Court Rules John Bolton Can Publish Book

  • Thanks to the decision of a U.S. District Judge, Bolton's book can be published, as planned, on Tuesday.
  • Judge Lamberth, in his opinion, said that Bolton had gambled with the United States’ national security.
  • After Saturday’s ruling, Trump attacked Bolton via Twitter.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s former national security advisor, John Bolton, can go on and publish his book full of criticism against his former boss. This is after a court denied an injunction by the Trump administration to try and stop publication of “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir.”

John Robert Bolton is an American attorney, political commentator, Republican consultant, former diplomat and national security advisor. Bolton published his memoirs in June 2020, titled The Room Where It Happened.

Thanks to the decision of a U.S. District Judge, Bolton’s book can be published, as planned, on Tuesday. Bolton’s book is an explosive one, with several blows aimed at President Trump. Considering that this is an election year in the US, the book is likely to impact negatively on President Donald Trump’s popularity.  

Judge Royce Lamberth justified his decision, saying that the government “failed to establish that an injunction would prevent irreparable harm.” It is also pointless to delay the publication now, Lamberth said, as there are already around 200,000 copies in book stores, and anyone who has already held the book can distribute its content.

“With hundreds of thousands of copies around the globe— many in newsrooms— the damage is done. There is no restoring the status quo,” Judge Lamberth said.

Lamberth Condemns Bolton

Judge Lamberth, in his opinion, said that Bolton had gambled with the United States’ national security. The Judge said that Bolton’s book exposes America to potential harm, and himself to potential criminal liability. The Judge, however, explained that doesn’t control the matter before the Court.

Lamberth ruled against the government’s request for an injunction anyway. Initially, the Justice Department had sued to stop the publication. The book contained top secret material, DOJ alleged. A preliminary check by the National Security Council has not yet been completed. Then, the US government submitted the now-defunct injunction.

600 Pages Full of Criticism

In his roughly 600-page work, from which the first passages had already gone to the press, Bolton spared no criticism of his former boss. He suggests Trump has a “pattern of fundamentally unacceptable behavior that undermined the presidency’s legitimacy.”

The president was not up to the job, incompetent, and always put his re-election at the top, Bolton says. Trump suspected a conspiracy behind “every stone.” He was also “shockingly uninformed,” particularly about “how to run the White House.”

The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir is an upcoming memoir by John Bolton, who served as National Security Advisor for U.S. President Donald Trump. Leaked information about the book’s contents increased the pressure for having Bolton testify in the Senate’s impeachment trial of Trump.

Bolton was part of Trump’s government team for almost a year and a half, and through his book, he claims that he has concrete allegations against the head of state. Amongst other claims, Bolton alleges that Trump is said to have asked the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, for campaign help.

In the Ukraine affair, Bolton claims that Trump wanted to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid for Ukraine, so that it could be used to investigate the son of Joe Biden, Trump’s rival in the presidential election campaign. The Ukraine affair even resulted in impeachment proceedings that ended in an acquittal for Trump .

Trump Says Book Full of Lies

After Saturday’s ruling, Trump attacked Bolton via Twitter.

Wow, I finally agree with failed political consultant Steve Schmidt, who called Wacko John Bolton “a despicable man who failed in his duty to protect America.” Also stated that he should never be allowed to serve in government again. So true!

Plain and simple, John Bolton, who was all washed up until I brought him back and gave him a chance, broke the law by releasing Classified Information (in massive amounts). He must pay a very big price for this, as others have before him. This should never to happen again!!!

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