Coronovirus and World Faith

  • God may be punishing China for cruelness to the Bhuddists of Tibet.
  • The leaders of World faith are concerned about the Chinese people and their welfare.
  • China is not an enemy of America and the Western World.

China officially espouses State Atheism. Fifteen percent are Bhuddist. Christianity and Islam less than 3%.

Coronovirus having started in China has become a world problem. Today the world has shrunk and the effects of Coronovirus is difficult to contain in China alone. Russia has closed its border with China one of the largest borders in the world. As much as it is desired to contain the disease in China; these efforts have failed.  Already there are cases of Coronovirus in Europe, Japan, America and in Israel. Coronovirus casualties has grown above Sars virus in 2006. Until is found a vaccination it is unpredictable how much this virus can spread outward. China is closed down economically which effects the World economy.

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Chief Rabbi of the city of Sefat Israel.

Work is being done to find a medical remedy for Coronovirus.  God has put in nature the cure for infectious diseases but it takes time to work. In the infection is the cure.  People who are infected by Coronovirus naturally build immunity which can eventually be developed by Bio-Chemists in their laboratories.

Although China is still spiritually closed to the Western World, in the last few years they have opened up their borders to Christianity and Judaism to provide Merchants visiting and living in China with places of worship. Chabad Lubavitch has several Chabad houses of worship in China.  China considers Christianity a danger to their Eastern Culture and Pope Francis has yet to have a meeting with the Chinese President. A meeting was being arranged when the Pope was visiting Italy but never came about. The Pope has requested from China to protect their places of worship which were established as early as the 7th century. There is still persecution of Christians in China.

Meeting this crisis which has crippled China materially, the people of China need spiritual strengthening which is the job of all faiths.  In Israel, Shmuel Eliyahu the Chief Rabbi of the city of Sefat in a weekly lecture addressed the problem of Coronovirus offering spiritual advice.  He spoke about the importance of thanking God for the good and for the bad.  The lecture was given on the news years day of Trees in Israel.

In the time of King David there was a very destructive plague in the nation.  It was similar to Coronovirus.  To stop the plague King David instructed all Israel citizens to make 100 blessings each day on foods, and other religious needs. They listened to the decree of King David and the plague stopped.

In Judaism this custom is continued today.  Rabbi Eliyahu quoted a portion from the Talmud, that praised non-Jews who recite blessings of thanks.  After a blessing is recited the custom is to answer Amen. The Talmud teaches that also for a blessing recited by a non-Jew should be answered by Jews Amen. Basically a blessing on food is recited, Blessed is God our God king of the universe who has created the fruits of the trees.  If this advice helped for Jews in the times of King David it may also help for Chinese people suffering from the plague of Coronovirus.  Rabbi Eliyahu also mentioned about all people receiving upon them the Yoke of Heaven and the seven commandments given to the children of Noah.

Pope Francis.

Pope Francis has made special prayers for Coronovirus victims and encouraged prayer for them in the Christian World.

The Dali Lama who is a victim of Chinese aggression in Tibet asked his devotees to chant a Mantra to contain the threat of Coronovirus. In 1950 the Communist Regime in China invaded Tibet. They conquered Tibet and made it a national autonomous region of China. The highly religious people of Tibet who practice Bhuddism suffered under communist China’s antireligious legistlation. The people of Tibet opposed the communist regime and the Dali Lama was forced to flee Tibet and exiled to India. In 1989 the Dali Lama was awarded the Nobel Peace prize in recognition of his non-violent campaign to end the Chinese domination of Tibet.

God is the master of the world. China has become closer to the Western World through trade. When China will again release their control of Tibet and allow the Dali Lami to return for sure will end this plague.

About this is quoted from the prophet Ezekiel which can be applied to the anti-religious regime of Communist China, “I will remove from you a heart of stone and make for you a heart of flesh.”

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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