabetes, and shortness of breath are at higher risk of death,” he said.

Butcher’s Bill

In the last 24 hours, coronavirus has been detected in 3,603 people in Bangladesh. The total number of cases exceeded 100,000, at 102,292 people. In addition, 37 more people died of COVID-19 during this period.

With this, the total number of deaths in the country has increased to 1,343 people. This number of infected people has been found by testing 16,259 samples in 59 labs of the country.

Meanwhile, 1,985 people have recovered in the last 24 hours. A total of 40,164 people have recovered so far. There are now more than 83,000,000 COVID-19 patients in the world. More than 436,000 people have died so far.

Doctors’ Strike Suspended in Khulna

Bangladesh Medical Association is the national association of medical doctors in Bangladesh. The association has branches in every district of Bangladesh and is run by the National Council and Executive Committee.

An indefinite strike called by the Khulna district branch of the Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA) has been suspended for 72 hours after a doctor was killed in an attack on a patient’s relatives.

During that time, the doctors threatened to strike again if the other accused in the case will not be arrested, the Officer-in-Charge (OC) of the Sadar Police Station was withdrawn, and the case was not brought under the speedy trial law. The announcement was made by the leaders of the BMA Khulna district branch at a press conference at Khulna Press Club on Thursday afternoon.

Khulna BMA President Physician Sheikh Baharul Alam presided over the press conference. Khulna BMA General Secretary Doctor Mehedi Newaz, Vice President Doctor Bangakamal Bose, Organizing Secretary Doctor Mamunur Rashid, Publicity Secretary Doctor Sumon Roy, and others were present at the time.

At the press conference, Mehedi Newaz said that the OC of Sadar Police Station did not take the incident seriously. When the family members of the slain doctor went to the police station to lodge a complaint, he did not take it into account at first, which was in no way desirable. Because of his negligence, the accused got a chance to escape. Proper investigation of the incident is not possible by keeping this OC in the police station. For this reason, he must be withdrawn.

Mehdi Newaz further said that after reviewing the matter of doctor’s death, it was decided to go on strike demanding arrest of the accused and withdrawal of OC. However, on the first day, three of the four accused were arrested and the BMA withdrew from the strike. However, if the three demands are not met within 72 hours, the doctors will be forced to give more stringent programs, including strike. Before the press conference, the medical leaders held an emergency meeting at Khulna BMA building.

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