Dirty Politics Ruin America

  • Besides Corona and racial demonstrations dirty politics ruin America.
  • The poor who need more police protection in their communities politicians encourage to demonstrate against the police.
  • Justice law and order comes before mercy and freedom.

Politics ruin America and not the people. America is witnessing a schism in its society between right Republican rule and left Democratic liberal, rich and poor. Democracy is being stepped on; justice is being stepped on by politicians. The Democratic Party lost the last elections in 2016 when President Trump took office in the White House.

Anti-Trump politicians want to influence the elections in November by not taking action.

However the democrats did succeed to maintain their control over parts of America. These parts of America are being used by democrats to show their opposition to President Trump by allowing people in their cities and states to demonstrate against President Trump and America. America is split between the two sides in a political battle. The News media is split between the two sides and feeding this civil revolution. Seattle is an example of liberal politics looking for votes.

When America was improving economically during the Trump regime, from China came the Corona virus. The corona virus was able to destroy all the achievements of President Trump MAGA which the democrats were unable to achieve through fake news and impeachment attempts.

The Corona virus gave the opponents of President Trump a new hope to gain power in America through these demonstrations. The whole America was used as their tool after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. These demonstrations are continuing peacefully and sometimes getting out of hand.

Putting down these demonstrations by city and state officials will give support for President Trump. Therefore these demonstrations continue.  It is all political maneuvering. Politics has become more important than justice.

As comes closer the elections of November 2020, the democrat liberals are putting President Trump to a test looking to make him their scapegoats in fear of being defeated at the polls. There are two sides in a democracy right and left but when either side becomes extreme liberal or conservative is created hatred and Anarchy.  Anarchy is being supported by Anti-Trump politicians which is absurd.

America is the greatest economy in the world. Peaceful demonstrations are permitted in the Constitution of America. Using these peaceful demonstrations as a political weapon is not for the love of America but against the constitution. The motto of President Trump MAGA was to arouse love of America as a way to unite Americans together with their constitution.

The Democrats were losing bad as America became greater under President Trump so they have decided to use as a weapon dirty politics. They are using the poor frustrated Americans as their weapon to destroy the American ideal of wealth and fortune in order to regain power to make more liberal their nation in a way that it will never again become Republican.

It is not the job of the President of the USA to maintain order in the country but the job of the governors and mayors. The governors and mayors can enforce peaceful demonstrations in many ways without changing the constitution. The President represents the constitution of America giving the people freedom.  It is not the job of the President or the National Guard to bring law and order to the states and cities of the country but the job of their politicians.

These politicians anti-Trump want to influence the elections in November by not taking action. They are allowing anarchy which is crippling further the economy to test President Trump and cause him to go against the constitution. Then they will attack him for stepping on freedom. The news media is their tool. The poor American is their tool.

America is affluent but on the other side of America is problems with crime.  Chicago is an example where on the weekend were numerous homicides.  Every day there are women being raped and abused.  Drugs are flowing freely in the poverty communities. Liberal politician’s opponents to President Trump want to take away from the nation police power. It is all dirty politics.

Police protection is essential to make America great. The police forces are employed by cities and states and not by federal money. It is not the innocent and ignorant Americans that are on the streets demonstrating against America but dirty politics initiating rebellion amongst them.

Police entering Meah Shearim an ultra-orthodox Jewish community in Jerusalem. The people of Meah Shearim are hostile to police because in Meah Shearim there is little crime because the community watches over their people.

Scripture teaches, God created the world with the attribute of justice. The world needs first law and order or else it will become a jungle. It is being allowed to become a jungle in America as a sign of opposition to President Trump. Freedom is being abused and manipulated to give permission for people to think that freedom and mercy are more important than justice.

There is no nation without borders. Every nation has a constitution with laws which are borders. Nations have an army to protect their borders. Within these nations are municipalities which have a police force to protect the rights of every American to be safe.  Every American has the right of domestic tranquility.

Police protect the lives of Americans from criminals who steal, and kill. They protect women from sexual abuse and men from their own evil inclinations. There is evil in the world. The good that is in the world is justice. When there is justice there can also be mercy. Without justice, there is no mercy no freedom. God created the world with justice; he added on to justice mercy. Remove crime from America without police protection through education and religion, then it is possible to reduce the police force.

Those that want to reduce police protection before removing crime are dirty politicians. Dirty politicians want America to become dirty Americans to win their support which they claim is the support of freedom. They manipulate the constitution and use it for their own gains. The consequences of liberals gaining power in America will be devastating. Without law and order America will become a jungle.

American is the land of freedom; but justice always comes before freedom. Justice comes before mercy. When there are communities who have a large percentage of criminals and drug users, it is necessary to reinforce community social workers with police protection. There are communities in the world like Meah Shearim Jerusalem where there is very little crime.

The community of Meah Shearim objects to police presence in their neighborhood not to protect them from criminals but for other reasons. They control the community through education and religion. Only in extreme cases do they need police to step in. Those liberals in America who believe in weakening the police are simply looking for voters from criminals, liberals, and their families. Democrats are usually loyal to democrats in an election. To make the difference between republican and democrat they have created civil war in the country. Democrats should be loyal to America; and not to being democrat.

The two parties in American politics should be united like the House of Hillel and the House of Shamai the time of the holy temple in Jerusalem. They disagreed but did not resort to dirty politics

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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