Deadly Fire in Paris, Three People Killed – 30 People with Injuries

  • Three people are dead.
  • One seriously injured.
  • 30 people with minor injuries.

A fire broke out in Paris’ eleventh arrondissement this Saturday around 5 am. Three people lost their lives.

A terrible fire in Paris’ 11th arrondissement.

According to news sources, around 5 am, a fire broke out in a building at Rue de Nemours in Paris’ 11th arrondissement. The toll is heavy with at least three people have been killed and one person in serious condition, firefighters announced.

The city of Paris is divided into twenty arrondissements municipaux, administrative districts, more simply referred to as arrondissements in French). The word “arrondissement”, when applied to Paris, refers almost always to the municipal arrondissements listed below. The number of the arrondissement is indicated by the last two digits in most Parisian postal codes (75001 up to 75020). (Wikipedia)

The fire has since been controlled by firefighters who had deployed major means to fight against the flames. The disaster began in the stairwell of a building dating from the 70s-80s.

At least 30 wounded people were transported to the hospital.

Among the victims, a woman was rescued, while the other two were found charred by firefighters. The ground floor of the building was occupied by a hotel and a restaurant, from which the fire probably started. Courts separating three stairwells made it much more difficult for the rescuers.

“Many lives have been saved because people were confined to their homes rather than fleeing in the stairwell,” said François Vauglin, Paris’ 11th district mayor, adding that they were “injured otherwise killed because of the violence of the fire.” According to the mayor, the building “did not pose a structural problem at this stage.”

In Le Parisien, a 25-year-old building resident revealed that the building was under construction. “They remade the facades and that allowed us to escape by the scaffolding and the roofs.” Firefighters reiterated their prevention messages.

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