Development of the New Age – A Changing World

  • Pope Francis in Iraq is negotiating peace between the New Age and Old Age.
  • The New Age began before Jesus; it began on the first day of creation of the world.
  • The Old Age is compared to a rock; the New Age to running waters.

On the first day of creation God said Let there be light and there was light to begin the New Age. The New Age movement is a movement for World Unity and Peace. It is a movement to unite religions and nations. The goal of the New Age is to prevent war. Living today under the threat of a third nuclear war, New Age development becomes of utmost importance. Pope Francis representing Christianity is negotiating peace between Old Age and New Age. Today he is visiting Iraq.

Pope Francis visits Iraq. Islam and Christianity were once arch enemies.

In Orthodox Judaism fundamentally there have been no changes or improvements on the religion of the past based on the Old Testament. According to tradition, Moses on Mount Sinai gave the Jewish people the Torah upon which is the Jewish Religion. The Torah also called the Five Books of Moses contains in it the Laws and Commandments given by God to Moses. It also contains in it a history of mankind from the creation of the world, the creation of Adam in the Garden of Eden, the beginnings of population of the world until the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai. The giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai came after the Exodus of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt under the rule of a dictator Pharaoh.

The Jews wandered forty years in the wilderness of Sinai until they finally entered into Israel under the leadership of Joshua. Jewish history continues with the Book of Joshua, Book of Judges, Samuel the Prophet, Kings, other later prophet’s history recorded in Chronicles. An aspect of the Old Testament which was suppressed for generations contained the deep secrets of creation. These secrets were only known by special scholars and by the prophets. King Solomon built the first holy temple with the knowledge of these secrets.

Orthodox Judaism is the religion of the establishment of the Biblical Nation of Zion. In the law are warnings never to change it, to go in a straight path only. Those that would veer away from the straight path were warned to be punished severely. Judaism was the first Monotheistic establishment on earth. The Old Testament was protected from being changed. The threat of a New Age began in the wilderness of Sinai on the way to Israel.

After the death of King Solomon a civil war divided the Nation into two parts Israel and Judah. Judah maintained all the Old traditions and Israel under the leadership of a great scholar Yerbeon made a new nation based on the Old Law. This was the first new age movement. The new age nation of Israel survived for two hundred years until it was conquered by the Assyrians. The story of Jonah and the whale was of a prophet living in the land of Samaria Israel who attempted to bring other nations into the covenant of Israel. Jonah travelled to Nineveh a city in Babylon where Pope Francis today is meeting with officials in Iraq. As a result of the rebellion by Jerbeon against the Old Age was lost the ten tribes of Israel after being conquered by Assyria is claimed to be proof that the New Age is a danger to Judaism.

After the destruction of the first temple, there was an attempt to return to Israel from Babylon to reestablish the nation of Israel under the old tradition and build the second temple. The second temple like the first temple lasted over four hundred years until it was destroyed by the Romans. In the middle of the period of the second temple began a new age movement which later became the largest religion in the world Christianity. Christianity is based on a new interpretation of the Old Testament. Christianity brought monotheism to a large portion of the world. What Jonah had attempted to do in his trip to Nineveh being thrown off a ship and swallowed up in the belly of a whale, Jesus and his followers accomplished through Christianity. The Old establishment of Judaism continued. Christianity was the first successful breakaway, a new faith.

Western Wall in Jerusalem where is united all the monotheistic faiths.

Ishmael the son of Abraham in the Bible is considered of secondary importance to Isaac the son of the wife of Abraham Sarah. God promised Abraham that Ishmael was destined to become a great nation. Mohammed successfully organized and united the tribes of Ishmael under a new law the Koran. Islam became a second nation of God descendants of the son of Abraham. From groups of tribes, they now developed into an empire, the Ottoman empire. Judaism is called Old Age. Christianity and Islam are called New Age.

The Jewish people were exiled from their homeland, dispersed throughout Europe and Asia. Judaism can only exist as a nation when their children are protected from assimilation. To be a Jew from birth requires lineage to the Biblical ancestors. Judaism accepts converts under very strict rules. Converts are considered dangerous and must prove their loyalty to Judaism before they can be accepted like all Jews. Jews that have broken off from the Orthodox tradition are also considered dangerous to Judaism. They are accepted as Jews but the Orthodox community prefers to keep separate from assimilated Jews, reformed and conservative.

The establishment of the modern State of Israel is considered a danger to Orthodox Jewry. The modern state of Israel is a democratic state where all of its citizens are considered of equal importance. In Judaism Orthodox Rabbi are considered more important than simple people, doctors, scientists and philosophers. The New Age movement has changed the Old Age Biblical Nation into a Democratic State. The founders of the State of Israel recognized the importance of religion to maintain the connection to Judaism through lineage and gave the Orthodox control over conversions, marriage and divorce. The nation was divided between secular and religious. Secular are reformed religious Jews. Conservative maintain more traditional values than reformed but do not accept Jewish law blindly like Orthodox. The majority of Jews in Israel and the world are conservative and reformed.

Orthodox Judaism does not accept change. They suppress change to the point as denying the authenticity of Christianity and Islam as Monotheistic religions which came after Judaism. The Orthodox will not accept democracy in the land of Israel because according to Jewish law Israel is to be in complete control of the Torah scholars who preach only Orthodox return to the Old Age.

The most extreme religious Zionists like Meir Kahane of blessed memory were expelled from being in the Israel Knesset. They were considered a threat to democracy. There are running In the coming elections, Orthodox religious parties Sephardic and Ashkenazic, as well as those representing democracy. Those parties representing democracy have been influenced by the New Age. Orthodox Judaism is fundamentally against democracy but their interest in the State of Israel is to represent Orthodox Jews living in Israel and their needs. More Liberal Orthodox accept the New Age as a reality, but attempt to limit its influence on Jewish people.

Looking at the nation of Israel today brings awareness that there exist two realms of consciousness in the world which are Old Age and New Age. The energy of New Age comes from desire to improve. Old Age is a standard sometimes called default which is a beginning point in computers. The Old Age is the foundation upon which the New Age stands. Only extremists Ultra-Orthodox Jews can maintain and continue a consciousness that completely rejects change. Whether it is Judaism, Christianity or Islam there is an establishment which rejects change.

America is built on a constitution which is defended by its representatives. To make changes in the constitution is needed a good reason. This is true with all nations and establishments. According to Orthodox Judaism, conservative and reformed Jews are in danger of assimilation. Freedom gives permission to change. The Orthodox call freedom the devil. Freedom is the law in a democracy. The Supreme Court in Israel represents democracy. They recently made a decision to accept Reformed and Conservative conversions. The Knesset will decide whether to make this decision law.

The New Age is for the sake of World Unity and peace. It is the revelation of freedom. Moses who initiated the Old Age of religion when the Jewish people established the biblical state of Israel. Today he has resurrected with Jesus and Mohammed to bring to the world the revelation of peace which includes religion and faith.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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