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I was reading an article where Kari DePhillips, who is an industry expert in the field of press releases claimed, “The inherent SEO value of press release distribution via wire services is exactly zero, and has been for years.”  That’s exactly how I felt doing traditional syndicated press releases.  Out of the dozens of press releases that I have paid to have distributed in recent years, I could not even find one later on the internet, even when I searched using the exact words. Here’s why: I learned that Links from PR Newswire are tagged as “nofollow,” which means that they will not provide any benefit to your search rankings in anyway.  No wonder I could not find my releases!

Many legacy press release systems are broken, but they won’t tell you. For me it was a total waste of money.  My Press Releases were tagged  “NoFollow” and never picked up.

Through traditional legacy models, “Consumers are not the target audience of press release sites – journalists are – so the key performance indicator (KPI) to measure the success of an SEO strategy led by press releases is the amount of coverage driven through distribution and press release syndication cannot be tied back to rankings.”  Thus with no linking and no consumer interest, your only hope is that out of many thousands of press releases, yours is the release that is picked up by a reporter. Mr. DePhillips wrote:

“…but that facts are it’s very, very likely that none of the 200+ pickups will do anything for you at all.”

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So all my many press releases were tagged as ‘no follow’ and zero turned into anything published on a news website. Out of many thousand of releases distributed, I now believe zero of our press releases were even read by a potential publisher, as the number of releases passing by them is said to be very overwhelming and reporters often do not utilize these legacy services– even if they come from a well known press release service provider.  Nowadays, it must be assumed that only a small number of press releases will even be read by reporters, ”establishing that press release distribution services tend to provide garbage ROI,” according to DePhillips.

Stephen Kenwright claims, “you absolutely should be publishing your news on your own… You’ve just got to remember to write for your audience, not just for journalists.”

We believe Top Media Services at $11 and direct to global consumers is by far the Best Solution in Press Releases.

With all this evidence that the traditional press release market is broken, it’s time to find a direct to consumer model that utilizes Google News and new technology– a press release service that gives a real return for your money on articles that you and your clients can easily access and read. You need press releases that publish direct to consumers and also appear in the major news cycles.  A press release that gives you real quality links, not a “nofollow.”  A press release that charges only a fraction of the traditional legacy services but provides so much more.

Today an answer is materializing: Top Media Services / Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace is offering $11.00 /release.  TMS publishes directly into Communal News and Google News and therefore directly to your consumers. Your release will be published in over 100 global languages, each through separate domains. This gives you a 100-1 global link multiplier as translations are not considered copies.  Publishing through TMS provides you with a significantly wider global audience– much wider than the traditional PR Services. Reports claim that it’s the lowest price service per press release and TMS is available to global clients but the press release must be submitted in English.

If your not satisfied with your tradition PR model– and most are not– isn’t it time to make a low-cost change that utilizes technology and delivers a real return?

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