Disabled Veterans Day™ (DVD) is June 30 #dvday630

  • Disabled veterans' service and resultant disabilities deem them worthy of their own designated holiday; Disabled veterans and their families face a unique set of challenges; All service related disability needs of disabled veterans should be met with timeliness in a low-resistant environment.

Celebrated annually on June 30, national Disabled Veterans Day™  or DVDay™ is dedicated to raising awareness and funds specifically for our beloved “disabled” veteran heroes, the unique challenges they face, and to ensuring all their service-related disability needs are met with timeliness in a low-resistant process. The celebrated holiday fits perfectly between PTSD Awareness Day and Independence Day, and is an awesome way to give our heroic disabled veterans the much-deserved attention.  We have Memorial Day for our heroes who have transitioned.

The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) is an organization created by the United States Congress for disabled military veterans of the United States Armed Forces that helps them and their families through various means. It currently has nearly 1.3 million members. It is  a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization.

We have Veterans Day for veterans in general.  Well, now we have Disabled Veterans Day™ to bring awareness to the challenges faced by the disabled veteran community.  As one who advocates for, and works tirelessly to provide services to our beloved veterans; and as one who hails from a family of military personnel, Disabled Veterans Day™ founder Greshun De Bouse states “This is a much-deserved and much-needed holiday for our heroic disabled.”

In addition, founder, Greshun De Bouse has made it possible for disabled veterans nationwide to connect with their respective state Office of Veterans Affairs from the comfort of their mobile devices by texting keyword: dvday to 31996. The mayors, dignitaries and all others across the globe supporting Disabled Veterans Day™ are a testament of mass respect for our beloved disabled veterans.

The holiday is celebrated with hundreds of thousands of disabled veterans, their families, friends, and all posting online with #dvday and #dvday630, learning about services, raising funds, celebrating their service, and experiencing pure bliss on Disabled Veterans Day™. Restaurants give a portion of proceeds to the cause and anyone may give any dollar amount here.  T-Shirts are available for order as well!

So mark your calendars folks! June 30 is Disabled Veterans Day™ and we’re celebrating!

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