Disguising the Truth – Corona Pandemic

  • The answer to our dilemma is blowing in the wind (Bob Dylan).
  • Give your life for truth without becoming violent.
  • Love your neighbor like you love yourself (Bible advice).

A video from Dr. Simone Gold denounces the establishment about their covering up the truth about Corona Pandemic and the use of Hydrochloroquine.  18 million people saw this video until it was censored taken off the internet and face book.  Dr. Simone Gold is a Board Certified medical physician working in the emergency room in hospitals for over thirty years. Dr. Simone Gold in this video endorsed the use of HydroChloroquine and Zinc in treatment of Corona virus in its early stages. She claims when a doctor cannot talk about medicine already there is no free speech. She believes in HydroChloroquine treatment discovered by Dr. Zelenko.

In the beginning of the outbreak was discovered an effective treatment for Corona by Dr. Vladmir Zelenko practicing medicine in upstate NY.  There are dozens of studies already that have been done on this treatment, and there is no reason why it should be prohibited for physicians to prescribe this treatment. Dr. Gold says she has the right to free speech and the establishment wants the public to live in fear and to be controlled.  To take this video off the internet is against the meaning of freedom. There is a power in the establishment which wants America to be a dictatorship like China.

David Wexelman author for Communal News attempted to publish his articles in the Communal News during the global Corona Pandemic. He sent to Amazon Kindle Books Self Publishing his manuscript called Communal News II Corona Pandemic and Amazon rejected the manuscript saying that Corona Pandemic presents many controversial issues and they would not publish the text. A previous book was already published by Amazon containing news articles written by David Wexelman and several other books on esoteric Judaism.

The publisher of Communal News defended David Wexelman when he was initially questioned about his rights to publish these articles. Communal News in turn answered Amazon that they have no objections to David Wexelman publishing these articles which are considered Blogs.  Amazon anyway refused to publish the book with these articles. Just like someone in the establishment censored the video of Dr. Simone Gold, Amazon censored the publishing of the manuscript of David Wexelman.

George Soros Chairman of the Open Society Foundation invested billions to control the public with his leftist liberal values.

In the manuscript of David Wexelman were news articles written from the beginning of the Pandemic giving the public the truth. Something is wrong when the truth is being disguised or covered up. The treatment of Hydrochloroquine was one of the topics publicized and discussed in these articles. Another sensitive issue was if the virus originated in the Virology laboratory in Wuhan or maybe it was a terrorist act.

President Trump attempted to simplify the controversial issues concerning the Pandemic but in the last few weeks after the FDA removed the authorization for Hydrochlorquyine he has not mentioned Hydrochloroquine in his speeches. The FDA took down Hydrochloroquine to be used in treating Corona even in the early stages of the disease with Zinc and Azithromycin and has not organized further research into its use.

WHO has also not given credit to the discovery of Dr. Zelenko and encouraged research. Most Departments of Health in the world follow the guidelines of FDA and WHO.  Israel also follows these guidelines and does not have Hydrochloroquine as part of its treatment to be prescribed by General Practitioners in the country. Israel today is planning another lockdown which will restrict Israel schools from opening in the fall.

Dr. Simone Gold was shocked to find her video censored from face book and other news media. The power to censor the opinions of qualified doctors on the controversial Corona virus is an atrocity and against freedom of speech. Dr. Zelenko also suffered opposition from medical doctors to publicize his findings. He left his position in upstate New York to battle the world which is being controlled by Fake News, political interests, and financial interests in production of the vaccine. David Wexelman was refused to publish the book containing his articles. Amazon reviewed the text and made this decision.

One of the controversial issues which is being covered up is the reason why three times as many black Americans have died from Corona virus as White Americans. Racism is being attacked by Black Lives Matter but no one is blaming Corona as a racist. In these articles were revealed the reason why American Blacks have suffered three times as many deaths from Corona as Whites.

The fact that Dr. Zelenko did his research in his medical practice in Monroe New York and Chassidic community and it was rejected by FDA, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx is that according to guidelines of FDA a research study using Chassidic Jews alone to prove the value of Hydrochloroquine in treating Corona is not enough to authorize its use for the general American public.

David Wexelman author at Communal News founder of the website World Unity Peace.

Chassidic Communities have almost no HIV which causes immunity problems. The world and America have suffered HIV Pandemic which has not yet ended.  A viral medicine ART has been authorized for treatment of HIV but less than 50% of those sufferings from HIV take the medicine. There are also tests for HIV like for Corona and many HIV people refuse to take these tests to reveal that they have HIV-AIDS.  Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx know very well about HIV since they were the leaders in America in the battle against HIV.  They have worked hard to battle HIV but just like Corona they have failed. Anti-viral treatments are used for treatment of HIV.  Why for Corona are they not being encouraged to use? There is also Remdesvir which has been authorized for use but has not been converted into a pill form to make it more available to use by GPs in outpatient clinics.

There is a strong LGBT lobby in congress and the world. Everyone knows that people have died from Corona at younger ages than 70-up because of complications from other medical conditions. No statistics have been produced to describe exactly which medical conditions were prevalent. FDA and WHO look at the world as a whole, rather than to work to produce healing for a part of the world which have lived morally and have no connections to HIV.  People with HIV taking ART are known to have equal immunity as all people. They are also less contagious.

The answer for Corona is linked to the answer for HIV, anti-viral treatment. Anti-viral treatment can be applied for all types of virus HIV, Ebola, Corona, and when and if comes another Pandemic virus it can immediately be treated with these drugs before making a vaccine. The vaccine may not come until the winter. Many people have lost their lives because of financial interests in these vaccines. Without anti-viral drugs available they are forced to continue to sit in quarantine.

The Black community and innocent Americans are sick and angry knowing that the truth is being disguised and covered up. They sometimes don’t know why they are marching but they know that behind what is going on is the establishment where there is injustice. The establishment with money interests are looking to control the lives of Americans. Americans believe in freedom and will not allow these parties to control them.

Even President Trump has their darkness sitting in his cabinet which are his expert medical staff. His expert medical staff are not allowed to speak out because of the fear of endangering human rights of the LGBT community. Black Lives Matter and the lives of gays matter but it is no reason that the rest of America and the world should suffer for their abuse of good health. Criminals also want freedom of speech. Communists burn the American flag on Independence Day. Criminals and Communists cannot be allowed to rule America. President Trump calls the virus the China virus. The virus is mocking democracy.

Dr. Simone Gold wants the freedom to speak out to help the world in the best of her ability. There is something not Kosher, not healthy, not righteous in the world establishment which has censored her video. David Wexelman wrote articles for Communal News speaking out the truth which Communal News allowed to be published. Amazon is a big part of the establishment and they feel that they can control freedom. People are demonstrating because they want only the truth.

Jesus died on the cross and three days later his followers saw him that he had resurrected. The establishment would not accept his resurrection but wanted the world to know that the enemy of the world the champion of freedom had died. Moses has resurrected and it has been made public on the internet at WorldUnityPeace.org.  The Messiah has arrived was the message of the Lubavitcher Rebbe in Brooklyn NY to the world before his passing twenty five years ago.

A treatment for Corona arrived almost immediately after the virus traveled from China to the four corners of the earth which was Hydrochloroquine.  It was too good to be true and it was covered up, disguised by people who wanted to exploit the public. The public does not allow themselves to be exploited and are marching BLACK LIVES MATTER as if it may answer their dilemma.  The answer for all sadness is to know the Messiah, not the vaccine or Hydrochloroquine.  Democracy gives freedoms including freedom of religion. Why let atheists like George Soros, and Communist China disguise the truth and cause the world to panic? Believe in God. Everything is according to his will and justice. Believe in the Messiah. We may be exploited but we will win in the end.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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