Developing Thoughts About an Individual

  • Developing Thoughts About an Individual

The purpose of writing this article is to showcase how we develop thoughts about an individual.

The current world has been increasing the restrictions in how we communicate with other people, personal and professional, including from boss to employee, brother to sister, parent to child etc. Sometimes I think is it because there are new changes happening in every century or because of new technology or perhaps even because of our egos. WHY?

Sometimes I ask this question to myself, and what I have noticed by experience is that we do not trust each other. If I communicate my thoughts, what happens next? If it’s perceived as positive, well and good.  If the person rejects my response, they will often consider it as an insult, rather taking my comments positively and considering them constructively.

Are we allowing our unconscious reactions to rule, depending on what an individual is wearing, or what food they eat, or entertainment they prefer to make snap judgements about them? Can we admit that our unconscious still rules  our judgements and still believe we are driven much more by technology in this new century?

We are responsible for all the negativity and trolling that is spreading like fire across our social media and professional sites. I think we have killed wise and intelligent decisions by reacting this way and allowing new technology to bring out the worst in us. Usually we realize our mistake later but, by that time, the impact of our actions online are already widespread.

People have relied on and trusted straight-forward communications for many years, and they remain the most valued way to develop ones thought about other people. Speak honestly. This does not mean deliberately injuring another person’s ego. It’s all about how and when we need to communicate, solving the purpose of noble cause.

Stop wasting time thinking about what other people may think of you’re discussion with another person. It’s only you two who have to understand the discussion and build trust among yourselves. Ignore the rest of the world and what they think.

Don’t live in fear of a negative response. Keep communicating and using alternatives and stay strong. As a human being, you need to accept the response to your thoughts positive or negative and grow stronger from either.

This single step will make a huge impact both on you and other people. Let’s bring back clear thought processes, what we used to do in our school days, with plain and simple thinking. Currently, every minute is filled with a war of thoughts and communication, most of it simply nonsense and rubbish.

In conclusion, consider these suggestions with positive attitude. This will definitely help to increase your positive thoughts about other people.

Prashant R Sangam

This is Prashant R Sangam from India, residing in  Bangalore.I am a Mechanical engineer and by profession I am working in IT industry for more than 11 years. I am available in LinkedIn to stay in touch.One of my recent interest is writing articles. My other interests are music and movies

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  1. To me it’s not fear of being judged, it’s controlling myself. Sometimes the way I talk makes me feel like a showoff.
    I end up feeling like I’m competing against my coworkers instead of working together. They still like my energy and input, but I need to work on being humble.

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