Covid19 – A Revolution for Democracy and Equality

  • Covid-19 is bringing the world together through democracy.
  • Covid-19 is uniting the religions of the world with the Universal faith.
  • Corona is uniting the LGBT community with the world.

Covid-19 has produced a revolution. The whole world is locked down on the way to normalcy. The great powers of the world Russia, China, U.S. are victims of Covid revolution. Covid has been called “the great equalizer.”  Covid is at war with humanity to break through it conflicts.  Covid is a challenge to humanity. Scientists say, “Covid is here to stay. It is not as bad as we thought”  Covid will make changes even after return to normalcy.

Madonna the Messiah of song in the universal faith called Corona “the great equalizer.”

The nature of a human being is to think only of himself. People are selfish by nature. The natural order of priorities is first yourself like it says in the ethics of the fathers, “If I will not be for myself, who will be for me.”

A man needs a woman. Next important to the man is his wife. The wife loves her children before anything because she gave birth to them in pain. The man is forced by his wife to love and support the children she gave him. When a man had more than one wife, the jealousy between his wives and their children became a problem. Abraham was forced by his wife Sarah to send Hagar his second wife and Ishmael her child away.

The next natural love of the man is for his community.  His community may be also his family or his nation. The word community includes in it the word unity. In unity there is strength.  In community there is strength. In community there is politics. The community chooses a leader and a committee. Together they write a constitution. Communities are secular by nature. A religious community is a community which connects to a religion. A community needs unity to exist as a community. When it chooses a religion it is strengthened by its religion. Religions strengthen the community. They also separate one community from another community.

People have in their nature conscience. Religions support conscience. Conscience considers the next person. Conscience has in it Godliness. Conscience directs people to do what they believe is right. Religions came into the world to separate one community with conscience from another community with a different conscience. Judaism has laws to separate the Jewish community from other communities. Christianity separated the Christian community from other communities. Islam separated the Muslims community from other communities.

People who follow the instructions of the leader of their community add strength to its unity. The leaders of the community give instructions to follow. Those that refuse to follow these instructions are in effect leaving the community. They may join another community or they may be left out alone. The Communities provide education to their children. The mothers of the community want the proper education for their children. The fathers may want sometimes to rebel but their wives insist that they stay connected for the sake of their children. Woman have a strong word.  They are sometimes considered the rulers of the world.

A democratic nation is an interfaith religious community. In a democracy there is freedom of religion. In a democracy there may also be atheists. The democratic nations of today unlike Ancient Greece and Rome were born from theocracies, the Byzantine Empire, Ottoman empire, Israel the Biblical State of Israel. The foundation of democracies are theocracies. Theocracies are a one religion nation. Democracy is a multi-religion nation. Democracies today have almost completely separated from their past. A secular democratic national religious nation maintains freedom of religion and other freedoms which were not allowed in a theocracy.

Israeli children are returning to school.

After World War II the nations of the world organized an international unit called the United Nations. The United Nations is composed mostly of secular democratic nations. The United Nations makes an attempt to unite the nations of the world with International law. The purpose of International law is to unite nations together in peace through democracy and to protect human rights. International law like democracy is also connected to Universal faith.

Christianity and Islam are connected to Judaism the first monotheistic religion united by the Law of Moses. These religions made changes in the Law of Moses with an attempt not to destroy its foundations of justice. The movement toward Universal faith began with Christianity. Chassidism a messianic movement in Orthodox Judaism connected to the Zohar and the resurrection of Moses connects freedom and religion.

Corona called by Madonna the American Entertainer and Guru the great equalizer unites the world together in one universal purpose Good life.  Good life needs good health. Corona is a disease the enemy of Good life and Good Health. Corona dangers life. Corona kills. Corona needs to be controlled. Corona is a universal enemy. Corona unites the world.

The secular and religious agree about the importance of Good life but have different opinions of the meaning of Good life.  Health is needed for Good Life. If Corona will rule the world, the world will no longer be a vessel for Good Life. All the nations of the world are united together in the war with Corona. The war with Corona is the battle for life, a universal purpose. Amongst the ultra-religious there are very few people that deny the importance of health and live on faith alone.

The disease of Corona virus is unusual. It is essentially a respiratory flu which is dangerous to the elderly and those with weak immunity systems caused by medical conditions. People with HIV who are not under treatment with (ART) have weak immunity systems making them more vulnerable to Corona. Corona is making HIV people to start to use ART. This is great service to the rest of the world because HIV people when taking ART are not infectious. This has been a big problem for society that HIV people refused to be tested and to receive treatment with ART.  Almost half of HIV people were not on treatment when began Corona Pandemic.

HIV was also called a Pandemic in 2006. By the year 2006, 65 million people were infected with HIV and it had caused 25 million deaths. Corona is in itself a Pandemic but will not cause as many deaths as HIV but maybe more infections. Corona is a threat to the lives of people with HIV who are not under treatment. It may kill those that are not under treatment even those that are under 60 years old.

Representatives of the major religions in Israel gathered together in Interfaith prayer to end the Corona Pandemic. Each representative is standing two meters apart. Each religion is a separate entity.

On the Staff of President Trump are three representative who have been active in fighting the HIV pandemic.  The Trump Response team is led by Vice President Mike Pence who was the governor of Indiana in the time of the HIV outbreak in 2015.

Dr. Deborah Birx United States Global Aids Coordinator, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top American infectious disease expert are on the medical staff. Corona will help President Trump continue the work to stop infectious spreading of HIV through forcing HIV infected people to go for treatment and even to take tests for HIV. HIV infected people not under ART may be among the deaths of Americans and Europeans under the age of 60.

To this date there are no statistics concerning which medical conditions specifically have caused the deaths of those under 60. However it has already been made public to the HIV communities that those under treatment have no less vulnerability to Corona than normal people. HIV weakens the immunity system which makes the HIV community more vulnerable to Corona.

People organize in communities religious and secular. Democracy is an interfaith community. The representatives of the various monotheistic religions which are usually in opposition gathered together in Jerusalem in interfaith prayer to stop the Corona virus. Corona strengthens democracy which give freedom of religion allowing multiple monotheistic faiths to gather in prayer or in interfaith dialogue. Baha”i which originated in Acre whose center is in Haifa was another step toward the Universal faith.

Corona also strengthens democracy by pressuring HIV infected people to go for tests and to initiate ART to those infected by HIV that they should not be considered a threat to the health of the population. In Israel, America, and Europe there is a lot of opposition to the gay community for these reasons.  The gay community LGBT are proud to be LGBT. Democracy gives freedom to LGBT even to march proudly in the major cities of the world. LGBT marriages are even accepted in many countries. HIV was once a Pandemic but through ART it is under control and no longer a threat to the world.  HIV people are not forced by governments to tests for HIV or to take ART. Corona is forcing them. Corona the great equalizer is helping LGBT to become more acceptable to all people in a democracy.

God wants democracy but in democracy people can sometimes take advantage of their freedom. There are extremists on both sides extreme religion like ISIS, extreme religious that refuse to quarantine, and extreme leftists who abuse the privileges of freedom sometimes to the point of anarchy.

Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio faced with severe Corona Pandemic in his city said, “Government is of essential importance for good life.”  Government has to enforce strict quarantine regulations to limit the damage of the Corona virus. New York is fighting two pandemics which are Corona and Aids. The attention is on Corona but the HIV/AIDS pandemic is in the background. Governor Cuomo extended the quarantine stay in the houses until June 13.

Covid-19 is a revolution directed in specific problem areas in democracy to make democracy more perfect for Good Life, Good Health.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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