Discrimination, Bullying and Hate Speech – The First Amendment Walks a Thin Line

  • I am a 38-year-old transgender female, this alone is enough to be ridiculed on a daily basis, as people do not understand what it is like to be LGBT or transgender.
  • For years I was hiding in the closet away from my true self, depressed most days.
  • While I was afraid of my life before, because of the hatred and judgment of others after these reports came out I have received threats from uninformed listeners.

Discrimination, bullying and hate speech, while hurtful and illegal in most states, is being allowed by 1st Amendment rights in a thin line on air and in print!

Please, before anyone gets offended or hurt by my statements, I am not against the First Amendment. I fully support the right to free speech, but while we have the right to free speech, there is a thin line on what people say that crosses that line into hate speech and bigotry, and bullying.

I recently announced my candidacy for Texas House of Representatives for District 83 in Texas. While I have a lot of supporters of my campaign, I am still also in line for hate speech, bigotry, and bullying. Let me explain: I am a 38-year-old transgender female, this alone is enough to be ridiculed on a daily basis, as people do not understand what it is like to be LGBT or transgender. These people only hear what is on the news, in the newspapers, or what is overheard in public places.

Transgender people have a gender identity or gender expression that differs from their assigned sex. Some transgender people who desire medical assistance to transition from one sex to another identify as transsexual. Transgender – often shortened as trans – is also an umbrella term: in addition to including people whose gender identity is the opposite of their assigned sex (trans men and trans women), it may include people who are not exclusively masculine or feminine (people who are non-binary or genderqueer, including bigender, pangender, genderfluid, or agender). Other definitions of transgender also include people who belong to a third gender, or else conceptualize transgender people as a third gender. The term transgender may be defined very broadly to include cross-dressers.

Let me explain further, my issues and why I am transgender: I have done a DNA test, and I am missing 3 of the male chromosomes that would make me fully male, along with having five extra female chromosomes. Defects like this can be caused at birth, by different means. I could’ve been a twin and I absorbed my twin in the womb. When I was born sonograms were fairly new and expensive. It could be a type of “DNA disorder” or any number of issues.

But as I was growing up, I realized I was different from other boys my age. For example, I hit puberty, and as other boy parts developed, I also developed full breasts. At age 13 I had size DD breast, which my parents explained is only fat, but yet i was thin, and not overweight. I got taught to only look at and love girls, not boys, so I am now married for 11 years to my loving wife, Lacey, and we have five kids in total.

It is because of them that I came out as transgender. For years I was hiding in the closet away from my true self, depressed most days. I mean I worked, I lived, but I was not happy being in public, and I couldn’t wait to get home after work. I was shy, couldn’t dance and didn’t socialize much unless I was drinking, as the alcohol blurred the feelings I had about being in public.

I grew up from the age of 18 until I turned 37 hiding my true self away from people because I was afraid of the hatred of others and the slurs I have seen and heard about LGBT and transgenders. I am a transgender small business owner, an LGBT Advocate and an activist for everyone!

Something happened in May of 2018, that opened my eyes and told me not to be afraid anymore. One, I almost died on Mother’s Day 2018, with complications from my diabetes, because I wasn’t really taking care of myself. As I laid in the hospital bed, after I was treated and everything was done, I felt that I must live my life the way I should, that I lived this lie for years.

When we got home, I talked to my wife and children, and to my surprise, they told me they already knew, and they fully supported me if I changed to a female. I started the process. I threw all my manly clothes away, shaved my beard, and started dressing in women’s clothes, wearing makeup, etc.

I started seeing doctors, who agreed I am no longer depressed, and started on female hormones and T-blockers. I no longer have the issues I have had and I am a new happier person. I got my name/gender change done. And I was so happy when the new birth certificate and ID came in, with my correct name/gender.

I am no longer shy, I danced for the first time at me and my wife’s wedding (to remarry) in November 2018. I feel myself, I am happy, no longer depressed, and no longer having health issues, I started taking care of my diabetes and started taking care of myself.

I am living the way I should, and while some people throw a slur at me that I wear women’s clothes because it’s erotic, I beg to differ. As a transgender and taking hormones, a person looses their sex drive. It is not erotica for me, it’s my life. I am happy and it has nothing to do with sexual feelings.

After my announcement speech on July 1st, 2018,

Fox 34 News broadcast:

had a Radio station talk show host, on KRFE radio blast me because I called myself a transgender Christian. And he stated I am not Christian as I am LGBT and against God, and I‘m going to hell. 

Day 1
Video 1

Day 2
Video 2

Both days, he referred me to by biological sex (male instead of female) and said “he” in every sentence, disregarding the hurt it causes others and me, by misgendering.

Let me explain this. I am Christian. I know my bible. I read it every day and I follow the commandments. I follow the Ten Commandments, and Jesus’ ultimate commandment of ‘Love others as Thy loves their selves.’

Yes, I may be sinning, But I believe just as most people believe that Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins, as we were born from sin and with sin. I ask God every day for guidance, and he guides me. I prayed to God to show me the correct thing to do when I came out and he answered by having my family be supportive. I asked for the doctors and name change to be quick. I got my name change within a week of filing. I asked him what I should do now and I feel he wants me to be loving to everyone, to accept people for who they are, and do not judge others as He God himself is the only one that can judge.

Then the day after that, Robert Pratt on KFYO Radio in Lubbock posted:

Mr. Pratt says that the Lubbock AJ called me “she” and “her” and then he starts bashing the paper because of them referring to me as female:

“If the collective press wishes to parade its First Amendment protection, then members of the press should work, especially in political coverage, to present clear truth and calling a male who pretends to be a female ‘she’ is a grotesque example of engaging in propaganda by using the approved language of a political movement instead of the plain, well-understood meaning of pronouns…And by the way, it is Perry-Franks who has chosen to make homosexuality and his transgender lifestyle the center of his campaign for the Democrat nomination for House District 83…Perry-Franks may dress to hide his biological sex but at least you have to give the ultra-liberal credit for running openly on the homosexual alphabet agenda – unlike a previous Democrat candidate in the district.”

The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prevents the government from making laws which respect an establishment of religion, prohibit the free exercise of religion, or abridge the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the right to peaceably assemble, or the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights.

To me, I understand the First Amendment rights of free speech but I believe there is a thin line. A line that one may cross over when it comes to hate speech, bullying and bigotry. One reason I am running is to stand up for everyone’s rights. Their right to free speech, their right to exist, their rights as Americans. But I feel some of these people have crossed the line into hate speech and bullying.

While I was afraid of my life before, because of the hatred and judgment of others after these reports came out I have received threats from uninformed listeners. I have been called all kind of slurs and they all state they heard about it on KFRE or KFYO. While they are entitled to free protected speech, they are influencing the uninformed public to even hate more. They indirectly are causing these people to act out, where before they would not have.

The hateful comments and the slurs and the judgment is unneeded and are typically something I constantly receive. I am taking a stand. I gained courage. I am standing for everyone that is afraid to speak and unable out of the constant fear for their lives, or the constant hatred they receive. I am making a difference.

Both these reports have incited more haters, but in the process I have gained supporters and people who stand with me and call this out just for what it is: hate speech and bullying– clouded by the First Amendment, hiding under the laws for free speech, while violating federal hate speech laws.

Published comments from aware people who undoubtedly saw Robert Pratt’s site:

Jill says.
July 6, 2019, at 10:47 am
Addi has ALWAYS been upfront, and she is in progress of shifting to what she wants to be? Negativity isn’t a way to gain more followers for your site(which very few knew of til i happened across someone getting riled about it) its actually a way to have your site added to the gimmick lists across the interweb.

Caroline L says.
July 6, 2019, at 7:42 pm
How hateful. I regret having given this a click because I am firmly against this sort of small-minded bullying.

Keith Tipton says.
July 6, 2019, at 8:16 pm
I can’t decide if you hate the newspaper or the candidate more. I wonder if your sponsors are as fond of denigrating people running for office as you are.

Jody Friend says.
July 7, 2019, at 1:05 am
It takes courage for Addison to stand up and be who she is. She feels like a woman and her psychologist agreed for her to get gender replacement surgery at the best time for her. I have known her previous self & I know her with 100% pure heart & a passion not only to fight for her rights but for the rights of others. She is fully aware of biblical issues, and it is God’s only place to judge. God commands us to love one another as He loved us, instead of flinging around hate speech and judgment. The horrors and ridicule the LGBT community needs to be addressed and they only want to be treated fairly…not asking for favoritism. People tend to fear what they don’t understand. Educate yourself and become a better person instead of a bitter one.

Michael Tinney says.
July 11, 2019, at 2:39 pm
That’s the problem, anytime you cite a reference to something as real as the tooth fairy it shows exactly what you’re made of. If it takes your god for you to misuse the concept of love then you are as useful to humanity as tastebuds on an asshole. Judging from your racist replies I’d say that my assessment on your usefulness is correct.

Tommie Jayne Wasserberg says.
July 8, 2019, at 8:29 am
the depths of your ignorant bigotry are staggering. Perhaps if you weren’t indoctrinated with shitty interpretations of ancient scriptures and had studied biology at some time after grade school, you might have a better understanding of the transgender condition.

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Addison Perry-Franks

Addison Perry-Franks is a proud Texan and Scurry County resident, active in her community. She has built a thriving small business that has successfully delivered IT solutions to national retail chains since 2008. She came out as transgender in May 2018 and has been happily married to her wife, Lacey for 11 years.  They have five children. Addison is also running in 2020 for Texas House of Representatives, District 83.Facebook: https://www.facebook.comWebsite:   https://addison4tx.comDonation link:  https://secure.actblue.com/donate/addy
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