Did China and Russia Conspire Around Coronavirus?

  • Putin got to test a wartime regime in Russia due to coronavirus.
  • The practice is beneficial, as Putin wants to resurrect the Soviet Union.
  • China got to disburse opposition and Hong Kong protests and gain further control over its citizens.

Many countries are slowly opening their economies and borders after dealing with the coronavirus. In the US, the State of Georgia is already reopened and slowly other states are following, with the exception of California and New York at this time. The Czech Republic opened its borders for all international travel with a caveat that visitors must provide a health certificate upon entry or re-entry.

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, Russia and China ramped up their efforts pertaining to misinformation about coronavirus and its origin. The latest conspiracy theory being pushed on social media claims the US Deep State designed COVID-19 to make sure US President Donald Trump won’t get re-elected. As per usual, this is an attempt to divide the US and meddle into the 2020 US Presidential election.

There is peculiar but not surprising information that came to light that Russian President Vladimir Putin and President of China Xi Jinping had a closed discussion last year to agree to have a treasuries pyramid and to downgrade the western economy by any means necessary.

It was decided to rectify the “imbalances” of the global finical system without having an armed conflict. The goal was to undermine the US dollar and to bring the Chinese currency (the Yuan) forward. At this time the Yuan still remains an alternative reserve currency. Hopefully, with recent events especially, this will not be for long and the world should never have allowed the Yuan to be an alternate currency in the first place. We could start to see a soft drawdown by the world.

Suddenly, in January, Putin announced new proposed amendments to the Russian constitution that essentially removed term limits for a president in Russia. He made this announcement about the same time that coronavirus struck. Not so long ago in China, Xi also removed limits on his term and he now rules indefinitely. However, with trecent events pertaining to coronavirus and the backlash around the world, that might change if disgruntlement grows within the ranks of the Communist Party of China.

President of China Xi Jinping.

It is highly likely Putin and Xi agreed to a gold-energy crypto deal. China just released its own crypto currency, minus the privacy part. Of course, these plans are not viable in the post coronavirus era.

At the same time, coronavirus aided China in the purge of its opposition in Hong Kong. Putin benefited too as he just tested a wartime regime on the Russian populous and also announced his desire to see a Soviet Union recreation. Yet, he felt slightly disappointed it wasn’t happening as quickly as he liked.

Coronavirus also helped Putin’s desire to stoke populism once again across Western Europe. One of the main reasons he does this is to weaken the EU and to gain a geopolitical advantage.

So, did China and Russia conspire during this pandemic? There is growing evidence that coronavirus has a man-made origin. Confirmation includes a Noble Prize Winner and French Virologist.

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