De Bouse to Fauci: Your Opinion Not So Expert

  • Concerning COVID, Dr. Fauci has stated "Following health protocols didn't necessarily lead to better results."
  • Respected Researcher and Behaviorist Greshun De Bouse says "Dr. Fauci's so-called expert opinion may not be so expert."
  • I consider Dr. Fauci and others who promote widespread mask-wearing (with unfounded efficacy) discriminatory toward those unable to wear masks and/or face shields due to conditions. -Greshun De Bouse.

The word COVID may go down in history as one of the most used and most hated words in the lexicon.  From reporters and politicians to citizens to researchers and physicians, COVID is one of the first and last words of the day spoken.  Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and, has been very vocal concerning COVID his thoughts on curbing COVID cases.  But though Fauci is viewed as a U.S. pandemic authority by some, others believe his opinions on COVID may not be accurate.

You may recall in July of 2020, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick stated to The Hill that Fauci “doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and has been wrong every time on every issue.” Now with the upcoming holidays, Fauci is trying to dissuade families from gathering-a dissuasion with which many politicians and others disagree.  Fauci has even admitted concerning COVID that, “States following health protocols didn’t necessarily lead to better results. If the U.S. pandemic authority states following COVID protocols didn’t yield better results, he makes us wonder if such protocols are necessary-especially for the holidays.

We consulted our expert-Respected Researcher and Behaviorist Greshun De Bouse who says “Dr. Fauci’s so-called expert opinion may not be so expert.” Below is the rest of her commentary:

Respected Researcher and Behaviorist Greshun De Bouse.

Dr. Fauci is encouraging persons to keep Thanksgiving gatherings “as small as you possibly can.” How is this sensible or conducive to COVID-case minimization? No consistently conclusive evidence exists to support the notion that smaller gatherings have any less effect on COVID contraction than larger gatherings.  My research along with that of other researchers-including Dr. Fauci-lends credence to the sporadicism of COVID.

Simply stated, whether or not one wears a mask, and whether or not one participates in large or small gatherings, COVID selects its recipients at will. Fauci has admitted COVID cases are not necessarily reduced by following COVID protocols, and I believe all individuals should have the right to choose to or not to wear masks or gather or what have you.  Mask mandates, especially with no provisions for those unable to wear them, is discriminatory and quite problematic. Certain persons are erroneously purporting CDC COVID ‘recommendations’ as ‘law’.  That is not the case. The CDC can only recommend, and while we respect the organization, we must recognize they have not been the most reliable authority on COVID. A good part of CDC COVID research findings have been inconsistent and contradictory. 

Dr. Fauci has an upcoming 80th birthday on Christmas Eve, and I am interested in learning how he plans to celebrate it. If he decides not to gather, that is his choice.  Likewise, others have the right to ‘choose’ to celebrate the holidays with gatherings as usual. I consider Dr. Fauci and others who promote widespread mask-wearing (with unfounded efficacy) discriminatory toward those unable to wear masks and/or face shields due to conditions.  What are such persons to do? How can they live any type of quality of life? In October 2020, Fauci insensitively told CNN “If people are not wearing masks, then maybe we should be mandating it.” This is an irresponsible statement that excludes a good portion of the population with mask-wearing prohibitive conditions, and facilitates a greater environment for mullying.

There it is. Like always, Expert Researcher and Behaviorist Greshun De Bouse has spoken powerful words concerning COVID.  We have to respect De Bouse’s research findings and acknowledge the validity of them. Dr. Fauci has stated what De Bouse has been stating-suggested COVID precautions are not necessarily effective.

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