Democracy in Danger Throughout the World

  • Democracy is being challenged in Israel after three elections.
  • The Lebanese democratic government was dissolved after the explosion.
  • America is confronting Chinese abuse in Hong Kong.

The Israeli public is losing its trust in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israel government. They feel that Netanyahu is abusing the privileges of his position as Prime Minister. The attempt to make a unified government between Benny Gantz and Netanyahu seems to be a failure.

People demonstrate in Hong Kong for freedom against communist Chinese rule.

The government was formed in an emergency because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Not only does it seem that Netanyahu and the new coalition have failed in its attempt to control Coronavirus outbreak, but also within the new coalition, there is no political harmony.

Initially, the coalition was to immediately make a two year budget. The new government was sworn in on May 14.  According to the coalition agreement, they were to make a budget by August 25. The budget was to be for two years.  Netanyahu wants to change the plans and make a budget for one year. Benny Gantz insists on a two year budget.

People feel that Netanyahu wants the one year budget in order to dissolve the government after one year to avoid indictment at the end of the year. The reason Netanyahu gives for changing the initial plans about the budget for one year is because of the instability of the situation and economy during the Coronavirus crisis.

The people are calling Netanyahu a traitor to democracy.  Tens of thousands of Israelis have demonstrated in front of the house of Netanyahu in protest to his failures to solve the problems of the government.

If the agreement on the budget is not solved by August 25, there will be a fourth election. There is very little chance that in the fourth elections the situation will change from the third election, where each side was unable to make their coalition mandate of a majority of 61 seats. 

Democracy will be destroyed as a result, and the nation will be thrown into turmoil torn from both sides: the conservative Likud party, and the liberal Blue and White bloc.

After the explosion in Lebanon, democracy in Lebanon, which was weak anyway, is falling apart. Prime Minister Hassan Diab, along with his entire government, have resigned. Turkey is also continuously faced with conflicts between democracy and Islamist theocracy.

Israel is being compared in the news to Lebanon and Turkey. Netanyahu, through refusing to accept a two year budget as planned, is threatening democracy.

Lebanese demonstrate against their government, and Hezbollah, following the Beirut Blast.

Democrats in America have the same claims as in Israel, that President Donald Trump is a threat to democracy with his conservative Republican decisions. Both Netanyahu and Trump are strong leaders of their nation, but have strong opposition within the government and by the public. Trump claims that he is defending democracy while his opponents claim he is destroying democracy.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is vehement in his opposition to China, especially concerning Hong Kong. China is communist, defending its ideology, and enforcing changes in Hong Kong. Democracy seems to be threatened by Communism. Trump attempted to weaken the influence of China in the world to make America more independent of China economically.

China has stepped into Israel as an investor, which gives China a say in Israeli politics. When democracy weakens, Communism gains a hold on the world. The lack of unity within democratic nations makes China more powerful in the world. China, a one-party nation, exists through its military internally. 

Democracy, a two-party or multi-party political system, cannot make quick decisions like China, a communist nation. The Coronavirus is an example of the difficulties which democracies have in dealing with a crisis. China controlled the outbreak much quicker than any other nation in the world. They are also the source of the Coronavirus.

To consider China an enemy depends upon which side of democracy you stand. China is making an alignment with Iran, which makes world politics more chaotic.

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David Wexelman

Author of 5 books on the internet on topics of Jewish mysticism, managing two websites.

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