Democrat Impeachment Inquiry Will Likely Make Trump Stronger

  • The American public is growing weary of the Democrats' attempts at impeachment.
  • Trump believes this impeachment inquiry can only help him.
  • Republicans are critical of how the inquiry is being handled.

Many pundits have speculated that the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry may end up hurting the party and could lead to a Republican victory in 2020. After the Mueller investigation dragged on for nearly two years and failed to yield anything conclusive, many Americans have become weary of Democrat efforts to impeach Trump. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also showed apprehension in calling for a formal impeachment inquiry. However, after increasing pressure from her colleagues in the House, she took concrete step towards impeachment.

President Trump is confident that the impeachment will backfire on the Democrats and will only help him win reelection. On Friday he said, “What they’re trying to do is weaken me, but it’s actually made me stronger.” Trump continued, “People are angry about it … and it’s made Republicans and people that vote for me, not just Republicans, really angry … because it’s a hoax.”

Liberal Rolling Stone reporter Matt Taibbi argues the Steele Dossier rolled out in a similar manner to the WMD argument for invading Iraq in 2003 and that the mainstream media has not learned the lesson.

After failing to secure an impeachment from the Trump Russia investigation, Democrats are pushing for impeachment again. Many Democratic congress members think that a phone call between President Trump and President Zelensky of Ukraine, in which Trump asked Zelensky to investigate some of the suspicious circumstances surrounding Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, is the key to impeachment. The call came at a time when US military aid was being withheld from Ukraine. Democrats say that this is a clear abuse of power and warrants impeachment. The White House maintains that there was no “quid pro quo” and therefore, no criminal misconduct.

Considering the amount of time and resources the Democrats have poured into impeachment, failure to impeach the President could have extremely negative consequences for them in the polls. However if the House does end up voting for impeachment, the Democrats could suffer in the polls due to the subsequent invigoration of Trump’s base.

President Trump has also recently gone after the whistleblower who initially brought the Trump Zelensky call to light. He referred to the whistleblower as “a disgrace to our country” and claimed that Mark Zaid, the attorney representing the whistleblower, “should be sued, and maybe for treason.”

There have also been complaints from Republican lawmakers regarding the handling of the impeachment inquiry. Chief among these complaints is the secrecy surrounding the inquiry, as all testimony so far has been behind closed doors, and Democrats have withheld key information regarding the impeachment inquiry from Republican lawmakers. Republicans have also criticized the Democrats for not holding a full House vote to authorize the impeachment inquiry, as was done for the investigations into Presidents Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon.

The Democrats have shown that they will not give up impeachment, no matter the cost. Much of the public has grown tired during the three years Democrats have spent attempting to find grounds for impeachment.

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