Demonstrations Persist in America, Israel

  • In a theocracy, when times are difficult, prayer gatherings are peaceful demonstrations.
  • In a democracy, public demonstrations are allowed against the establishment.
  • In China, it is forbidden to demonstrate or pray.

Demonstrations continue in Louisville, Kentucky, and throughout the United States, against the decision of a grand jury in the killing of Breonna Taylor. The grand jury’s decision to not charge the police officers who killed Taylor was legal but controversial. It was based on all evidence given by all sides involved in the killing.

Religious Jews demonstrate against oppression through prayer to God for help.

Americans should accept decisions by the judicial system or, in the case of a criminal conviction, appeal these decisions according to law. OJ Simpson was acquitted for killing his wife, but later found liable in a civil trial for her wrongful death. The court decided to acquit him according to the evidence, but there remained doubts about the court’s decision.

Under due process, people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. For this reason, criminals are sometimes acquitted or not charged.  Accepting democracy means accepting the court system.

The demonstrations now against the court’s decision, in the case of Breonna Taylor, are demonstrations against democracy.  These demonstrations are allowed only in a democracy, which is a contradiction. If you want America to be a democracy, make peaceful demonstrations.

Demonstrations are not allowed in a dictatorship. In communist China, demonstrations against the establishment are not allowed. In Biblical Israel, the Byzantine Empire, and the Ottoman Empire, demonstrations were not allowed against the establishment.

People need to demonstrate when they feel unhappy.  The people demonstrating for Black Lives Matter and for Breonna Taylor are revealing their feelings of frustration about the American establishment.

Elections are coming up in November, where they will be able to display their voting power. Until then, they are expressing their objection to the decision in the trial of Breonna Taylor through demonstrations.

The Coronavirus, which the Trump administration has called the “China Virus” because it originated in Wuhan, China, has created unhappiness in the world. People are mourning their loved ones that have died from the Coronavirus. People have been put under stress through demands for quarantine. Demonstrations have been a way for people to release their frustrations during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

China, by suppressing freedom and human rights, does not have a problem with people’s opposition to their establishment. The feelings of the people in China are suppressed, and the law prohibits the expression of these feelings. The environment in China is always tense.

China, like other dictatorships, is ruled by a minority.  The minority are usually connected to the representatives of the Communist Party and their close followers. The Coronavirus is a bigger threat to Communism than to democracy because the leaders of the Communist Party, usually the older generation of the Communist Party, are in danger from the Coronavirus more than the young.

China immediately chose to quarantine when the Coronavirus broke out in Wuhan, rather than to deal with the Coronavirus using medicines which were developed for controlling viral conditions. These medicines could help for people the age of 80 without medical conditions, but not for those that already have medical conditions and weakened immunity.

Also, in America, for some unknown reason, anti-viral medicines have been withheld from use by the public for treatment of Coronavirus in the early stages. The anti-virals have a limitation, excluding those over 80, and those with medical conditions, including AIDS-HIV.

Doctors in America have tried to make these medical alternatives available to the public, but they have been silenced. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, an American physician, discovered a possible anti-viral solution for coronavirus in the early stages. He was ignored. 

Also, Dr. Simone Gold published a video giving credit to the use of anti-virals, which was censored. Those countries which use these anti-virals have much lower mortality rates. Even though America and Israel are democracies, there is still injustice.

China does leave its people a way to demonstrate like America and the free world. The people of China do not have free expression. America and Israel give the right of its people to demonstrate, even if sometimes these demonstrations become violent with anarchists and criminals controlling the crowds.

The religious parties in Israel complained that outside prayers were limited to not more than 100 people or 250 people, while outdoor demonstrations reached up to 10,000. Likud has requested that under the new lockdown, demonstrations should be limited considerably.

The proposal is for during the lockdown, beginning Friday, until after the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, from October 2-9, demonstrations are permitted only in the vicinity of people’s houses within a radius of 500 meters.  When the lockdown will end, demonstrations will begin at Balfour, in front of the house of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, limited to up to 2,000 people and no more.

Anti-government protest in Israel.

However, Netanyahu has received opposition from Benny Gantz and the opposition Yesh Atid party, led by Yair Lapid. Gantz and Lapid are against giving the government power to limit demonstrations, which are sacred in a democracy. Therefore, also with the opposition of the religious parties, prayer gatherings will be permitted. Netanyahu is adamant to limit demonstrations and prayer gatherings because of the danger of corona.

Everyone in Israel understands the importance of the lockdown. The infection rate and mortality rates are of the highest in the world per capita. However, prayers should be allowed the same permission as political demonstrations. Prayer is a peaceful demonstration where the people gather together to ask God for help, and even to complain about a wicked king, or wicked government.

In the Jewish prayers on the high holidays is a prayer for the downfall of the wicked establishment. In Biblical times, the Nation of Israel was a theocracy with a king. Demonstrations were forbidden, but prayer was permitted, even prayers for a new king, the Messiah, to replace the old kings in the past. Prayers is a way of peaceful demonstration which should be used in all countries which have freedom of religion for their people to gather together in group prayers.

In a theocracy, when the people suffer from famine and disease, they are not given the right to demonstrate against the government, only the right to gather together in prayer to God. The government says “Ask God for help.” They may also call a public fast day. Communist China does not even give its people the right to pray to God, also not to demonstrate. Communist China is the biggest problem in the world, preventing the world from being a Free World.

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David Wexelman

Author of 5 books on the internet on topics of Jewish mysticism, managing two websites.

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