Crime Rates and Homeless Numbers Expected to Soar Due to COVID 19

  • Homeless numbers already rising.
  • 16 million jobs lost so far.
  • Crime rates to rise.

In the city of San Antonio, right now, there are some 3,000 homeless people. Those numbers are on the increase because people have been laid off or furloughed. A large section of the population has been living paycheck to paycheck for many years. This same scenario is beginning to be played out across the nation.

Homeless in San Antonio.

Right now, there are nearly 3,000 homeless men and women living in shelters and on city and county streets. Layoffs and furloughs during the coronavirus outbreak are causing those numbers to increase.”

With shelters already at full capacity, those that can’t afford an apartment or house find themselves living on the sidewalks, further endangering themselves and others. The City of San Antonio plans to put homeless people of their city in motels to ensure distancing.

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg said “it’s very hard to keep social distancing in a shelter.” The city of D.C. is currently accessing the possibility of placing homeless people in motels for the purpose of “distancing” also.

Crime and Homelessness.

However, as the country hunkers down, the economy worsens. More people will lose employment and more people will become homeless. When humans are forced to live without adequate shelter, on a grander scale, society begins to break down.

Homelessness causes crime and is sometimes the result of crime. When people get hungry they have to eat. When people are freezing they will seek warmth. And they will do these things even if it means breaking laws.  The State of California is set to release 3,500 prisoners back into the population early. Other States are sure to follow suit. A lot of those prisoners being released will be living on the streets with nowhere to go.

People that don’t have a proper leg up in this situation usually return to the same thing’s that got them arrested earlier.  More than 10 million people had lost their jobs by the end of March and applied for unemployment benefits.

Crime Rates.

By April 9th, 16 million had applied for benefits. As those numbers continue to climb the economy will be doing backflips. During all the chaos, more and more people will become homeless, and the crime rate begins to rise.   As doctors, lab techs, and many more work towards finding a vaccine for the COVID 19 virus, we can only hope it will be soon. (Here is a List). This is something that this nation has not had to deal with in recent history. But I believe this nation can be an example of how one takes care of its citizens. I also believe the citizens can rally to help one another in the kindest of ways. And may God help us all.

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