Defending the Right to Be Rich – George Floyd- Corona

  • Each person has potential but not all people are created the same.
  • You can only be who you are at your maximum potential.
  • Jealousy is the work of the devil.

Corona virus teaches to be satisfied with your portion in life. Corona the enemy of all of mankind American, Russian, Brazilian, White, and Black, Jewish, Christian has been also called the great equalizer. The Bible teaches poverty is compared to death. No one wants to be poor. Becoming rich is an incentive for Americans. In a Communist society there is no incentive to become rich. In a society where there is no incentive to become rich, joy is lacking.

Kobe Bryant an example to Blacks and their children.

Expecting people to be on the spiritual level of the seventy elders of Israel who Moses took on the mountain and shined upon them the Holy Spirit is not possible for the son of man. Only special people can reach the level of spirituality where wealth is no longer important to them. Spiritual wealth, knowledge of God requires a humble heart and a downcast soul. This level of connection to God is reserved for the elders. The young are usually not ready for spiritual wealth and are more interested in material prosperity.

Corona virus spares the young people of our generation and is dangerous to the elders. Nevertheless the world has gone in lockdown to protect the elders. The elders are a minority people 60 years old and up. The elders have life experience which the youth lack. They may also be learned in the esoteric meanings of life. To the elders is granted wisdom, while the youth seek wealth and prosperity. The elders retire at 70. They have already made their fortune or not. Their children continue their businesses while they rest at home and watch television waiting for the last day of their life to come. Corona is confronting the elders with a message to accept death and make your own soul introspection about your efforts and achievement in the past and join the seventy elders of Israel with Moses their teacher.

The seventy elders of Israel is written about in the Bible Numbers, 11:16, “And the Lord said to Moses, Gather to me seventy men of the elders of Israel, that you know that they are the elders of the people, and officers over them, and bring them to the Tent of Meeting, that they may stand there with me. And I will come down to talk to you there, and I will take from the spirit which I gave you and give it to them.”

Today in the wake of Corona virus the elders have been singled out from the youth to receive this universal message. Many of our elders in America, Israel and throughout the world have died from Corona. A second wave of Corona is on the way. The message of Corona to the elders is prepare for the last day. Join together with Moses and the saints in the Tent of Meeting to receive the Holy Spirit.

If you have not opened the Bible your whole life, now is the time. The elders have a separate purpose from the youth. The youth are seeking wealth and prosperity. The elders have retired from work. The elders now that they are retired prepare for the Sabbath which comes at the end of the six days of work and the end of life. They spend their time with Moses studying the Bible in the Tent of Meeting.

In Modern society medical science has lengthened the lives of people. Life expectancy has gone up even to eighty. The elders at the last stage of their lives can look in two directions. They can devote their time to the continuation of their lives through the help of medical science to reach as high as ninety or more. They can accept death and join Moses and go up into the Tent of Meeting to study the Bible as their main pursuit. They can do both but seeking wealth and prosperity belongs to the youth.

The Blacks in America are jealous of wealthy Americans. America gives the opportunity to all people to become wealthy. Becoming wealthy is a challenge to Americans. Not everyone is successful to become wealthy. The Standard of living for Blacks in America is much less than Asian and White.

Corona called the great equalizer united the leaders of the various religions in Jerusalem in Interfaith prayer.

There is always competition in employment. Employees will seek the best candidates for employment. For the best candidates they have to pay higher salaries. They can be satisfied with close to the best at a lower wage. The youth prepare themselves for employment in High School and University. They add to their resumes job experience. They are paid according to their abilities which is justice. America guarantees all its people employment but cannot guarantee to every American wealth and prosperity. America also has a place for the handicapped and learning disabled.

The competition in life especially in America is ruff. The poor feel that they are second class citizens. Many poor people give up through frustration to improve their talents through further education. Giving up is the major problem which prevents the poor from improving their standard of living.

George Floyd had the potential to be a professional athlete. To become a professional athlete is the dream of many Americans. Even though his size six foot six was enough for High School and college varsity, he did not reach professional. This may have been his first frustration. His good friend was a professional athlete. George Floyd had the intelligence to enter South Florida Community College. He did not go to further his education. Giving up on your future is the enemy which leads people to take drugs and become criminals.

There is a middle way in life between wealthy and poor. The Bible teaches, “who is the rich man, the one who is content with his portion.” To raise a family is not needed to be wealthy. Statistics show that the poor have more children than the wealthy. A goal for Americans and for every human being is to reach the middle class. Although wealth is a goal, it is not for everyone. All men are created equal is a heavenly ideal; but on the earth some people have more intelligence IQ than others, some are created more physically strong. Middle class or upper middle class is a more practical goal reachable by everyone.

Money is an important part of life but wealth is not necessary to enjoy the God given gift of life. All people whites and blacks have to be satisfied with middle class American life. Being poor is a curse. A democratic nation gives each person the opportunity to leave poverty and make for himself a better life. George Floyd had this opportunity. Today in America all blacks, all Americans have this opportunity. The major problem which people have is that they are not satisfied by their portion. They are not satisfied with middle class life. People dream of millions and gamble away their hard earned money.

President Trump has boasted that the American economy before Corona crisis was the best in history for blacks and all Americans. Unemployment was the lowest and wages for blacks were the highest in history. Jealousy is not an excuse but a danger to domestic tranquility and justice. Liberals offer to Americans to become socialist as a solution to the wage discrepancies in America. Socialism will kill the incentive of Americans who have been given by God the gift of intelligence to improve American society in the field of science, medicine, and technology.  Socialism works, democracy works better.

The elders who have life experience and are retired have the work to enlighten the younger generations that most important in life is to be satisfied with your portion when it is above poverty. America needs geniuses who have the incentive to use their talents to help America and the world and also to be rewarded with upper class standards of life. The Bible is the balancer between the rich and the poor. The Bible gives the incentive to the poor to become rich.

The Bible teaches that the rich man is the one who is content with his own portion. When you get old and have grandchildren there is no longer competition. Competition is a necessary part of life. Rabbi Nachman of Breslov a Chassidic master  lived 200 years ago taught, “There is no such thing as hopelessness. If you believe that it is possible to destroy, believe also that you can correct. It is the greatest achievement to be happy. The world and life is a narrow bridge to cross over. If you fall you can get back on the road.”

The goal for Blacks is to be happy with their portion. Jealousy is not a way. Know yourself and your own potential. Reach your own potential. You cannot be someone else. Family is the cradle of life. Education is the foundation of success in life. Open up the Bible when you are young and don’t wait for the day of judgement. Use Kobe Bryant the basketball star who recently died in a tragic crash as an example for you and your children. Martin Luther King is the Messiah for Black people. He taught the Bible. He taught non-violence.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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