Creating a Positive Working Environment – 8 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

  • Learn how to motivate your employees.
  • Creating a happy and inspiring working environment.
  • Making your employees happier.

To have happy and content employees who are productive and effective, it’s not enough to tell them to stay positive. Creating a happy and inspiring working environment involves several aspects. As a manager or the owner, you will have to do more to motivate your workers to contribute more and to help them be healthier and more content.

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1.Recognize and praise their contribution

Days of annual reviews are long gone, so no reason for you to tell your employee “Good job!” instantly if they did something well. The major reason why people leave companies is that they don’t feel appreciated and their low salaries are telling them their work doesn’t matter.

Send an email to all your employees asking them how they would like to be praised after a job well done. Some of them prefer one-on-one praises while others enjoy simply hearing you shout “Great job!” at the meeting.

2.Invest in employee-friendly facilities

The working place should not consist only of offices and waiting rooms. Your employees will appreciate it a lot if you equip a room for yoga classes, gym exercises, or simply start serving healthy foods and drinks there so that your employees can come in there and have a chat.

You don’t have to break the bank with expensive workout equipment. There are alternatives – for example, maybe one of the employees can lead meditation or yoga classes on the break or you can hire a professional to do it.

The essence is to show your employees you’re trying to create something for them.

3.Mind the work/life balance

Finding the balance between work and private life has been utterly important for many managers and business owners. Employees shouldn’t feel they are giving almost all of their time to your company.

By introducing certain perks, you’ll give your employees a chance to lead a more fulfilled life outside the office, too.

Work-from-home Fridays, childcare and wellness options, a lot of working days – all of that helps achieve and attain balance and leads to happy and healthy employees. Incentives that promote your employees’ well-being and help them have a quality private life make a lot of difference.

4. Start with a “good morning”

Sometimes all it takes for your employees to feel appreciated is an honest “Good morning” from you followed by a smile. Show them you’re glad they are there and that they are giving their contribution. More precisely, show them you’ve noticed they have arrived.

From time to time, you can prepare a little surprise for them in the morning – that will instantly boost the mood and make them more productive. For example, you could arrange for gift hampers waiting for them on their desks- it will cheer them up, and sometimes you can use these gift hampers as a way of saying “thank you”.

Work in the office can be fun.

5. Avoid micromanaging

Nobody likes working while the boss is constantly hovering around. People are more prone to mistakes when they know somebody is watching them and monitoring their progress.

Remember that you were the one who hired these people so show them the same trust you showed when you choose them to become a part of your team. When they realize you trust them to do their jobs correctly, they will have more confidence and feel more relaxed. Consequently, that will make them feel more productive.

6.Introduce games and fun

A team is only a team when they laughed and had fun together, and maybe solved a problem or two together.

You can make this happen by carefully designed team-building days or projects. The majority of people love games, so allowing your employees to have fun playing games together will show them they are not just a bunch of working machines for you. It will also bring you all together, making you trust each other more and more relaxed in each other’s company.

7.Improve communication

It’s easy to go the wrong way, lose motivation, or make mistakes if you don’t know what’s expected from you or if the communication channels are bad.

You need to make sure there are no misunderstandings due to a lack of communication and that all of your employees know in which direction your company and certain projects are going.  Online communication tools can help you with that, together with positive and constructive feedback whenever necessary and conflict resolution practices. Make it easier for all your employees to understand each other and you, and to feel understood as well.

8.Create an Individual Development Plan for everybody

IDP (Individual Development Plan) is a way to help your employees use and benefit from their strengths and to become aware of their weak spots and work on them.

Every employee has their ambitions and hopes, as well as a desire to evolve and develop in a certain aspect. By creating an IDP for each one of them, you will enable them to keep on learning and developing the way they want. It can be unbelievably motivating and inspiring to them if you show them you want them to develop in numerous aspects of their own choice.

Bottom line

The positive working environment is a path built by you and all your employees together. However, you have to be the one who puts things into motion, inspiring others to do the same. Making your employees happier and inspired can do only good for your company and them.

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