Did Disabled Veterans Day Founder Greshun De Bouse Inspire President Trump?

  • Greshun De Bouse made history as the sole American of Color seen seated left of President Trump in his VIP section as he spoke at KAG Rally Tupelo, MS.
  • Greshun De Bouse is an icon whose positive global efforts have been recognized by dignitaries, celebrities, and other notables nationwide.
  • Greshun De Bouse is an inspiration to all.

We all know and love her.  There’s nothing not to love about Greshun De Bouse.  Her positive track record across the globe, helping to improve conditions for disabled veterans and other groups in need is irrefutable.  Greshun has received recognition for her efforts from mayors, governors, celebrities, and other notables across the globe.

As an inspiration to people everywhere that spans all demographical lines-gender, age, culture, and more-Greshun De Bouse believed her love for all human kind and supernaturally positive spirit would inspire President Donald Trump also.  You may recall Greshun received a “text-vite” to attend President Trump’s Keep America Great Rally-Dallas, TX in October 2019. In light of President Trump’s recent efforts in 2019 to assist qualified disabled veterans with student loan debt eradication and in other needed areas, Greshun-founder of Disabled Veterans Day- accepted the text-vite, and attended the Keep America Great Rally-Dallas, TX in representation/support of disabled veterans and veterans in general.

The following month, just after receiving a proclamation from the mayor of Tupelo, MS for Disabled Veterans Day, Greshun De Bouse made history as the sole American of Color seen seated left of President Trump (facing television screen) in his VIP section as he spoke at KAG Rally Tupelo, MS. She felt this was indicative of the president’s growth and  an amazing opportunity to further inspire President Trump’s exploration of all-human-kind-acceptance-based decision-making. Greshun De Bouse believes such is a foundation for the soundest decision-making in all facets of life-including governing.  Interestingly, mere days after being in President Trump’s VIP section at KAG Rally-Tupelo, MS, Disabled Veterans Day Founder, Greshun De Bouse learned President Trump was declaring the month of November, Veterans and Military Families Month.

When asked if she inspired President Trump to issue the proclamation, Greshun De Bouse says:

“I’m told I am an inspirational being, and such inspiration can extend even to the POTUS.  We would love to think Greshun De Bouse inspires President Trump to greatness in declaration of November as Veterans and Military Families Month, but who can say conclusively?  I just know we all love our veterans and I have a special heart for our veterans/disabled veterans, so any additional support for this group is a plus.”

When asked why she thought President Trump needs inspiration, Greshun De Bouse says:

“I preface this comment by saying this is not a “bash President Trump” moment at all.  We all need inspiration. I am always touted by persons from all walks of life as a positive inspiration and influence by my sheer presence, and told my positive energy is contagious.  The POTUS is not exempt from being inspired by me in any way, and what greater person to influence positively than our president, any president-not just President Trump. Because of the immense responsibility and the large platform the POTUS has, positive inspiration can be a good thing for a president.  Embracing life-learning is for us all.”

When asked her thoughts on Trump’s behavior and demeanor as a president, Greshun De Bouse says:

“President Trump usually seems spirited when I have seen him (in person), and he has an amazing following.  His following speaks volumes concerning how he is perceived by the masses as a president. To say that anything is or is not wrong with President Trump’s or anyone’s belief system or way of doing things per se is subjective.   It simply is what he has been taught or has learned, is accustomed to, and he is acting accordingly. This is what we all do. If one consistently been taught one thing, and another consistently has been taught something else, both persons most likely contend their thought processes and behavior patterns are correct. I am in no way excusing or supporting any erroneous behavior, however. I just know that when one, anyone, embraces all human kind irrespective of individual differences, there is power in that.  Miracles happen there. Decision-making is unjaded because its basis is metrically equal for all who would be directly affected by such decisions. I believe President Trump, like all of us, acts according to what he may believe to be his truth at a given time.”

Greshun De Bouse has a history of working well with individuals, groups, and the like from all walks of life, and says she plans to keep inspiring all everywhere.  We all love you Greshun De Bouse for all you do.

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